Sunday, August 30, 2009

CA-NEU-49 WUI Fire - 500+ acres, Wind Driven, Structures burning

Evacuations: Code 3 immediate need ST dispatched from El Dorado County. Reports that a Elderly Care Home has been cut-off & needs evacuation.

  "There are a number of homes in the area, and we're working with the sheriff's department to evacuate those areas," said Daniel Berlant, Cal Fire spokesman.
Closures: Highway 49 is closed to traffic.  

Update: 1715hrs - IC to Grass Valley advised to CANCEL the VLAT and that per AA the air equipment is sufficent. Continue the ordered ground resorces as there are massive amounts of structures that are still burning and are still being threatened. IC reporting the lines are holding. although AA has just sent a helo to hit a road side spot. AA is working the interior structures and the right shoulder. NEU reporting a new wildland fire, no details as yet. Sounds like locals picked it up and can handle per AA 230.  
Update: 1700hrs - Air Tankers T-91 and T-22 are inbound, ALCO type I strike team en-route with units from Oakland, Alameda county Hayward and Fremontstarted about 14:20 and has grown to over 500 acres. Strong winds and very dry 50 Engines have been committed 8 air tankers and the larger air tankers are on order Evacuations are happening North and North East of fire Update: 1640hrs - 500 acres+ Evergreen 747 Air Tanker Has been ordered for this WUI fire entering the city of Auburn. Update: 1630hrs - AA reports multiple commercial structures involved in the 49 corridor from Locksley lane to Shale Ridge.Holding at Dry Creek. Hazard: Down power lines across 49, need Hwy shut down  
Update: 1600hrs - AA reports 400 to 500 acres, Reports are at least 1 home & some commercial structure are involved, lumber yard and old Harley Davidson shop involved. sounds like they are holding the left flank and are working the head hard.  
Update: 15:45hrs - Reports that Firefighter that lives off Shale Ridge road just lost his house!  
Update: 1540hrs - CA-NEU-49 Air attack just advised fire is at least 50 acres & running thru structures. Multi residential and commercial structures on fire, Requested additional heavy AT and GVECC advised that the request has been put in for the VLAT.  
Update: 1540hrs - Shale creek care home just called Grass valley and stated to them they are surrounded by fire and unable to evacuate the residences. Message relayed to IC via priority traffic requesting engines to respond to their location. Traffic impacted on Highway 49. CHP still not at CP and HWY 49 still with traffic. IC states once again multiple commercial buildings on fire. 1 burn victim (civilian) with AMR 254 responding to Rock Creek.  
Update: 1435hrs - Just requested 2 Initial Attack Type III strike teams on top of the original requests. Puts the fire at 15 to 20 acres with heavy spotting. Added two additional crews for a total of four. Setting up IC at Quarts and Hwy 49. Shutting down HWY 49 IC just requested two additional air tankers for a total for four and one additional copter for a total of two, any type but would like Type II with crew if possible.  
Location: Just North of Bell Road in Auburn. fire started just after 2 p.m between Highway 49 & the Auburn airport, according to Cal Fire officials, and is spreading quickly due to strong winds. Resources: Besides Initial attack:
  • Task force from Nevada County B5106, E2, E5266, E57, E88 and E45.
  • LNU strike team 9130C just dispatched immediate-need to the incident. That is the 10th strike team from Sonoma Lake Napa, hence the 1300 designator for the ST..
  • Immediate need strike team out of AEU 4079A code 3 to the fire.
  • E61 (Georgetown), E51 (Garden Valley), E72 (El Dorado Cnty FPD, Cool), E74 (El Dorado Cnty FPD, Coloma-Lotus) and E83 (Rescue FPD)..
  • LNU just sent immediate need S/T 9130 with E1456 (Wilber Springs) E1458 (leesville) E1455 (Brooks) E1473 (Clearlake Oaks) E1483 (Not sure where they were at) B 1416 as STL..
  • Sac Metro is sending a type 1 Strike Team E25, E23, E103, E28, E26, and BC13. .
  • LNU just sent Immediate Need S/T 9132C B1413, E1451, E1479, E1493, E1467, E1483 . TGU sending immediate need strike teams and single resources of dozers.
  • Crews - 9223G
  • Engines - 9251C (2515, 2573, 2572, 2554, 2566, 2561)
  • Dozers - 2542, 2544 .
  • Sac Metro just sent an immediate need S/T of type 1's. .
  • LNU Just sent Immediate need S/T 9131 Lema, T/D 1444 (Clearlake Oaks) T/D1448 (Middletown) .
  • ALCO type I strike team en-route with units from Oakland, Alameda county Hayward and Fremont
Air Resources: AA: 230/ AT: 86,88,93, Evergreen 747/ Helos: 514,516,512,161KA, 123G  
Weather: Secret Town RAWS @ 1428 - wind SSW 6 Gust 21 temp 90 RH 13% Fuel Temp 104 Web Cams: KCRA Link
Scanner feed: Link

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