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LBFD: 4 #Firefighters injured in TC - Cement Truck vs Fire Engine

Four Long Beach Fire department Firefighters injured.
Three of the firefighters suffered serious injuries. One other firefighter and the truck driver suffered moderate injuries.
Location: 605 Freeway at Carson Street in Lakewood early Thursday morning.

Authorities said a cement-pumping truck traveling about 60 miles an hour slammed into the back of a fire truck that was responding to a possible car accident.

All lanes of the southbound 605 Freeway were shut down temporarily. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

CA-KNP- Eshom - Kings Canyon #Wildland Fire 6 acres

Final #Fire Update: 6 acres, Forward Spread of the Fire Stopped, and #Wildfire Holding within the retardant Lines : Releasing Air Attack aircraft
CA-KNP- Eshom - Kings Canyon fire perimeter map
Kings Canyon-Sequoia National Park #WildFire
Notes: No Retardant to be used within the Park Boundries. AA has Permission to use Retardant to Reinforce the Head of the Fire Only at this time.- per the KNP Supervisor.
New A/G Frequency is 173.675 ATs 22 and 55 are on a Load & Hold at fresno AB til they get Confirmation on whether they can use Retardant or not.
Releasing All Calfire Engines.
Trail Closures: Close Sugar Bowl Trail and Big Springs Trail
IA:  Reports 2 acs, Mod. ROS, Heavy Fuels No Ground units at scene.
Location: East of the Hartland Area near Eshom Campground, 1 Mi. Eastside of Redwood Mtn near the Radio Towers, Borderline on the KNP and the SQF, Access off Pierce Valley Rd (Follow the Pink Flagging), Redwood Mtn.
staging: Eshom Campground
Confirmed this is in KNP and
Communications: SQF/KNP Command 2 - 164.750 Tone 7 , Tac.4 - 164.1375 
Local - 168.775 / 164.750
Tac. 4 - 164.1375
Base Victor - 123.975
Air - 169.150
A/G. - 170.000 / 173.625
A/A - 135.975
Scanner Audio:
Resources: AA Req. HT 732 out of Fresno AAB. AA- 15
LP -Bravo 58 enroute.
ATs - 55, 22
Helo - 520, 522
Eng. - 3 SQF, Calfire TUU 4181, Calfire FKU 2
Crews - 2 SQF Crews, 1 SNF, 1 TUU Mt. Home Crew, I FKU Miramonte Crew, Arrowhead IHC

CA-STF-Pinecrest; MMA - #Wildfire 811 acres

  As of 1633 hours yesterday the fire has burned 811 acres. This fire is a Monitor/Confine/Contain incident.

Type: Wildland Fire
Start: 08/09/2010 1335
Cause: Lightning

Overhead Team Name: JON PAYNE
Size: 811 ACRES
% Cnt/MMA: 1,000 MMA
Est Contain: NR
Location: 5 Miles NW of the community of Pinecrest, Ca.

GPS Location: Latitude: 38° 13´ 42" - Longitude: 119° 54´ 59"
Google Map: Link 

Structures Threatened: NONE

Structures Destroyed: NONE

Resources Committed: Total Personnel: 11

Report Date: Sep 29, 2010 1633

Resources: USFS Eng. -1,  CRW2 - 1,  OH - 1
 Costs to Date: $95,000

InciWeb Incidents - California: Sbnf September Lightning Fires (Wildfire)

InciWeb Incidents - California: Sbnf September Lightning Fires (Wildfire)

Link to InciWeb Incidents for California

Sbnf September Lightning Fires (Wildfire)

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 12:40 PM PDT

Lightning has sparked 8 fires on the San Bernardino National Forest.All fires are less than one acre in size unless noted.The fires do not pose a threat to communities or highways on the forest.No roads or forest service facilities are closed or restricted due to the fires. Fires: 1. Cahuilla - near Cahuilla Mountain west of Anza2. Labor - in Anza3. Boat - west of Anza4. Ramona - south side of Thomas mountain5. Live - in Running Springs6. Penrod - near Penrod Road in Garner Valley7. Penrod 2 - same area as Penrod8. Rings - in the Holcomb Creek drainage east of Green Valley Lake

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California #Firefighter cutbacks continue - Two related news stories

Headlands fire station will be phased out

Firefighter Eric Conklin shuts the door of an engine at the Presidio Fire Department Station 52 at Fort Cronkhite near Sausalito on Monday. Conklin just received a two-week layoff notice. 'I have a wife and two kids,' he said. The National Park Service plans to close the station this month. (IJ photo/Frankie Frost)
Mark Prado
Posted: 09/21/2010 02:46:48 PM PDT

A firehouse in the Marin Headlands will likely begin being phased out by the end of next week.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is eliminating the Presidio Fire Department, which will include the closure of Station 52 at Fort Cronkhite. The station and its personnel serve Rodeo Beach, the Marine Mammal Center and Headlands Institute, which host thousands of visitors each year.

Plans call for the Southern Marin Fire Protection District to take over Oct. 1 if an agreement can be reached, according to park officials. Some staffers will remain at the Headlands station until November during a transition. After that it will close.

The GGNRA and the Presidio Trust share the cost of operating the department. A 2007 efficiency study noted neighboring fire departments could provide fire service at Fort Baker and the Marin Headlands on a contract basis, saving as much as $750,000 annually.

But a memo sent out this month said cost is not the issue and that agreements with Southern Marin Fire, the San Francisco Fire Department plus additional park service and ranger and fire management staffing will end up costing the same.

"The improved long term viability of, and the superior breadth and depth of services available through, the San Francisco and Southern Marin Fire Departments were the primary factors in the decision to provide emergency services through agreements with these agencies," wrote Frank Dean, acting superintendent with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Al Duncan, who heads the firefighters union, said the lack of firefighters in the Headlands will cause problems for those needing acute care and fire protection.

"After we leave, the station won't be staffed at all," said Duncan, a firefighter. "The best you could hope for is response from Sausalito, so the wait could be substantial. We are right there for fire protection and for medical emergencies. If someone is having a heart attack we have four people right there using drug and electric therapy."

