Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Fires Mapped On Google - California Firestorm 2007

California Fires Mapped On Google

Twelve great Google map sources covering the California Firestorm

Google Maps team list of Google Maps:

These maps created specifically for the wildfires in Southern California
Use these great maps Cal Fire News certainly will!
I have been working on Google maps for this news blog for months now and this new resource will save time and effort that will be much better used getting the facts in disaster situations and clarity during information overload and let the map makers do their thing..
This amazing technology which always seems to be improving will change everything in emergency incident reporting! Its like hiring a in house map team! and hundreds of eyes in the field and will save CAL FIRE NEWS a lot of time and effort and result in even more timely emergency incident reporting.

The devastating Fires have burned more than 373,000 acres of land; 350,000 homes have been evacuated. Lots of people have pulled together to make maps with information about the fires, including the burn zones, evacuation alerts, evacuation centers, safe areas, and closed roads. Here's a list of some of the most widely-used fire maps that Google Maps team is aware of.

(1) San Diego County Fires - KPBS is updating this map every 5 to 15 minutes with the latest information on the spread of the fire. It appears to be one of the most up-to-date and includes lots of information about evacuation alerts and evacuation centers. It also shows burn zones drawn on the map.

(2) Los Angeles Times 10-23-07 Fires - Includes status updates on each of the fires, including the number of acres burned, percentage contained, the amount of property damage, injuries and evacuations. The LA Times is updating this quite frequently.

(3) Wildfires in Southern California - Fire status updates, closed roads, evacuation alerts, and photos by the Los Angeles Daily News.

(4) San Diego Under Siege: Witch Creek and Harris Fires info and maps - This map is focused on the Witch Creek and Harris fires. It appears to have been created by someone who lives in the area who is updating the map as more news appears on TV.

(5) Fire Updates and Road Closures - This map is specifically about the fires in Santa Clarita, including road closures, burn zones, property damage, and injures.

(6) Witch Creek Fire - This one is specifically about the Witch Creek fire. It doesn't seem to be getting updated as frequently now; apparently the creator had to leave.

(7) The Orange County Register - Updates from the Register on each of the fires, including evacuated areas, start time, origin, property damage, etc.

(8) Wildfire Photos - Photos from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

(9) Wildfire Videos - Videos from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

(10) 2007 Wildfires - Burn zones and evacuation centers from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

(11) Los Angeles Times 10-22-07 Fires - Fire news from yesterday by the Los Angeles Times.

(12) Malibu Wildfire Info From - Specific information about the fires in Malibu. Updates are based on news from the TV and web.

Link: Official Google map Blog: Southern California fire maps
From Official Google Blog:
Source: Google Blog - Southern California fire maps


  1. What about Northern California?

  2. yes, we here in northern california have fires just like the folks in so cal. Like the pine fire now burning near the geysers in northern cal. that being said there is still no mention of the fire here...


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