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Saturday, November 16, 2013

LAX JTF Joint Press Release LAX Active Shooter Incident

Joint Press Release LAX Incident 

Friday, November 1, 2013 was a tragic day for the community of Los Angeles and for professionals that have dedicated their lives to protecting others.

The life of TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez was taken when he and other TSA employees were targeted by alleged gunman Paul Ciancia at Los Angeles World Airport's Terminal 3. Hundreds of officers, firefighters, and paramedics responded to the incident and did their utmost to identify the nature of the incident, safely assist the injured, locate and apprehend the suspect.

Command officers and airport administrators were faced with a wide range of important objectives, including conducting a complete search to rule out additional gunmen or explosives, identifying and treating all injured victims, and coordinating the needs of the thousands of arriving and departing travelers that were impacted by the incident.

In the aftermath of an incident of such significance, we are rightfully evaluating where improvements can be made should we ever be faced with such an incident in the future.
Various statements have been made regarding the incident, some of which are untrue and others that merit serious consideration by our respective agencies.

Numerous actions are underway relative to this incident and the ensuing response. These include the federal criminal investigation, officer-involved-shooting investigation, and an After Action Workgroup that is rigorously analyzing all aspects of the multi- discipline response. 

The principal agencies involved in responding to the incident will await the findings of the After Action Workgroup, which will provide the best perspective from which to draw conclusions, make recommendations, or take other corrective action. 

Once the After Action Workgroup has completed its report, its key findings will be released to the extent permissible under State and Federal law. We ask for your patience as we move through this process.


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