A trained emergency medical technician will be deployed to the Headlands on a daily basis to handle medical problems and all of the GGNRA law enforcement officers and rangers have first-aid training, park officials said.

The park service said an average response time without the Headlands station would be between five and 10 minutes.

"A lot of effort has been made to make sure we stay in the standards for rural response," said Alex Picavet, a GGNRA spokeswoman.

Duncan said removing safety personnel from the Headlands will have a big impact.

"It will be dangerous out there," he said.

Marin Independent Journal article - Link

Calif. county cuts 245 volunteer firefighters
Several supporters of the reserves program said it was set up to fail years ago; fire officials said volunteers often were unable to respond effectively

Reprinted from the The Orange County Register
IRVINE, Calif. — Villa Park city attorneysaid cuts could constitute breach of contract.
The Orange County Fire Authority board decided to slash the volunteer program in half, cutting 245 reserve positions. The decision came at the end of a four-hour meeting Thursday night of the 24-member board of directors.
Board members seemed to be caught off guard when Todd Litfin, city attorney for Villa Park, told them they may be in breach of their contract with the city if they cut the program. The suggestion prompted the board to go into an impromptu closed session. Minutes later, board members voted 15-6 to cut the volunteer program by half. They decided to slash the worst-performing reserve stations at Los Alamitos, Sunset Beach, Yorba Linda, La Palma, Lake Forest, Tustin, Villa Park, Mission Viejo, Midway City, Coto de Caza and Seal Beach.
Director Brad Reese of Villa Park asked that board members give the system additional time to improve. "I'm really offended you guys always look for the bad in the program," he said.
Other board members, however, aired concerns about the Fire Authority's budget problems, including an expected $14 million shortfall in the coming year. The decision is expected to save the agency more than $600,000 a year, and some board members aired a willingness to cut the remainder of the program in 2011.
According to a six-month review by the Fire Authority, the stations facing cuts were able to respond to only a fraction of the calls to which they were summoned. For example, the 13-member reserve squad at Station 25 in Midway City responded to just over 50 percent of the calls. Sunset Beach, La Palma, Lake Forest and Tustin responded to less than a quarter of all calls.
Fire officials pointed to such numbers in the study.
"We're not in the fun business," said Joe Kerr, president of the Orange County Professional Firefighters union. Kerr said that although some stations had exemplary figures, others treated the reserve program as a social club.
But several supporters of the reserves said the program was set up to fail years ago, adding that friction has existed for years between professional firefighters, who are unionized, and the volunteers, who are paid $8 for each call.
"The biggest social club in Orange County is the union firemen," said Steve Palmer, who volunteered for 12 years.
Some officials were concerned that the supplemental manpower provided by reserves during large wildfires would be lost. But fire officials said reserves often ask to leave their posts in the middle of large wildfires, forcing officials to search out resources to fill those spots, said Division Chief Mike Boyle.
"It happened in the Freeway fire," Boyle said, referring to the 2008 wildfire.
Orange County Supervisor Pat Bates, who serves on the board, said she was concerned that the board wasn't waiting until a six-month evaluation was completed in December, as done in the past. She noted that officials had difficult labor negotiations with the union.
"Somehow, it was accelerated," she said. "I would be very disappointed if it was accelerated due to our difficult salary discussions in June."
Union officials are discussing forgoing $10 million in raises in the next two years, but Kerr said firefighters could not be expected to do so if the costs of the reserve program were maintained.

Source article: OC Register - Link

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CA-MVU- Border #WildFire #BorderFire #Map

Large Wildland Fire burning Mexico on the United States border along fence-line and is exhibiting extreme fire behavior.

Fire perimeter map - Border Fire

Update: 1730hrs- U.S. Firefighters have entered Mexico with supe
1745- All burn injuries reported as a "Burnover" were to civilians in Tecate, Mexico.
United states Air ambulances enroute to P.O.E. for Medivac.
Fire holding to Mexico side, 2-6 acres on U.S side of border
5 CALFIRE engines as a ST w/ supervisor entering #Mexico for immediate structure protection staging at P.O.E
Update: 1655hrs possible burnover injuries, at port of entry, Border #Wildfire Tecate IC 3 - 6 patients Tecate fire engine burned over BC5514 at scene, 2 medics requested,  ST6631 staging Potero
Comms: command 2 t-14, Tac 5



CAL FIRE Firefighter was seriously injured in the Sonoma county Bodega Bay fire this morning after contacting live powerline.

CaLFire advises the FF is in critical but stable condition at a Bay Area hospital.
Updates when available.

Safety News Alert: #StuxNet worm attacking critical infrastructure systems

Stuxnet Worm Malware Hits Computerized Industrial Control Equipment.
  •  Security experts say Stuxnet attacked the software in specialized industrial control equipment made by Siemens by exploiting a previously unknown hole in the Windows operating system.
  • Eric Chien, the technical director of Symantec Security Response, a security software maker that has studied Stuxnet, said it appears that the malware was created to attack an Iranian industrial facility.
  • The malware marks the first attack on critical industrial control systems known as SCADA(Supervisory control and data acquisition.) It generally refers to industrial computer control system.
CFN News CFN News
Picture: Future Stuxnet Casualties in secret Iranian Nuclear control room - Adapted from Getty Images photo
The malware, known as Stuxnet, was discovered by VirusBlokAda, a Belarussian computer security company in mid July, at least several months after its creation.It was first reported by the security company VirusBlokAda in mid-June 2010, and roots of it have been traced back to June 2009.[2] The worm contains a component with a build time stamp from 3 February 201
  • Stuxnet has the ability to steal design documents or even sabotage controlled equipment in a factory or industrial setting such as a nuclear plant.
StuxNet Worm Removal: Siemens has released a detection and removal tool for Stuxnet. Siemens recommends contacting customer support if an infection is detected and advises installing the Microsoft patch for vulnerabilities and disallowing the use of third-party USB sticks.

