Layoffs of Milpitas Fire Department personnel occurred yesterday and a truck was taken out of service to offset an overtime budget deficit. However, previously stated plans to terminate four firefighters were revised.
"There will be three firefighters laid off," Milpitas Fire Chief Brian Sturdivant confirmed Monday.
The fire department funded one firefighter vacancy more than expected, based on seniority.
Regardless of one less layoff, the fire union's president this week said he opposes any staffing reductions actions he feels could potentially harm the safety of firefighters as well as citizens.
"I'm disagreeing with any layoffs," Steve King, president of the Milpitas International Association of Firefighters Local 1699, said.
With the loss of personnel, the city's four-station fire department will "brown out" a fire truck at the firehouse that sees the fewest calls for service in the city per year Station No. 4 at 775 Barber Lane. According to departmental records, Station No. 4 saw a total of 32 calls for service last December versus more than 110 calls for service for the same month at each of the city's three other fire stations.
"Truck 4 will be taken out of service, replaced at Station No. 4 by Truck 1, also effective on (Thursday)," Sturdivant said.
He added with two months remaining in the 2012-13 fiscal year, which ends June 30, the cost savings will be $80,000 to $100,000.