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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coffee Break Training: Getting the Most From the U.S. Fire Administration Daily National Operations Brief

Coffee Break Training: Getting the Most From the USFA's Daily National Operations Brief

Learning Objective: The student will be able to get daily in-depth information and/or updates on national incidents/events and weather. (PDF 127 KB)

Graphic NOAA / NWS
This graphic is generated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration through the National Weather Service at the following hyperlink:
 The U.S. Fire Administration’s Daily National Operations Brief provides a snapshot of the day’s incidents/events and weather that is occurring nationally. It provides an opportunity to know what is going on with a quick glance. Readers can expand their knowledge by using the hyperlinks imbedded throughout the brief’s two pages. The hyperlinks provide more details about important aspects of the day’s weather, news and health. 

USFA Daily National Operations Brief Sample First Page
 U.S. Fire Administration’s Daily National Operations Brief
Sample First Page

 These hyperlinks can be used throughout the day to see items as they are updated, even into the next news cycle. Weather hyperlinks are provided for fire, space, tropical activity, daily outlook and current watches/ warnings, which are shown along with a hyperlink. When appropriate, they are provided for rainfall/flood stages, tornado chances, snowfall accumulations and satellite imaging. 

This interactive graphic depicts national weather hazards for the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii; there are also links to weather hazards for American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands. The legend identifies the warning associated with each color on the map; clicking on the warning provides information on all the affected areas. If your concern is specific, just click on that area within the map graphic, and the specific warning(s) for that location will be provided. 

Health information hyperlinks include seasonal influenza; the latest health alerts from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (News & Perspective section); and the World Health Organization (global alert and response disease outbreak news). When information is needed on a new health concern/outbreak, sources are located, and hyperlinks are provided (i.e., bird flu; Zika virus; Ebola virus). Also, two hyperlinks are provided concerning recalls, one from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the other from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These hyperlinks include listings of latest recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts. 

When you need to know more or have extra time, click on the hyperlink! If you do not already receive this brief and you wish to subscribe or download, please go to

U.S. Fire Administration Daily National Operations Brief
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