The malware casts a spotlight on several security weaknesses.
Who: Security experts say that it was likely staged by a government or government-backed group, in light of the significant expertise and resources required to create it. The specific facility that was in Stuxnet’s crosshairs is not known, though speculation has centered on gas and nuclear installations.
Stuxnet’s remarkable sophistication has surprised many security professionals. Its authors had detailed knowledge of Siemens’ software and where its security weaknesses are. They discovered and used four unknown security flaws in Microsoft’s Windows operating system. And they masked their attack with the aid of sensitive intellectual property stolen from two hardware companies, Realtek and JMicron, which are located in the same office park in Taiwan.
“It’s impossible this was created by some teenager in his basement,” Mr. Chien said. “The amount of resources and man hours to put this together,” he said, show “it has to be something that was state originated.”
What: Since it was unleashed, Stuxnet has spread to plants around the world. Siemens said it has received 15 reports from affected customers, five of which were located in Germany.
How: Stuxnet attacks Windows systems using four zero-day attacks (including the CPLINK vulnerability and a vulnerability used by the Conficker worm) and targets systems using Siemens' WinCC/PCS 7 SCADA software. It is initially spread using infected USB flash drives and then uses other exploits to infect other WinCC computers in the network. Once inside the system it uses the default passwords to command the software.[2] Siemens however advises against changing the default passwords because it "could impact plant operations".[4]
Bad News: But more in-depth study of the program, which is extremely large and highly complex by malware standards, has revealed that it can also make changes to control systems.
Exactly what Stuxnet might command industrial equipment to do still isn’t known. But malware experts say it could have been designed to trigger such Hollywood-style bedlam as overloaded turbines, exploding pipelines and nuclear centrifuges spinning so fast that they break. “The true end goal of Stuxnet is cyber sabotage. It’s a cyber weapon basically,” said Roel Schouwenberg, a senior antivirus researcher at Kaspersky, a security software maker. “But how it exactly manifests in real life, I can’t say.”


Twitter hashtags: #Stuxnet #Iran #nuclear #industrial #system #control #worm/ #Malware #SCADA

Stuxnet News updated links stories/articles:
NY Times blog link:
Wikipedia article link:
#Stuxnet update: One of the theories is starting to point to a targeted sabotage of Iran’s nuclear facilities.
The latest, put forward by Frank Rieger, a researcher at security and encryption firm GSMK, posits in a Frankfurt newspaper (translation here) and on his blog that Stuxnet targetted a nuclear enrichment facility in the Iranian town of Natanz. Stuxnet has spread internationally, but the vast majority of infections have happened in Iran, according to numbers from antivirus firm Symantec in July.

Rieger points to signs that Stuxnet was engineered to infect systems as early as January 2009. And in July 2009, whistle-blower site Wikileaks posted a note from an anonymous source describing a nuclear accident in Natanz. The head of Iran’s nuclear program resigned shortly thereafter, and Rieger points to official Iranian numbers that showed a reduction in working enrichment centrifuges.

Rieger’s other piece of evidence pointing to Natanz comes from Stuxnet’s architecture. He writes, based on the current analysis of the worm’s software, that its infection is “intended to be synchronized and spread over many nodes.” That makes more sense in an enrichment plant filled with thousands of identical centrifuge units than in a more centralized nuclear power plant, he writes.

Robert Langner, another security researcher focused on the Siemens software systems that Stuxnet targets, has performed an analysis that he says shows that Stuxnet has the capability to cause centrifuges to malfunction, but he’s pointed to Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor, not Natanz, as a target, according to the Christian Science Monitor and IDG News.

Small Plane from LA down near Cabo San Lucas -

Mexican Official: Plane from LA Found Near Cabo San Lucas

"CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico - Mexican authorities say they have sighted the wreckage of a small plane believed to have taken off from Los Angeles with four people on board.

The wreckage was reportedly found in the mountains of Baja California Saturday. It was apparently on the way to the nearby resort city of Cabo San Lucas.

Reports from Mexico indicate the plane hit a mountain north of the resort and broke into two parts.

City civil defense director Francisco Cota Marquez told the Associated Press rescuers saw the wreckage from the air, and are trying to reach the remote are where the plane was believed to have gone down.

United States Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor could not confirm which airport the plane had taken off from, or who could have been aboard.

The identities and nationalities of the people aboard the wrecked plane are unknown, but they are believed to have been tourists.

Original Story at KTLA:,0,869507.story

Saturday, September 25, 2010

CA-LNU-Bodega Bay - wildland fire - 98 acres - 100% #Wildfire

 Final Update 0800hrs -  Bodega Fire is mapped at 98 acres and 100% contained. 
One firefighter was injured when he came into contact with a power line, the firefighter was flown to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. His condition is critical but stable. 
#Alert: Sonoma County - Bodega Bay 911 PSAP service disrupted, 911 call system is out for Bodega Bay, if you have an emergency call the Bodega Bay Fire Department at (707) 875-3700
Bodega Bay - wild-land fire perimeter map
One firefighter was injured when he came into contact with a power line, according to early reports. A Cal Fire spokeswoman said the firefighter was flown to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. His condition is not known. 
Road closure: Highway 1 is closed between Valley Ford Freestone and Estero until tomorrow morning.
Bodega Bay - wildfire location map
 Last Updated: September 25, 2010 6:00 pm
Date/Time Started: September 25, 2010 12:30 pm.
IA: Large column showing from Healdsburg building rapidly.B1410 AA140 T85 T86 Copter 104 E1462 E1457 E1476
Update 1345 - Per Ic, Problem with Spotting. Req. 2 - ST T3s Engines, 4 - Add. WTs, 2 - Add. Crews, 2 - Add. Overhead, Immediate Need to the Fire.
new request 2 STEN type 3
2 ST Crews
2 dozers Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit
County: Sonoma County
Location: Bodega Bay, Highway 1 Just north of Bodega Highway. Near the intersection of Hwy 1 and Bay Hill Rd.
GPS:  38 19 56 N  122 59 28 W
Acres Burned: Containment 89 acres - 80% containment.
Fuels/Terrain: Established in a eucalyptus grove and spotting aggressively in dry grass.(very low FM).
Fire behavior:  Extended attack fire, spotting aggressively
WX: Onshore wind pushing fire towards town of Bodega.
Comms: Command 6, Tone 12; added 2nd Tac. - CDF Tac. 10
Original dispatch comms:  LNU West for Command, CDF Tact 6 for tactical
Air Tact 23 for air to air.
Resources: Dayshift - AEU just formed Engine Strike Team 9270C for this fire. It will form up at St. 89 at 2030. STL=2708
Engines 2751,2753, 2758,2762, and 2793
Ground: Dozer 1441 Dozer 1440
Air: Air Attack 140, Copter 104 Copter 101 Tankers T-85, T-86, T-90, and T-91,
Online Scanner:
Webcam: info: Press Democrat article - Link forum - Link


