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Monday, November 18, 2013

California Hot Shot Firefighter Hit And Killed By Carload of Hot Shot Firefighters #RIP #CaLaw #CaDUI?

 United States Forest Service Firefighter Killed In Terrible Roadway Accident

The accident claimed the life of  U.S. Forest Service Firefighter 32-year-old FF Michael P. Kelly II after he was reportedly struck by a car driven by a fellow member of his fire-fighting unit.

The incident  along Marysville Road about 20 miles north of Nevada City-and appears, at this point, to be a non-line of duty event.

Gruenberg, Kelly and all six other passengers in the Hyundai are reported to all be Firefighters for the Hotshots crew of the U.S. Forest Service in Yuba County. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing. Our condolences to all affected. RIP

When: Early Saturday morning in California just after 0100 hours 
Where: Marysville Road in Yuba County,  just west of Old Toll Road on Marysville Road, the California Highway Patrol reported.
Who: U.S. Forest Service Firefighter 32-year-old FF Michael P. Kelly II was hit and killed by a car that was driven by and overloaded with other U.S. Forest Service Firefighters.

Narrative: According to the CHP, another car that was heading east along Marysville Road, stopped after the driver saw a person lying in the westbound roadway. Seeing a 2002 Hyundai Accent driving right into where the person was lying, the other driver started flashing his high-beams.

However, the Hyundai - reportedly driven by 26-year-old San Diego resident (and FF) Andrew Gruenberg - kept on going and ran over the pedestrian!

CHP says that one of the 6 other passengers in the Hyundai - which is designed to only carry five passengers, including the driver - called 911 to report that they believe they had just run over an animal.

The Hyundai then eventually stopped two miles down the road, where just two of its passengers got off and into another car to drive back to the scene of the accident. They soon found that emergency personnel were at the scene, tending to the pedestrian who was hit by the Hyundai.

The pedestrian was 32-year-old FF Michael P. Kelly II. He suffered major blunt-force trauma to his head and torso and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The CHP believes that alcohol played a factor in the incident, but no arrests have been made as of Sunday night.

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