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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cal EMA: 2011 Tsunami Awareness Week March 21-26

*The following news release was issued by Cal EMA on Monday, March 21, 2011.*

Cal EMA Announces 2011 Tsunami Awareness Week March 21-26

SACRAMENTO – Today, California Emergency Management Agency Acting Secretary Mike Dayton announced March 21-26 as Tsunami Awareness Week.

“Certainly, the catastrophic disaster in Japan brings to light the need to prepare ourselves and our families for all hazards,” said Acting Secretary Dayton. “I encourage all Californians to join me in setting aside time this week, during Tsunami Awareness Week, to educate themselves on the potential risks we face.”

As part of Cal EMA’s overall awareness and education strategy, Acting Secretary Dayton testified before the Senate Select Committee on Earthquake Preparedness. Dayton provided Senator Corbett and other Committee members a demonstration of Cal EMA’s “My Hazards” website.

“The ‘My Hazards’ page is an integral first step for all Californian’s to develop their own personal preparedness strategy,” said Dayton. “This small investment of time could have tremendous effect on your family.”

More Information: To access the Cal EMA My Hazards page and to find out more information on tsunami readiness resources, visit
National Weather Service website:

Original Source: CALEMA Link Cal EMA Announces 2011 Tsunami Awareness Week March 21-26

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