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Thursday, July 5, 2012

ALCO: New Tiller Ladder Truck Delivered

Alameda Fire Department Takes Delivery of New, Tractor-drawn Aerial Ladder Truck

Almost one month to the date that Alameda voters rejected a sales tax increase that would have spent new revenues on equipment purchases for the Alameda Fire Department, the Department took delivery of a new tractor-drawn aerial ladder truck.
The City of Alameda and the Alameda firefighters union lobbied voters heavily to pass Measure C on June 5th, saying that it would fund the replacement of aging police and fire vehicles.
On Tuesday, the Alameda Fire department took delivery of the new ladder truck which includes a seat for a “tiller operator” at the rear of the vehicle. This rear steering capability improves maneuverability of the vehicle on narrow streets.
The truck was budgeted for in the 2012 fiscal year budget, and replaces an aerial ladder truck at Fire Station #1. Vehicles that are replaced typically go into a reserve fleet managed by the Department.
Training for the new truck model began earlier this year with a loaner vehicle from the San Francisco Fire Department. The new Alameda truck made its debut in yesterday’s Fourth of July parade, and is expected to be put into service later this year.


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