Sunday, August 30, 2009

Station Fire Notes: Communications Plan / Fire Map Division breaks

Station Fire Communications Plan: Valid 08-30-09
NIFC Cmd 2 168.100 Mt Lukens (linked to cmd9)
NIFC Cmd 9 170.0125 Mt. Josephine
NIFC Tac 1 168.050 Div A B Branch 1
NIFC Tac 4 164.1375 Div C D Branch 1
NIFC Tac 5 166.725 Div Z Y Branch 2
NIFC Tac 6 166.775 Infrstructure, Clear Creak, Big T Protection Branch 3
White 2 154.265 Alta, Harder Structure Group
White 3 154.295 Canyon Crest, Chaney Structure Group
Air Ground Primary 167.950
Air Ground Secondary 169.1125
ANF Admin 164.9735 Branch 4

Station Fire Map Division breaks
Starting from the north working south down the 210 and back up east then

Branch 1
Div E Hwy 5/14 to Little T canyon
Div D Little T to Big T canyons
Div C Big T to about Blanchard Canyon
Div B Blanchard Canyon to about Briggs Terrace
Div A Briggs Terrace to Hwy 2

Branch 2
Div Z Hwy 2 to Lincoln Ave
Div Y Lincoln Ave to Eaton Canyon Park area
Div V Eaton Canyon Park area to Mt Wilson

Branch 3
Div S Mt. Wilson to Hwy 2 at Red Box Gap
Div R Hwy 2 to Angeles Forest Hwy Singing Springs
Div Q Singing Springs to Branch 3/4 break

Branch 3/4 break Santiago Canyon

Branch 4
Div M Santiago Canyon to Acton (Hwy 14)
Div L Soledad Canyon (Acton to Lang)
Div H Hwy 14 Lang to Hwy 5/14

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