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CA-CND- ‪#‎ChimneyFire‬, CA-CND-001134, Chimney Peak Wilderness Wildfire [NEW PERIMETER & HOTSPOT MAP]

#ChimneyFire - CA-CND- Chimney Fire, CA-CND-001134, Tulare County - Chimney Peak Wilderness, 15 miles northeast of Kernville in FRA

CA-CND- Chimney Fire Topographic Map
The Chimney Fire was reported to the Bureau of Land Management at approximately 3:30pm on June 1st in the area of Chimney Peak campground.
Location: Northeast of Onxy,  Chimney Peak Wilderness area , 9-mile Canyon Road., 10 miles west of the 395 just northwest of Pearsonville.
GPS: Lat 35 50.068 by 118 02.405
IA: 3115, BC-41,C-1, C-40, C-8, E-3133, E-3147, E-43, PT-42, SQF H-523, WT-4

Start Time: 15:35 Hrs 

Closures: The fire is burning in an area adjacent to the Pacific Crest Trail, and the trail is closed between Highway 178 and Kennedy Meadows Chimney Peak/Canebreak Road is closed to all traffic. Nine Mile Rd is open only to local residents and fire vehicles only.


6/5/2015 0900: Threat to SRA, Approximately 3,000+ acres, 0% contained. The Southern California Geographic Area Coordination Center (OSCC) reported that the fire has the potential to burn 10,000 to 35,000 acres.
  • · Fire Behavior extreme, rapid rate of spread
  • · Potential for 10,000 – 35,000 acres.
  • · Burning toward the Ventana Wilderness

6/4/16 0900 hrs: 1826 acres, 65% Contained
Central Sierra Type 2 IMT (Mills) in command
  • The fire burned into the Chimney Peak and Owens Wilderness areas.
  • Pacific Crest Trail will tentatively open today at 1800 hours.
  • Canebrake Rd closed from Highway 178 to 9 Mile Rd.
  • Significant resource demobilization will begin today.
  • Federal commitment of air and ground resources.
6/3/16 1900 hrs: 65% containment of total 1,826 acres.The Pacific Crest Trail will open at 1800 hours (6pm) tomorrow evening, pending no further threat to containment lines.
6/3/16 0830 hrs: 1826 acres, 33% Contained
FRA - Central Sierra Type 2 IMT (Mills) in command
  • Pacific Crest Trail closed from Highway 178 to Kennedy Meadows.
  • Canebrake Rd closed from Highway 178 to 9 Mile Rd.
  • MIST tactics are being utilized in Wilderness areas.
  • Federal commitment of air and ground resources.
6/2/16 1850 hrs: 1826 acres, 30% Contained
Central Sierra Type 2 IMT (Mills) has assumed command
Pacific Crest Trail closed from Highway 178 to Kennedy Meadows.
Canebrake Rd closed from Highway 178 to 9 Mile Rd.
Limited water resources, long turn around for water tenders.
Federal commitment of air and ground resources.

6/2/16 1000 hrs: 1010 acres, 0% Contained Type 3 IC (Watkins) in command
Type 2 Incident Management Team (Mills) mobilized.
Threat to Chimney Peak Wilderness, Owens Peak Wilderness, Domelane Wilderness,
Chimney Fire Station, and communities of Chimney and Kennedy Meadows.
Evacuations for community of Chimney Peak are in place.
Air Support needed due to inaccessibility of the fire.
6/1/16 2200 hrs: Central Coast IMT2 (Mills) mobilized
1000 acres, 0% Contained
Moderate rate of spread
Wx: 85°, 24 %RH, 05 mph, W
Federal air and ground resources and CAL FIRE air resources assigned, with Currently 7 tankers at Porterville. 3 S2s and 4 heavies. Tankers 01, 10, 131, 160, 72, 76 and 78.

6/1/16 2000 hrs:  650+ acres 
6/1/16 1900 hrs: 3 Charlie Strike Teams ordered/pending in addition to 5210C and the Inyo S/T.
6/1/16 1800 hrs: 600+ acres pushing to the North/Northeast, Type 2 team on order, 2 Bravo strike teams, 2 type 2 copters, 2 type ones

6/1/16 1700 hrs: 250 acres, spotting, more resource orders pending, Kern Strike Team 5210C responding B7, E314, E363, E345, E336, E376
6/1/16 1600hrs: 200 acres, spotting, short range crowning, 12 feet flames lengths, very high spread potential

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