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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CA-KRN/BLM-SAND #Wildfire 1400 acres, 50% No structures currently threatened.

California Fire News Tweets for this fire, follow at @CalFireNews

CAKRN/BLM-SAND-‪#WildFire‬ IC going to go indirect way out in front of fire before it gets into homes & Juniper, Pinon fuels ‪#Cafire‬

CA-BLM/KRN-SAND - AA -"Not enough dozers, everytime they get there they are out-flanked" ‪#Wildfire‬ ‪#CaFire‬

CA-BLM/KRN-SAND IC - "We keep jumping ahead but not enough ground forces" - 6 AT's assigned to fire. ‪#Wildfire‬ ‪#CaFireCA‬

CA-BLM/KRN-SAND ‪#Wildfire‬ Now Unified Command. ICP ‪#Loc‬ H-58 frontage rd. ExpECC now open. ‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN- SAND ‪#wildfire‬ East of Tehachapi, Sand Canyon Area. pre-evacuation orders Animal Control responding. ‪#Cafire‬

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#Wildfire‬ AA- "with the fire moving ahead the way it is, structure protection going to be issue later" ‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#Wildfire‬ IC wants dozer line to support retardant line "fire crawling out of the slime" light fast fuels ‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN- SAND ‪#wildfire‬ East of Tehachapi, Sand Canyon Area. Power-lines and Windmills in area, structures next canyon over‪ #CaFire‬

‪#Sandfire‬ AA req: 2 additional fixed wing "We will be having structure protection problems later" reg: AirCrane out of Porterville.‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN- ‪#SandFire‬ ‪#WildFire‬ 4 S-2's working fire 2 more ordered, AA - "This thing just keeps squirting out all over" ‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#WildFire‬ 1 T-1 helitanker working fire, 2 NG Helo's inbound, Spot fire has crossed road. ‪#CaFire‬

‪#SandFire‬ AA to AT "Heel of fire is highway, head is where all the fire & smoke is" "We are working down ridgeline road opposite side CL-2"

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#Wildfire‬ 500 acres, POO on SRA, Dozer going direct on head, H-707 working fire, AT-76 hitting it CL-3 ‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#Wildfire‬ 500 aces, 40+ Structure threats, 1st Dozers going indirect, AT's dropping now & returning …

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#wildfire‬ Could go big AT-73 12 mins out lead 6 on order, all AC orders filed, Dozers arriving, Overhead Ordered

CA-KRN-SAND ‪#wildfire‬ 10+ acres, wind driven, WB H-58 Near Sand Canyon, Highway 58 closed both directions lines down.‪#CaFire‬

CA-KRN/BLM-SAND Wildfire tweets July 17 2012 ending 15:00hrs

Updates:  Unified command Kern County, Highway 58 near Tehachapi, Highway 58 reopened to through traffic.
 Fire was started by boat trailer that lost a wheel, power poles burned that crossed over the highway Full containment is expected today, full control expected Friday.
 No structures currently threatened. The fire has destroyed one bridge, one uninhabited structure, and twenty-one power poles.
Basic Information
Incident Name: Sand Fire - CA-KRN-22306
Incident Time: 01:00:00 PM
Incident Date: 07-17-2012
Incident Location: Tehachapi
Incident Type: Wildland Fire
Resources Used: Air Tankers, Helicopters, Dozers, Type 1, 2, 3, & 4 Engines, Hand Crews, & Overhead
Number of Personnel: 512
Assisting Agencies: BLM, Cal Fire, Cal City Fire, L.A. County Fire, U.S.F.S., KSCO, CHP, So Cal Edison
Cause: Accidental
Official Narrative: Tehachapi, CA: At approximately 1:00 PM on July 17th 2012, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a vegetation fire near Sand Canyon Road and Highway 58.
 On arrival, firefighters were faced with a fast moving fire burning in light grass and brush along west bound Highway 58, one mile east of Sand Canyon Road. 
Additional firefighting resources were requested from the Bureau of Land Management, Cal Fire, California City Fire, Los Angeles County Fire, and the U.S. Forest Service to help battle the blaze.
 The Sand Fire has burned approximately 1400 acres and is 50% contained.
 The fire had potential to grow to between six and eight thousand acres however with additional air resources firefighters have been able to halt the forward progression of the fire.
 Forty structures were originally threatened in the community of Sand Canyon, but with the assistance of six air tankers, five helicopters, six dozers and over five hundred and twelve firefighters the community was saved. 
The fire has destroyed one bridge, one uninhabited structure, and twenty-one power poles. 
A local interagency type three incident management team has been implemented to manage the fire by using local agreements in order to reduce fire suppression costs. 
With favorable conditions, the fire is estimated to have full containment by Wednesday and full control by Friday. 
The cause of the fire was accidental in nature and was attributed to a wheel coming loose from a boat trailer being towed along Highway 58. 
There have been no reported injuries to firefighters or civilians.
 Assistance is being received from the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, and Southern California Edison. 

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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