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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CA-LNU Wragg Fire: Lake Berryessa Major Wildfire

Wragg FireCA-LNU-Wragg Lake Berryessa Major Vegetation Fire 

All evacuations have been lifted

Update 8-1-15 0930: 8,051 acres, 95% contained. Transition to local unit planned for today.

Update 8-1-15 0930: 8,051 acres, 95% contained. Fire suppression repair continues.

Update 8-1-15 0930: 8,051 acres, 92% contained. Minimal fire activity. Fire suppression repair continues.

Update 7-31-15 1930: 8,051 acres, 92% contained.

Update 7-31-15 0730: 8,051 acres, 87% contained. All evacuations have been lifted. Soft road closure on Mix Canyon Road due to equipment access needs. Mop up continues. Acreage increase due to more accurate mapping.

Update 7-30-15 0730: 7,900 acres, 85% contained. All evacuations have been lifted.

Update 7-29-15 0730: 7,100 acres, 80% contained. Mandatory evacuations remain in effect for the Mix Canyon, Sky Ranch Road, Wild Horse Canyon Road and Blue Ridge Road areas.

Update 7-28-15 1730:  6,991 acres, 80% contained. New Evacuations with 400 additional acres of slop-over the lines for a new total of 6,991 acres Fire activity increased on the south portion of the fire, outside of initial containment lines. The fire remains within the original control objectives. The fire is established in Div Uniform in a drainage pilot says they need air tankers / Div A / M Mandatory evacuations for the Mix Canyon area , An order for 5 strike teams asap / Div U talk was has the fire crossed the containment line, ( didnt hear the update ) / Div P - the fire has lined up with the wind and about 100 ac could be more now, this is outside the containment line,/ fire is spotting ahead of the main fire now with mulitiple spots / IC is checking to see if they can get VLAT, / Fire is on the west side of wildhorse canyon and moving south towards pleasant valley,,

Update 7-28-15 0730: 6,591 acres, 80% contained. Continued mop-up and fire line suppression repair.

Update 7-27-15 1800: 6,591 acres 75% contained. Continued fire line suppression repair.

Update 7-26-15 1800: 6,591 acres, 65% contained. Reduced acreage due to improved mapping.

Update 7-26-15 0730: 6,900 acres, 60% contained. Fire continues to consime interior islands. Demobilization of excess resources ongoing.

Update 7-24-15 0730: 6,900 acres, 55% contained. All evacuation orders have been lifted. Terrain and access to the south and south west portion of the fire is hampering containment efforts.

Update 7-24-15 0730: 6,900 acres, 47% contained. Fire continues to consume interior islands. Steep rugged terrain hampers control. Evacuations remain in place for Quail Canyon, Sackett Lane and local campgrounds.

Update 7-24-15 1730: 6,900 acres, 30% contained. Highway 128 closure has been lifted. Evacuations remain in place for Quail Canyon, Sackett Lane and local campgrounds.

Update 7-24-15 0730: 6,900 acres, 20% contained. Fire behavior has moderated with increased RH and cooler temperatures.

Wragg Fire, Major Vegetation Fire
Wragg Fire: Lake Berryessa Now Major Wildfire with Evacuations
Credit: Sky7 HD

Update 7-23-15 1430: Evacuations are lifted for Golden Bear Estates Area

Update 7-23-15 1430: 6900 acres, 15% contained. Structure threat north of Highway 128 has diminished.

Update 7-23-15 1300: 6,710 acres, 5% contained. 

Update 7-23-15 0900: 6,000 acres, 0% contained. Acreage is estimated, due to lack of perimeter data and rapidly expanding incident. Fire is located in area which is in steep and rugged terrain, some of which is inaccessible. Shuttling of crews will need to be done by helicopter. ICP is set up at Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville. Fire behavior is extreme with long-range spotting. FMAG has been filed. 
Weather Concerns: Winds continue to hamper control efforts. Winds are WSW throughout the evening, remaining erratic. Thursday's weather prediction 82-87 degrees, RH mid20's with winds SW 8-13 mph with occasional gusts to 18 mph.
Current Incident Threat Summary and Risk Information: 12 hours: Communities of Golden Bear Estates, English Hills,& Winters
Critical Resource Needs: Crews, Dozers, Overhead, Engines
Infrastructure threats: include PG&E gas line, Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, State Highway, orchards, grazing lands.
Smoke: Heavy smoke drifting toward heavily populated areas.
Evacuation center is open in Winters Community Center. A large animal shelter is opened in Winters. Road Closures are in place.