#WildlandFire LODD: 1 Dead 1 injured in Londenderry, Ohio — A firefighter was killed and another hurt Friday while battling brush fires in Ross County.

Authorities said Ryan Seitz, a volunteer fireman with the McArthur Fire Department, was working with crews near the Ross-Vinton County line when part of a pressurized water tank exploded, 10TV News reported.

The end cap from the tank hit Seitz, 26, killing him, authorities said.

A second fireman with the McArthur Fire Department, Aaron Chesser, was injured in the blast. He was taken to Adena Hospital in Chillicothe to be treated.

About 30 homes in the Londonderry area, on state Route 327 between U.S. Route 50 and Poes Run Road were evacuated because of the fires.

Those residents were allowed to return to their homes on Friday night.

Firefighters said passing rain showers helped them knock down hot spots, but crews were keeping their eyes out for possible flareups.
Please donate to the WFF

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CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Chief John R. Hawkins was named co-recipient as Fire Chief of the Year

Release Date: 09/23/2010 Release Time: 10:28 AM
Contact: Jody Hagemann
Cheri Patterson
Subject: CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Chief Named Co-Recipient as Fire Chief of the Year
Full Text:

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Chief John R. Hawkins was named co-recipient as Fire Chief of the Year by the California Fire Chiefs Association (CFCA) during its annual conference on September 20 in Riverside, along with Chief Doug Williams of the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District (Santa Rosa Area).

CFCA consists of fire agency Chiefs from 48 California counties. The prestigious award was named after retired State Fire Marshal, Ronny J. Coleman. Annually, CFCA members nominate and vote for Fire Chiefs who have displayed exemplary performance, leadership and commitment to their department, employees and communities.

John Hawkins began his firefighting career with CAL FIRE (formerly the California Division of Forestry and Fire Protection) in 1964 as a seasonal firefighter in Northern California. For over 47 years, Chief Hawkins passion for firefighting and public safety paved the way to many career accomplishments. As Chief Hawkins promoted through the ranks, he subsequently earned his Associates Degree in Fire Technology and his Bachelors Degree in Forest Management.

Over 40 years of hands-on experience in Fire Administration and Incident Management has served Chief Hawkins well and has earned him the utmost respect and unity of his peers, firefighters, support staff and cooperating agencies throughout the State.

The Firefighters Chief, as many know him, John enjoys his free time golfing, hiking, attending community events, visiting fire stations, teaching fire technology classes and spending time with his wife Carol, their children, Seth, Shem and Blaise and his grandchildren.

Nominated by his executive staff, Chief Hawkins was overwhelmed when his name was announced at last night¿s CFCA annual conference banquet. -Being named Fire Chief of the Year was a shock, an unbelievable honor and in the end, really recognizes all of the firefighter support given to me in over 47 career years. I love being the CAL FIRE and Riverside County Fire Chief. The integrated, cooperative, regional fire protection system is the best anywhere and a tribute to the total public safety support of Governor Schwarzenegger, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and our partner-city elected council members. There is no greater honor than being a firefighter and serving the public with a smile.-

CAL FIRE Director, Del Walters adds, -Chief Hawkins, values are straight forward; Safety, Leadership, Integrity, Competence and Customer Service. He stands by these values, which he includes in each public speaking engagement and all of his correspondence. He mentors and encourages firefighters to not only work by these values, but to live by them as well.-

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RRU - Mecca: Helicopter (Crop duster) Collision with powerpole yesterday

Riverside County  Press Release: Indio Station - Mecca

Type of Incident: Helicopter Collision
Date/Time Written: September 20, 2010
Date/Time of Incident: September 20, 2010 at 2:50 PM
Location of Incident: 90000 Block of Avenue 70, Mecca
Reporting Officer: Sergeant Anthony Baur
File Number(s): C102640023


On September 20, 2010 at about 2:50 PM, deputies responded to a report of a downed helicopter in an agricultural field in the 90000 block of Avenue 70, in Mecca. Riverside County Fire and a Hazardous Materials unit also responded to the scene.

Investigators learned the 62-year-old pilot of North Shore, was flying a small helicopter at a low altitude applying low-grade pesticides to the field when he collided with a utility pole. Low altitude flying is common for helicopters engaged in aerial application formerly referred to as "crop dusting."

The pilot was able to remove himself from the helicopter, which suffered major damage. He was transported to a local hospital, treated for minor injuries and is expected to be released soon.
The scene was determined not to be a risk to public safety as most of the pesticide was previously dispersed on the field prior to the collision.
Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Investigator Chad Martin at the Riverside County Sheriff's Indio Station at 760-863-8990, or by e-mailing information to

CA-SNF- Buckhorn Fire - 200 acres 25% #Wildfire

#CaFire - Sierra National Forest - Buckhorn Fire Overview: The fire acreage is at 200 acres. The Buckhorn Fire is burning on a S to SW aspect with a varying slope between 20 and 30%. Fire behavior is creeping and smoldering, with low potential for large spread.

