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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Argentina: Deposit Barracks Incident Multiple LODD Nine First Responders Dead At Least Six Injured In High Security Warehouse/Barracks Fire #RIP

Nine firefighters dead and six remain hospitalized in Buenos Aires City.

Update 6:30pm: 

Iron Mountain Press Release

Deposit Barracks Incident

Buenos Aires, February 5, 2014 - The fire today in our warehouse Barracks in the City of Buenos Aires is a tragic event and we are deeply saddened by the death of the brave first responders who immediately fought to save our personal and facilities.Accompany his family on this terrible loss and our thoughts are also with the other people who have been hospitalized to wish them a quick and complete recovery.
We also want to bring peace to the families of our employees, as all have been evacuated and are safe.
We are working on the investigation of the cause of the incident working closely with local authorities to investigate what happened. We respect this moment of pain and we can not speculate or talk about assumptions, the building was in line with local regulations and had a system of both detection and firefighting.
We will provide more information as it becomes available. We appreciate the patience and understanding as we work through this critical period.
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NOTE-It appears from various accounts that the Firefighters were at this wall when it came down:

(Telam) -. Died while battling the blaze that broke out on a bank deposit documents, Azara to 1,200. All internships are out of danger. names of the nine killed in the tragedy.
At least nine people were killed and seven others were injured during the fire and subsequent collapse of a deposit multinational Iron Mountain in the neighborhood of barracks, so the government declared two days of mourning, said the chief of staff, Jorge Capitanich.
The fire started at 8:30 in Azara 1245, where fire crews were Federal Police, Volunteer Fire and Civil Defence personnel who initiated the task to enter the tank in which medical, commercial and banking documentation is kept and movie files and sound, among other items.
Local residents and witnesses to the accident reported that the first collapse occurred when firefighters tried to open the door with a grinder storage plant, which buried several under the rubble. And on 15 minutes they began to drop three other walls.
Seven firefighters died initially and two others died after they had suffered serious injuries.
"I heard a noise, saw everything that moved and then came two landslides, I remember the cries of firefighters saw their comrades remain under the rubble," said one witness Telam.
Secretary of Homeland Security, Sergio Berni and his colleague Justice and Security Buenos Aires, Guillermo Montenegro, came early to the site to supervise the work and the owner of Same, Alberto Crescenti, coordinated the work of doctors and the transfer of the wounded to hospitals.
Six of the dead were firefighters from the Federal Police, another of a volunteer and two were agents Guard Relief of the City, They pointed the authorities.
The victims were identified as Damian Berni Veliz, Eduardo Conesa, Maximiliano Martinez Garnica Anahí and John Matthias Montecheli, I Barracks Fire Federal Police.
The list continues with the inspector Leonardo Arturo Commissioner Day, Department Head of Zone I of the Federal Fire AFP Superintendency.
Meanwhile, the health authorities of the city of Buenos Aires reported that other agents are deceased Sebastian Campo Volunteer Fire Vuelta de Rocha and José Luis Méndez and Pedro Baricola, Directorate General of Civil Defense.
Conesa belonged to the body of the Federal Police and served as a volunteer at the headquarters of Lanús Oeste, in the southern suburbs, the city reported that party.
Berni reported that seven firefighters injured by the collapse "Four were admitted to the hospital Churruca, one in the Argerich, which was operated during the morning and one in the Penna."
After noon, firefighters were able to completely smother the flames and afternoon 100 men were still working quarters 1 and 2 of the Superintendent of Fire, 50 of the Superintendent of Metropolitan Security, two fire engines and 20 firemen of San Telmo and 3 fire engines and 30 firefighters headquarters of La Boca.
Staff also participated in the work of Victim Assistance of the Federal Police, which made available a helicopter flying over the area, 30 ambulances Same and the head of the Federal Police, Roman Di Santo.
Fiscal Marcela Sanchez started in place actions on the incident.
The official Internet site reported that the company that owns the warehouse where the fire occurred was founded in 1951 in America as Iron Mountain Atomic Storage, and expanded with the purchase of other companies, mostly in the 80's.
In the 90s, the company was positioned globally and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, in 2000 he entered the Latin American market, and since 2006 a member of the rating agency Standard and Poor (S & P).
The services provided range from IRM protect "some of the most valuable pieces of history, cultural treasures, documents and medical records" to providing "unique solutions throughout the lifecycle of information and for all formats."
This has "high security installations, streamlined processes and a team of highly qualified professionals," said MRI this afternoon lamented in a statement "the tragic event," highlighted the work of "the brave rescuers," wanted "A prompt and complete "the wounded and pledged his support to research recovery. 

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