Update 7-23-15 0900: 6000 acres, 5% contained. Extreme fire behavior with long range spotting. CALFIRE Type 1 Team IMT 6 (Estes) will assume command at 1800 hours today.

Update 7-22-15 2210: IMT 6 activated to the fire. New order for 2 any type /kind LG STs and 10 dozzers to Golden Bear Esatates north of SR. 128 just out side of winters. Spot across the creaek and SR 128 established evacuations in progress for the homes in the area.

Update 7-22-15 2200: Cal Fire Update: WRAGG FIRE
Wragg Fire Incident Information:
Last Updated: July 22, 2015 9:10 pm 
Date/Time Started: July 22, 2015 2:26 pm 
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit 
County: Napa County and Solano County 
Location: off of Hwy 128 near Greaves Rd, Lake Berryessa 
Acres Burned - Containment: 4,000 acres - 5% contained 
Structures Threatened: 150 
Evacuations: Quail Ridge Community under mandatory evacuations. Canyon Creek and Lake Solano Campgrounds have been evacuated. Hikers in Cold Canyon Area have been evacuated.

RED CROSS has opened an Evacuation Center at the Winters Community Center, 201 Railroad Ave, Winters, CA. A large animal evacuation center is opened at 29775 County Road 31, Winters, CA. 
Road Closures : Hwy 128 x Wragg Canyon 
Cause: While initially reported as a vehicle accident, the cause is under investigation. 
Cooperating Agencies: CAL FIRE, Napa County Fire, Winters FPD, Vacaville FPD, Vacaville City Fire, Napa County Sheriff, Solano County Sheriff, Yolo County Sheriff, CHP, RED CROSS, Napa County Roads, BLM and Bureau of Reclamation 
Total Fire Personnel: 380 
Total Fire Engines: 22 
Total Fire crews: 10 
Total Dozers: 11 
Total Water Tenders: 5 
Long/Lat: -122.1145/38.4994 
Conditions: Firefighters will continue to aggressively work through the night, providing structure defense and improving containment lines. The fire has remained consist, in traveling, at a rapid rate of spread. The terrain is brush covered, rugged and steep, with difficult access. Winds are erratic. Additional resources have been ordered. 150 structures threatened in the Quail Ridge Community. Road closure at Hwy 128 and Wragg Canyon to through traffic. RED CROSS has opened an Evacuation Center at the Winters Community Center, 201 Railroad Ave, Winters, CA. A large animal evacuation center is opened at 29775 County Road 31, Winters, CA.

Update 2000:  4000 acres / 5 % Contained. Air Tankers assigned AT-60,82,83,85,86,90,91,93,912. McClellan open for fuel and reload.

Update 1910: 2000 acres and 5% contained. Marin Type 3 IMT has been assigned.

Update 1830: 1100+ acres 5% contained, Req. 3 T1 Helos; 3 T2 Helos, 2 T3 Helos; 2 Helco. 10 eng. strike teams, 8 dozer

Update 1710: Per IC : Evac Quail Canyon Area; Fire will be there in less than an hour, 4 strike teams of engines and 2 strike teams of crews, immediate need.

Wragg Fire, CA-LNU-Wragg Lake Berryessa Major Vegetation Fire
Hand Crew Working Wragg Fire
Update 1700:  700 + acres, Per IC : Per AAburning into Pioneer Camp Area, will make it down to the Pleasants Valley Area tonight. 
Update 1630: 300 acres rapid spread, heavy spotting. Evacuations of campgrounds, TFR 5 nautical miles.
Update 1500: 25 acres, rapid ROS, 3 hikers rescued, no divert on 4 AT's 

Location: South end Lake Berryessa.

GPS: Latitude - Longitude : 38.500364,-122.106265
Fire Camp: Dixon Fair Grounds

ROS: Rapid
ROC: Fuel/Burning Conditions critical, Potential for Major Incident
Structure threat: Yes
Special Hazards: Hikers & Campgrounds Threatened
Resources: 15 Agency Engines, 10 Crews, 6AT plus additional local units,
Resource Orders: Open McClellan for reload, relief ASM for later

Communications: LNU East, Vfire 22, CDF Tac 5, 2, 4. Command moving to CDF Command 2 tone 13, Div Papa Pleasant Valley Road, CDF Tac 4, Branch 4 CDF tac 2
Cause: Vehicle Accident
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Agency Website:
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Webcam CBS:

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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