  Average winds are upslope from the S to SW at 3 to 5 mph with varying gust between 8 and 10 mph. The base of the fire is at an elevation of 7100 ft. The fire is predominately in an old growth Red Fir and Mixed Conifer forest, with sporadic stringers of montane brush (manzanita and white thorn) throughout the timber stand. There is minimal scorching to the mature trees. The main carrier for the fire is the needle cast with the 10 and 100hr fuels. Some observed flame lengths in these fuels were .6-18" . The N to NW and the S to SE areas of the fire have more activity and available fuels for growth. The western flank spread has slowed due to meadows. The eastern flank fire spread has been moderated with a combination of meadows, trail systems, and rock outcroppings and old burn area. Active flanks of the fire have the ability for slow growth due to the continuous fuels available to each respective flank. Smoke is rising approximately 500-800' and dispersing to the north and northeast. Light smoke may be visible from various trailheads and vista overlooks on the Sierra and the Inyo National Forests; Mammoth Trailhead, Mile High Overlook along FS81,and the High Sierra Ranger District north of Kaiser Pass, Lake George area and Mammoth Mountain. Fire is being monitored daily utilizing lookouts and aircraft. Fire Effect Monitors are hiking in on as needed basis for onsite observations that include mapping perimeter and confirming that wilderness objectives are being met.

Basic Information
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Saturday August 07th, 2010 approx. 11:00 PM
Location Buckhorn Meadow north of Sheeps Crossing in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.
GPS:  (37 34 26.4 x 119 12 1.5; approximately 7100-8200' ele.,Madera Co.)
Incident Commander Burt Stalter Type 4 Ic
Current Situation
Total Personnel 5
Size 200 acres
Percent Contained 25%
Fuels Involved: FM TL3 (Moderate Load Conifer Litter) Red/White Fir Timber Stands FM TU5 (Very High Load Timber Shrub) Mixed conifer stands with pockets of montane brush Scattered rock outcrops.
Fire Behavior: Low to moderate fire activity in growth and spread.
Significant Events: Continue monitoring and utilize personnel for checking fire's spread when needed. Percent containment is due to fire burning into natural barriers and from confining lines by handcrew checking spread along the SW corner of the fire. Fire has burned across the Iron Creek Trail on the northern perimeter and has available fuel to continue burning in a northerly direction with the only barriers to spread being rock outcrops and wet meadows and drainage's.
Outlook/Planned Actions: Smoke production has lowered significantly. Fire is spreading to the north/northeast and south/ southeast directions. Monitors will be hiking in for 3 days beginning tommorrow to map perimeter and record fire effects. Fire was checked today from remote lookout location with updated perimeter plotted on IAP map with increased acreage.
Growth Potential: Fire has low to moderate potential for growth. Hotter and drier weather predicted over the next 5 days will allow fire spread to increase a little.
Terrain Difficulty Steep as it drops in the San Joaquin River canyon.Moderate around rest of fire.
Remarks Fire is in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and is being managed for multiple objectives.
Yesterday Weather:
Wind Conditions 2-5 g 11 mph SW
Temperature 69 degrees
Humidity 8%
Inciweb Incident information at:

Bodega: Community building a firehouse - Bodega Volunteer Fire Department

Bodega residents work together to build a firehouse

Wesley Albini, 12, left, helps his dad and Bodega Fire Chief Ron Albini in filling a gas line trench, Saturday at the new Bodega Fire station. Volunteer firefighter Josh Perucchi., center, also lends a hand.

The rural fire department doesn't have nearly enough money to pay for a building that could cost about $1.7 million with professional contractors.

Instead, the community is taking pledges, holding fundraising barbecues and turning out on weekends.

“Fundraisers and donations,” Fire Chief Ron Albini said. “We have no tax base.”

The community support should be no surprise, said Kelly Brady, owner of Brew coffee shop.

“This is a great community, it is one of the reasons I ended up here,” Brady said. “It is one big, grand family. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it.”

The new station has become a focal point for the town of 1,000, which relies on a volunteer department that covers ranches, dairies and farms for miles around.

“We are proud of it, we are proud of our firefighters,” said Sarah Molicka, manager of Northern Light Surf Shop and a Bodega native.

The Bodega Volunteer Fire Department has 15 volunteer firefighters and responds to about 150 calls a year, ranging from grass to structure fires.

It is now housed in the 650-square-foot McCaughey Hall, a building donated to the fire department by the late Howard McCaughey, who owned the general store across the street.

The fire department building, built in 1955, also doubles as the town's community hall.

It has room for two of the department's pieces of equipment, with a third stored in a barn a half mile away.

The new station is expected to cost $1.1 million.

Albini said the hope is the new fire station will be far enough along by the end of the year to huose the department's three trucks.

“The real important thing is it will allow us to park the equipment in one place,” he said. “Now we have equipment scattered and everyone has to carry their gear with them.”

The steel building from Soule Building Systems of Cotati was erected in early July with an Old West facade on the front that matches the adjacent Post Office building.

Most of the work on the infrastructure and to finish the interior will be volunteer labor, said Bill Newman, who has acted as the department's fundraiser and who dealt with some of the red tape with local, state and federal regulators.

“A lot of local people here are contractors and that has helped us out,” Newman said. “They called in favors. If we had to bid this building out, it would have cost us $1.7 million.”

The building will have 4,100 square feet, enough room for the trucks, an office, a day-use room, showers, kitchen, workshop and dorm room.

“It will be the first time we will be able to do a repair on a fire truck in the winter without getting wet or working in a cramped area,” Albini said.

The department has raised $400,000 with seven annual fundraisers and donations of $50 it asks from each household within its 16-square-mile service area.

The next fundraiser is an Oct. 9 polenta feed, and the department also has sold 110 memorial bricks at $250 each.

See the whole story at Press Democrat article: - link 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RRU NEWS - Riverside County close to getting $2 million from #CalFire

#Wildfire #news
 "Cal Fire has indicated it will soon be proposing to provide about $2 million in budget relief," Riverside county CEO Bill Luna told supervisors last week".
Story at

Riverside County close to getting $2 million from Cal Fire

The Press-Enterprise

Riverside County is close to receiving $2 million in financial relief from Cal Fire, a move the county's top administrator said will help bridge the fire department's $5.5 million budget gap.

The county contracts with the state agency for fire protection and for months has been concerned about the administrative fee Cal Fire charges.

