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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stockton Fire Department Fallen Firefighters Memorial Desecrated

Stockton Fire Department Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Graffiti Damage

It was a busy weekend for the Stockton Fire Department.

 While firefighters responded to six working structure fires, several vehicle accidents (pulling two victims from one on HWY 4), extinguishing almost a dozen vegetation fires, successfully assisting PD in the surface rescue of a fleeing suspect, providing ALS paramedics to a shooting at Oak Park and several other stabbings and assaults, and responding to literally hundreds of others calls- while all that was happening....

The hallowed ground that is The Fallen Firefighters Memorial was desecrated and graffiti spray painted and tagged- this is an incredible insult to our servicemen who literally put their lives in jeopardy every day; and to the memorial that symbolizes the remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the citizens and City of Stockton.

Firefighters worked diligently to remove the paint yesterday, but could not get it all. Fortunately (or unfortunately that they had to be there at all), the company Stockton Monuments was scheduled to replace the main plaque (previously stolen) and happen to be on scene. The employees and owner went above and beyond to assist in chemically treating the graffiti, pressure washing, and removing all paint- in time for our Academy Graduation tomorrow.
Stockton Fire Department Fallen Firefighters Memorial
All cleaned up

We want to thank Stockton Monuments for their service- we can not express how much it means to us to keep this monument clean. Our current Fire Academy detoured their morning run to put the finishing touches on the clean up. Our firefighters are proud to see her shine again.

Info and Pictures from Stockton Firefighters Facebook
Stockton Firefighters Local 456

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