Monday, August 17, 2009

Yuba Base Camp at Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds

I found out this morning that the base camp for the Yuba Fire was set up at the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City rather than somewhere up the hill towards the town of Dobbins. My guess is that they've put the base camp at the fairgrounds because there's a lot more room for the trucks and the firefighters and the equipment to house and feed them. From what I understand, there is a staging area up in the town of Dobbins, but I decided not to go up there and get in the way.

The first few pictures are of the entrance to the fairgrounds and some of the tents that have been set up on the lawns for use by the crews. I'm not going to "narrate" all the images... I'm sure you folks can figure out what the pictures are of... Especially if you are part of the crews that I spoke to out there.

And to the Reno crew on the truck above; Next time I spot you fellows, I'll make sure I have my boots with me... lol

After leaving the fairgrounds I found another strike team.. This one found a local coin operated car wash across the street from a fuel stop... I couldn't resist taking some shots of the trucks and the fellows there.
They really wanted to make sure that I got a shot that showed their engine number... And they wanted me to be sure to show off their new engine.

Thank you to all the folks out at the fairgrounds (and at the car wash). I am sure you were all tired and hungry and ready for relief, but you took the time to talk to me, and to smile and joke around with me. You're all heros in my book.............


  1. great pictures. I've been listening to Air and ground of the Yuba fire on my scanner. They all did a good job fighting this fire.

  2. I pray that God watches over all of our brave firefighters. My son is on a hotshot crew and for the very first time I realize the danger these brave men and women face in fighting a wildland fire.


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