A report in July concluded the county could save as much as $2.8 million if Cal Fire changed how it accounted for support personnel and overtime.

"Although we still have some ongoing debate on the finer points of the report, I am happy to say that Cal Fire has indicated it will soon be proposing to provide about $2 million in budget relief," county CEO Bill Luna told supervisors last week.

"That will go a long way toward closing the approximately $5.5 million structural gap we still have in that budget," he said.

"We appreciate the serious consideration that the (Cal Fire) director and his staff have given this matter and will continue to work with them to try and resolve it."

County spokesman Ray Smith said Monday that no agreement is in place yet.

He said he didn't have a specific breakdown of the $2 million, but much of it comes from whether certain personnel are funded by state or county funds.

Other savings could come from firefighter retirements, Smith said.

Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant said the agency has met regularly with the county and has had "some very positive talks."

Cal Fire is currently working on an "appropriate balance" between the agency's direct and indirect personnel costs before finalizing an agreement with Riverside County, Berlant said.

"We are hoping to have it sooner rather than later, but there is not an exact deadline yet," he said.

Berlant also said there could be pension savings as newly hired Cal Fire workers have agreed to contribute more toward their own retirements.

The county's July report found that Cal Fire has 483 positions in Sacramento, in regional headquarters and at the local level that provide indirect services, such as human resources, fleet management, training and administration.

Four are assigned to Riverside County.

Of those 483 jobs, 118 are vacant. Transferring 10 to 12 of those positions to the Riverside County unit and filling them with local personnel could save the county between $1.5 million and $2 million a year, the report found.

In addition, the county's report found the administrative fees include charges for unplanned overtime. Eliminating that charge could save the county as much as $800,000 a year.

Source Article
Author Duane W. Gang at 951-368-9547 or

Video: Rocky W. Oplinger #Wildfire Rockstar interviewed on #ROTW

Rocky W. Oplinger, Fire Management Officer, and California Federal TYPE 1 Incident Team commander, for the San Bernardino National Forest in southern California was interviewed by the Rim of the World News about the outlook for the fall fire season in that part of the world.

Rocky W. Oplinger USFS Southern California Fire Management Officer, discusses fall fire season in southern California with a interesting discussion of adiabatic winds, the dreaded localized Santa Ana Winds.
The Santa Ana's are strong, extremely dry offshore winds that characteristically sweep through Southern California and northern Baja California in late fall and winter.
Wikipedia Link:
Rim of the World News: Link
YouTube Video Link
Twitter links: #Wildfire

Monday, September 20, 2010

Free new turnouts to CA fire exploring posts- Deadline 10/1.

The California Fire Exploring Scholarship recently received a donation of FIVE sets of brand new, never worn turnout/PPE gear. These sets include helmets, coats, pants, boots, gloves, flashover hood and red gear bag.

We want to help a needy Explorer Post in California that can really use this equipment. Specialized Fire Decals as also donated some items.

To submit interest acquiring all of this PPE- A department's Chief Officer or Explorer Post Adviser must submit a letter of interest on official department letterhead describing their situation and outlining their request. This gear must go directly to a department's Explorer or Cadet program only. NO submission letters from Explorer Scouts or Cadets please.

The CFES can assist with shipping costs and these details will be discussed with the selected department. This information will also be faxed out all 72 departments with a post on Monday, the 20th.

Letters are due to our bank's address by October 1, 2010. Listed below is their mailing address-
Mechanics Bank
Attn: Turnouts
8235 Laguna Blvd. Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA 95758-7971

Source: - Article Link

Morning Report - California Wildland Fires Quick Look #CAFire

Summary for September 20th, 2010 - National Preparedness Level: Level 2
National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity: Light (88 new fires)
New large fires: 5
Large fires contained: 1
Un-contained large fires: 7
Area Command Teams committed: 0
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0

Large Incident: A wildfire of 100 acres or more occurring in timber, or a wildfire of 300 acres or more occurring in grass/sage.
 Canyon Fire (Kern County) 9,820 acres, 100% contained Kern County Incident remains in Unified Command (Cooper, Kinsey, Brinsfield), Power restored to community of Havilah. Incident will transition to back to the local Jurisdiction, remaining in Unified Command Type 3 Incident organization.
Close out meeting will be held Monday September 20th 1700 hrs, At Kern County Fire Department
HQ in Bakersfield on Olive Dr.

Granite Fire 203 acres, 80% containment, South Side Hwy 155 x Granite Rd near community of Glennville kern Co. SRA Wildland,Fuels: Oak, Savannah grass, Moderate ROS, Fire burning NNE direction.

Border#10 120 acres 50% contained fire entirely in Mexico.

Sheep Fire 6990 acres, 10% MMA/Contained, SW of Cedar Grove, Fresno Co, 1.5 miles SW of Cedar Grove.

Whitlock Fire 69 acres; 100% contained. 7 Miles north of Mariposa, Dozer line is completed around the fire No further spread is expected.

Other So Cal news: 
LAFD Malibu: Saturday a structure fire resulted in complete loss of actress/talk show host Ricki lakes beach-side home. The fire was started when she was attempting to fill a portable heater in her home and a couch caught fire. Ricki escaped with her two children and dog unharmed.
Picture of Actress Ricki Lakes gutted home
Photo Credit: TMZ

 NOPS: Initial Attack Activity was light in the GACC yesterday with 31 fires for 107 acres reported in the Daily Situation Report.
Monday will be warmer and drier under a weak ridge with mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. Another trough will move through Tuesday, generally with just some high cloudiness for most areas, although the very NW corner of Calif could see a bit more rain from that system. Temperatures will remain below seasonal normals for most inland areas even as they will be increasing this week. RH recovery should remain relatively high in most areas under clear skies and longer nights. Areas of night/morning fog/low clouds will return to the coast along with typical daily afternoon gusty westerly winds. Late in the week, it appears possible that stronger high pressure will return to bring about lower RH and put inland temps back above seasonal normals.

Black Incident, CA-ENF, is 90 acres, 80 percent contained.

