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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CA-BTU-Panther #Wildfire 6,964 acres 95% containment Containment expected tomorrow.

    Butte County Fires:
    Cal Fire is working on limited resources from county and state because they are not fully staffed for fire season levels yet. Cal Fire stated there is no threat of the fires merging at this time due to the distance between the fires.

    The fires are approximately 2 miles apart, and their cause is under investigation.
    Update 1630 5-7: 6,964 acres 95% containment  Containment expected tomorrow.
    Update 1630 5-7: 6,864, 80% contained.
    Update 0800 5-7: 6,864, 80% contained.
    Update 0800 5-6: 6,864, 80% contained. Isolated pockets of downed heavy fuels continue to hamper mop-up operations. Update 0800 5-6: 6864 acres, 60% contained, Containment expected May 9th. 40 Water Tenders working this fire
    Fire remains in the Mill Creek and Deer Creek drainages. There is no longer an imminent structure or infrastructure threat. The predicted and resulting thunderstorm activity during yesterday and last night had minimal impact on the fire due to the continued efforts of firefighters. Use of fire crews is still, and will be critical due to the rugged terrain. 
    Fire continues to burn in the Ishi Wilderness Area with slow growth due to MIST (Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics) tactics employed by US Forest Service Hotshot crews. The US Forest Service Hotshot crew’s aggressive work yesterday enabled the MIST tactics to be ahead of schedule.
     With favorable weather forecasted today, high humidity’s and low temperatures, the predicted containment date will be met.

    Road Closures: The area between Highway 32 and Highway 36 known as the Deer Creek and Mill Creek Recreation Area as well as the Ishi Wilderness are closed to the public. Highway 32 and Highway 36 will remain open but be aware of the heavy fire equipment traffic on those highways.

    Update 0800 5-5: 6,792 acres 40% contained. Fire continues to have short range spotting due to predicted instability and isolated thunderstorms. 
    Cedar Fire within the Panther incident is 72 acres and 100% contained.
    Update 0800 5-4: 6,648 acres, 30% contained. Threat remains to the private timber lands, Deer Creek and Mill Creek drainages. Additional threats are to archeological sites in the Ishi wilderness and McCarthy historic lookout.
    Update 0800 5-3: Total Fire Personnel: 1094 Firefighters
    Engines: 81 engines
    Fire crews: 32 Fire Crews
    Helicopters: 7 Helicopters
    Dozers: 14 Dozers
    Water tenders: 6 Water Tenders
    Conditions: Conditions are windy and dry. Burning in timber and timber slash. Moderate to rapid rate of spread in steep terrain. Fire is in the Mill Creek and Deer Creek drainages. There is no imminent structure or infrastructure threat. Fire is being driven by gusty down-canyon winds. Use of fire crews is critical due to rugged terrain.
    Fire activities will not impact planned activities at the fairgrounds this weekend.
    Update 0800 5-3: 6,393 acres, 10% contained. Decreased acreage due to updated mapping. Major spotting issues due to severely dry fuels. Major problems are remote access and steep terrain.

    Wildland Fire Perimeter and Hot Spot Map
    Update 1600 5-2: 10,000 acres, 10% contained. Threat to prime SPI and Collins Pine timber lands.  Current threats are to Deer Creek and Mill Creek drainages, threatened species, including spring run Chinook salmon and wilderness habitat.  Additionally, there are threats to archeological sites in the Ishi wilderness. 
    Update 2000 5-1: Currently burning at 300 acres with 0% containment at the 140K3 line South of Butte Meadows. Personnel include six hand crews, six dozers, six engines, three water tenders, and 15 overhead personnel. Total personnel is 141. No road closures, evacuations or structures threatened. two helicopters were providing support earlier this afternoon, but turbulent winds have caused unsafe conditions to execute air support.
    Update Noon: Panther Fire is 120-140 acres with 0% containment IC has ordered 6 dozers. Cal Fire has published a release stating the Panther Fire is burning a total of 100-120 acres, and the Cedar Fire 30 plus acres.
    Conditions remain very windy and dry, with burning timber and timber slash. The Panther Fire is anticipated to grow to several hundred acres. 

    Update 1130hrs: CalFire calling this the Panther Fire and give a 100 acre sizeup now.
    Update 1045: Approximately 60 acres.
    The fire was reported at 9:12 a.m. this morning near the 140 K line also south of Butte meadows at 20-30 acres. The fire is inside a clear cut but spotting outside that area. Current staffing is three overheads, eight engines, and one tender.

    Date/Time Started: May 1, 2013 9:12 am
    Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Butte Unit
    County: Tehama County
    Location: Northwest of Butte Meadows K-Line off of Hwy. 32, 140K3 Line, 8 miles northwest of Butte Meadows 
    IA:  9:12hrs; 20-30 acres. The fire is inside a clear cut but spotting outside that area. 
    ROC: Fire is burning in clear cut slash, spotting from clear cut to clear cut.
    Resources: 116 personnel, 16 engines, one air tanker, one helicopter, 40 water tenders and six overhead personnel
    Fuels:  Timber and timber slash.Radio Frequencies: 
    Weather Info: Very windy and dry
    Agency Website:
    Online Scanner:
    Live Video: 
    Web Cams:

    News: KHSLTV -

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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