Sunday, August 16, 2009

California Fire News and Notes: 22 new fires

National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity:
Light (129 new fires)
New large fires:
0 (*)
Large fires contained:
Uncontained large fires :
** 19
Area Command Teams committed:
NIMOs committed:
Type 1 IMTs committed:
Type 2 IMTs committed:

Nationally, there are 101 large fires being managed with minimal or no resource commitment that are not shown on today’s report.

** Uncontained large fires do not include confine/contain and
resource benefit incidents. **

A Type 1 Incident Management Team (Molumby) is assigned to the Terrace Mountain fire north of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Twenty smokejumpers are assigned to Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Northern California Area (PL 4)

New fires: 22
New large fires: 0
Uncontained large fires: 6
Type 1 IMTs committed: 2

Lockheed - The Lockheed Incident, CA-CZU is 6,843acres, and 50 percent contained, San Mateo-Santa Cruz Unit, Cal Fire. Cal Fire IMT1 (Hutchinson). Four miles northwest of Boulder Creek, CA. Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with torching and spotting. Residences threatened. Evacuations in effect.
SHU Lightning (3 fires) - The SHU Lightning Incident, CA-SHU is 17,623 acres, and 90 percent contained., Shasta-Trinity Unit, Cal Fire. Cal Fire IMT1 (Wenham). Three miles northeast of Burney, CA. Timber. Smoldering and creeping.
Corral - CA-SCU is approximately 12,500 acres, and 85 percent contained. Santa-Clara Unit, Cal Fire. Eighteen miles east of Pleasanton, CA. Oak, brush and grass. Active fire behavior.
Yuba - The Yuba Incident, CA-NEU is reported at 2,200 acres, and 15 percent contained., Nevada-Yuba Placer Unit, Cal Fire. Three miles northeast of Dobbins, CA. Timber, chaparral and grass. Active fire behavior with torching and spotting. Powerhouse and transmission lines threatened. Communities of Dobbins and Oregon House threatened. Evacuations in effect.
The Fairfield Incident, CA-LNP is 1,400 acres, and 30 percent contained. This fire is being managed for resource benefit

Southern California Area (PL 2)
New fires: 22
New large fires: 0
Uncontained large fires: 1
Type 1 IMTs committed: 2

La Brea - LA BREA CA-LPF-002631 85,686 acres [848 is SRA], 60% contained. increase in acreage due to burnout operation. Two structures destroyed., Los Padres NF. Unified Command between IMT1 (Pincha-Tulley) and Cal Fire IMT1 (Lewin). Twenty one miles east of Santa Maria, CA. Chaparral and grass. Active fire behavior. Numerous structures threatened.

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