Oregon Fire CA-BTU-Oregon 40 acres, 100% (Butte County) Oregon Gulch Rd near Oroville.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

InciWeb Incidents - California: Black (Wildfire)

InciWeb Incidents - California: Black (Wildfire)

Link to InciWeb Incidents for California

Black (Wildfire)

Posted: 18 Sep 2010 02:58 PM PDT

Currently the Eldorado National Forest has two fires in the Hell Hole area. The Black Fire is located in the Ralston Ridge area and is burning in heavy timber. As of 5:30 pm the Black Fire is reported to be 10 plus acres. The Point Fire, 2 acres, is located on Chipmunk Ridge southwest of Hell Hole Reservoir and is burning in heavy timber. The Point Fire has a line around the perimeter.Ground crews are working the fires overnight.This will be the last update till 0800 September 19, 2010.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cal Fire's Volunteer Firefighter Of The Year - Pat Hinds Tulare County

Cal Fire's Volunteer Firefighter Of The Year

By: Rich Rodriguez
Cal Fire Volunteer Firefighter Pat Hinds got five star delivery service to his award ceremony at the Tulare County Fair.  But he didn't get there by limo or fire truck, Hinds arrived in an ambulance.
Hinds is a veteran volunteer firefighter on the road to recovery.
  Thursday firefighters gathered at the fairgrounds to congratulate Cal Fire's Volunteer Of The Year and one tough fireman.
 Hinds arrived by gurney due to injuries he suffered nearly three months ago in a hit and run accident near Alpaugh in Tulare County.
  He was hit while putting out a car fire.
Hinds told KMPH news, "Out of nowhere this pickup come through and takes out both me and my captain.   I got the worst of it.   It just barely hurt him. I had multiple fractures in both legs.
  I had 18 ribs broke and this right arm broke," he said.
Pat Hinds spent six weeks at the trauma center at CRMC in Fresno.  The past seven weeks he's been at Kaweah Delta's Rehab Hospital in Visalia.  After being away for 13 weeks there were lots of hugs and handshakes and catching up.
Hinds is a 33 year veteran volunteer who isn't ready to hang up his boots.
  "If everything goes all right and I come back I probably won't come back 100 percent there might be some impairments and I might have to work around that stuff and everything but I plan on coming back," he said.
Pat Hinds first goal is to complete his therapy and walk out of the rehab hospital in Visalia.
 Original Source article: - Link

911 Rescue and Recovery workers: 911 Rose Bowl Parade float construction

LaCFBW part 1
2011 Rose Bowl Parade 9/11 Float construction YouTube video:
911 Rose Bowl Parade float Twitter Tags: #RoseParade #Video #LACFD #Float #LaCFBW
Original You Tube: video link via @youtube

Original Post: 911 Rescue and Recovery workers: 911 Rose Bowl Parade float construction LaCFBW part 1

Friday, September 17, 2010

Canyon Fire CA-SQF-3564 9,820 acres, 75% contained.

#CaFire #Wildfire #CanyonFire CA-SQF-3564  9,820 acres, 75% contained.
Current Situation
Total Personnel 1,668
Size 8,560 acres
Percent Contained 70%
Estimated Containment Date Sunday September 19th, 2010 approx. 12:00 AM
Cost: 6.5 million
Road closures are still in effect on Old Kern Canyon Road.
Canyon Fire CA-SQF-3564

IA: 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 12, 2010.
Location: Lower Kern River Canyon, below, (and west) of Lake Isabella. The fire started near Delonegha on the south side of the Lower Kern River. The fire quickly spread to both sides of the Kern River, jumping over the Old Kern Canyon Road and back across Highway 178, resulting in active fire on both sides of the two roads. Within an hour the fire spread to over 200 acres calling for evacuations of recreational sites along the Lower Kern River, including Remington Hot Springs, Black Gulch, Mill Creek, Hobo, Sandy Flat and Miracle Day Use area. Several outfitter guide (boating) companies camp sites were also evacuated.
Road Closures: Highway 178 is now OPEN -Please observe all speed limits through the burned area off of Hwy 178 due to fire fighters and equipment on the road.
The fire is presently at 8,560 acres.
Evacuations: Evacuations have been lifted for Bodfish Canyon Road, Myers Canyon Road, Clear Creek subdivision and Rocky Point in the community of Bodfish. Be advised, the American Red Cross shelter is still operating at the Kern River Valley Senior Center (6405 Lake Isabella Blvd.). The phone number is 661-333-0265. Kern County Human Services staff is onsite working with Red Cross volunteers. A second shelter has been established in Twin Oakes at 661-867-2550. Both shelters are available to help accommodate small and large animals.
Road Closure Update: Caliente Bodfish Road is open from Bodfish to Havilah. Travel is restricted to one lane to residence only. Old Kern Canyon Road is closed.

Basic Information
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Human -under Investigation
Date of Origin Sunday September 12th, 2010 approx. 01:54 PM
Location 8 miles west of Lake Isabella
Incident Commander David Cooper
Fuels Involved Grass, brush and timber.
Fire Behavior  Interior activity in Div.B from burning operation,some line activity on Division C, otherwise very little activity over rest of fire.
Significant Events  Crews are making good progress on line completion. Road closures are still in effect on Old Kern Canyon Road.
Outlook/Planned Actions Continued air support of line construction; continue line improvement; continue mop-up operations.
Growth Potential Medium
Terrain Difficulty High
Remarks Steep ground and wind are still major concerns. Air resources continue to play a key role. Local power company continues powerline repair.
Current Weather
Canyon Fire Official Information
Phone: 951 225-4510
Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
More web information:
Kern County Incident page: link
Inciweb:  Link - Incident Link

Sequoia National Forest
U.S. Forest Service

1839 S. Newcomb St.
Porterville, CA 93257

LODD: OCFA Firefighter/Paramedic Jim Owen collapsed during training

It is with great sadness that we relay the announcement about the sudden passing of Orange County (CA) Fire Authority Firefighter/Paramedic Jim Owen, from OCFA Chief Keith Richter. 
OCFA Firefighter/Paramedic Jim Owen
Firefighter/Paramedic Owen collapsed during a "Training Activity Group" , which is basically a multi-company training at their Regional Fire Operations Training Center yesterday. He began feeling poorly and was being assessed when he went into a full arrest. The crews on scene immediately rendered ALS care and FF/PM Owen was transported to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana where he was pronounced dead, in the Line of Duty, at approximately 1230 Hours.

