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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fresno Sheriff Investigating Theft From Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Truck #CAFire #CALaw

Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department Suffers Devastating Theft And Vandalism Of Rescue Truck 

Rescue gear stolen from volunteer fire department

Kathryn Herr
07/07/2015 12:01 AM07/07/2015 12:10 AM

A volunteer fire department has fallen victim to a thief. Someone broke into a truck that belongs to the Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Dunlap.

The thief took close to 15-thousand dollars of equipment that's supposed to help the mountain community.

"It's all locked up now but you can see the fingerprinting equipment that went on," said Greg Bardorf. He's the assistant fire chief with the Mountain Valley Fire Department.

Bardorf made the discovery Saturday morning. Someone had broken into the rescue truck for the Mountain Valley Fire Department and stolen what was inside.

"All the medical gear, all the rescue gear,"
That includes oxygen tanks, emergency medical supplies and 700 feet of rope for rescues.

"This is unique equipment, it's industrial equipment, you're not going to be able to tote it around very easily. And you're not going to be able to pawn it because it's marked so well," Bardorf said.

Mountain Valley Fire Department Firefighting EMS Apparatus
Mountain Valley Fire Department (Left to Right) E365, Water Tender 265, Water Tender 65 (NEW) and Utility 65 (Medical Unit). Engine 165 and Squad 65 not pictured. — at Twin Valleys Resturant-with our beautiful mountain in the back-ground.
They also punctured the gas tank possibly to siphon the fuel. But it just leaked onto the asphalt.

Mountain Valley Fire Department is a volunteer fire department funded by donations from the community.
And this has angered the community.

"I think it's wrong because when we have a call whether it's medical fire or anything, they're the first ones on scene, the volunteers. And they're so courteous," said Leslie Westbrook, who works in Dunlap.

Bardorf reported the theft to the Fresno Sheriff's Office, which is investigating.

And he also posted it to Facebook, hoping that someone knows who is responsible.

"And I know that everybody up here with social media now knows somebody else, who knows about it, who might know about it, so we'll see how this goes," Bardorf said.

The volunteer fire department has taken precautions to try and make sure this doesn't happen again. And they have some backup supplies to respond to calls.

They hope the person who took the gear will return it.

If you know anything about the theft, you can call Greg Bardorf at his business, the Twin Valleys Restaurant at (559) 338-0160. Or call the Fresno Sheriff's Office or Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP. You can remain anonymous.

Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. Facebook
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