Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CA-SNF- Buckhorn Fire - 200 acres 25% #Wildfire

#CaFire - Sierra National Forest - Buckhorn Fire Overview: The fire acreage is at 200 acres. The Buckhorn Fire is burning on a S to SW aspect with a varying slope between 20 and 30%. Fire behavior is creeping and smoldering, with low potential for large spread.

  Average winds are upslope from the S to SW at 3 to 5 mph with varying gust between 8 and 10 mph. The base of the fire is at an elevation of 7100 ft. The fire is predominately in an old growth Red Fir and Mixed Conifer forest, with sporadic stringers of montane brush (manzanita and white thorn) throughout the timber stand. There is minimal scorching to the mature trees. The main carrier for the fire is the needle cast with the 10 and 100hr fuels. Some observed flame lengths in these fuels were .6-18" . The N to NW and the S to SE areas of the fire have more activity and available fuels for growth. The western flank spread has slowed due to meadows. The eastern flank fire spread has been moderated with a combination of meadows, trail systems, and rock outcroppings and old burn area. Active flanks of the fire have the ability for slow growth due to the continuous fuels available to each respective flank. Smoke is rising approximately 500-800' and dispersing to the north and northeast. Light smoke may be visible from various trailheads and vista overlooks on the Sierra and the Inyo National Forests; Mammoth Trailhead, Mile High Overlook along FS81,and the High Sierra Ranger District north of Kaiser Pass, Lake George area and Mammoth Mountain. Fire is being monitored daily utilizing lookouts and aircraft. Fire Effect Monitors are hiking in on as needed basis for onsite observations that include mapping perimeter and confirming that wilderness objectives are being met.

Basic Information
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Saturday August 07th, 2010 approx. 11:00 PM
Location Buckhorn Meadow north of Sheeps Crossing in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.
GPS:  (37 34 26.4 x 119 12 1.5; approximately 7100-8200' ele.,Madera Co.)
Incident Commander Burt Stalter Type 4 Ic
Current Situation
Total Personnel 5
Size 200 acres
Percent Contained 25%
Fuels Involved: FM TL3 (Moderate Load Conifer Litter) Red/White Fir Timber Stands FM TU5 (Very High Load Timber Shrub) Mixed conifer stands with pockets of montane brush Scattered rock outcrops.
Fire Behavior: Low to moderate fire activity in growth and spread.
Significant Events: Continue monitoring and utilize personnel for checking fire's spread when needed. Percent containment is due to fire burning into natural barriers and from confining lines by handcrew checking spread along the SW corner of the fire. Fire has burned across the Iron Creek Trail on the northern perimeter and has available fuel to continue burning in a northerly direction with the only barriers to spread being rock outcrops and wet meadows and drainage's.
Outlook/Planned Actions: Smoke production has lowered significantly. Fire is spreading to the north/northeast and south/ southeast directions. Monitors will be hiking in for 3 days beginning tommorrow to map perimeter and record fire effects. Fire was checked today from remote lookout location with updated perimeter plotted on IAP map with increased acreage.
Growth Potential: Fire has low to moderate potential for growth. Hotter and drier weather predicted over the next 5 days will allow fire spread to increase a little.
Terrain Difficulty Steep as it drops in the San Joaquin River canyon.Moderate around rest of fire.
Remarks Fire is in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and is being managed for multiple objectives.
Yesterday Weather:
Wind Conditions 2-5 g 11 mph SW
Temperature 69 degrees
Humidity 8%
Inciweb Incident information at:

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