FF Owen was 56 years old and is survived by his wife, Sharon, and three sons, Jim Jr., Daniel, and Kevin. He has been with the OCFA since 1980 and spent the majority of his career at Fire Station 4 in Irvine, where he was a Haz-Mat firefighter as well as a paramedic.
Jim was an iconic figure at OCFA and loved his job. Everyone knew who “Jimmy” was because of his hard work ethic and zealous generosity.

Jimmy is survived by his wife, Sharon, and three sons, Jim Jr., Daniel, and Kevin. He will be sorely missed by his friends and family.

As always our most sincere condolences to the members of the OCFA and especially his surviving family and friends.
Please keep Jim and his family in your thoughts and prayers through these very difficult times.

Information on funeral services for Jim will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

OCFA website - Link
OCFA Facebook - Link

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updated: Canyon Fire CA-SQF-3564 - Kern County #Wildfire - 9,820 acres, 75%

Canyon Fire CA-SQF-3564  9,820 acres, 75% contained. 
All further updates at: Canyon Fire CA-SQF-3564 9,820 acres, 75% contained.
Road closures are still in effect on Old Kern Canyon Road.
KCFD fire investigators are requesting public help. At the start of the fire on Sunday there were several parked cars along Hwy 178 taking photographs of the fire. Investigators would like to see those pictures. They can be e-mailed to
Evacuations are in effect for the area of Meyers Canyon, south of Bodfish Canyon Rd at the junction of Rocky Rd. Advisory evacuations are in place for Meyers Canyon north of this area and also the community of Havilah. The evacuation center is at the Kern River Valley Veterans/Senior Center, 6405 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella
Canyon Fire Stats (9.16.2010 @ 08:00 A.M.)
Incident Name:
Canyon Incident Location: 7 miles West of Bodfish Start
Date & Report Time: 9/12/2010 @ 2:00 P.M.
Fire Information Line: 1-951-225-4510 or 211
Acres: 8,149   Containment: 65%
Expected Containment: 9/19/2010 
Structures Threatened: 250 Structures Destroyed: 1    Structures Damaged: 0     
Cause: Under Investigation
If you have any information on the fire please contact 1-877 FIRE-TIP or 1-877-347-3847
Total Personnel: 1565 Injuries: 4
Fire Engines: 15   Helicopters: 10   Fire Crews: 34   Airtankers: 11   Water Tenders: 11   Bulldozers: 4  
The Canyon Fire started September 12, 2010 at approximately 2:00pm in Lake Isabella, Ca.  Initial assessment and attack began immediately by Kern County Fire, US Forest Service and BLM. Unified command was established with Kern County Fire, U.S Forrest Service and BLM.  Southern Central Sierra Interagency Incident Management Team assumed command of the fire on September 13, 2010 at 6:00P.M.  Estimated date of containment is September 19.
•    Continued air support of line construction and improvement; continue mop-up operations.
•    Hand and engine crews are in place for structure protection along with air support.
•    Steep ground and active fire are still major concerns. Air resources continue to play a key role in keeping the fire away from high risk areas. Some damage was sustained by the 66 KV power lines; local power company has started repairs.
•    Area South of Bodfish Canyon road (Myers Canyon) and Rocky point in the community of Bodfish
•    In the community of Havila
 Key Message
Life and safety is priority and evacuations were established. A shelter has been established in Lake Isabella Senior Center. To contact the Lake Isabella shelter, please use 1-661-333-0265. A second shelter center has been established in Twin Oaks at the community church, which is located at 16115 Caliente Creek road.  Twin Oaks church is also available for small and large animal sheltering, if you need to contact the shelter please call 1-661-867-2550.
•    Bodfish Canyon road and Caliente Bodfish road is closed from Bodfish to Havila
•    Old Kern Canyon road
Cooperating Agencies: South Central Sierra Incident Management Team, Kern County Fire, U.S. Forest Service, B.L.M., K.C.S.O., C.H.P., Cal Trans.

Kern County Canyon Fire location map

News and Notes: CA-SQF-3564  8,149 acres, 65% contained. Unified command with Kern Co, BLM, NPS and USFS. 

8149 acres, 65% contained
Increased acreage due to burning operations
Canyon Fire News and Notes: 
  • 250 structures are threatened, 1 structure destroyed.
  • 1,095 personnel assigned now
  • Road closures are still in effect on Old Kern Canyon Road.
  • An evacuation center has been established at the Kern River Valley Veteran’s/Senior Center.
  • Evacuations remain in effect for the area of Meyer’s Canyon south of Bodfish Canyon Rd. at Junction of Rocky Rd. Advisory evacuations are in place from Meyer’s Canyon north in the community of Havala.
  • Almost 30 people spent the night in the Red Cross Shelter, at the Lake Isabella Senior Center, due to the Canyon Fire in the Bodfish and Havilah area. 
  • SCE is currently working to restore power to the damaged electrical transmission line and the community of Havala.
CIMT 4 has been ordered. An incident complexity analysis has been completed with SQF NF placing a request for a Type 1 IMT to report the Canyon Incident. The request has been placed for SOCAL Team #4 (Opliger) Type 1 Team to transition in @12:00. (Might be on hold)
Air Resources: AT's- 05, 74, 75, 76, 78, 20, 22, 27, 43, 45, 55 -
Reload WJF, PTV 
Scanner Frequencies :
Command - NIFC Com. 4 - 166.6125
Air - 168.6375 / 123.450
A/G - 171.1375
A/A - 122.925 / 122.975
Airbase Victor - 123.975
Flight Following - 168.650
Helos - 126.675 / 127.775
More web information:
Kern County Incident page: link
Inciweb:  Link - Incident Link

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer." --Abraham Lincoln

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