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Monday, August 10, 2015

CA-RRU Anza Fire, Riverside County Vegetation Fire Burning Into The Forest with Evacuations

Anza Fire CA-RRU-90069, Riverside County


08/10/2015 1400: CAL FIRE/Riverside County Firefighters, with the assistance of USFS San Bernardino responded to reports of a motor home fire that spread to the vegetation in the area of Highway 74 east of Highway 371 in Anza. The Anza Air Attack report a vegetation fire twenty five plus acres in size, with a moderate to rapid rate of spread, heavy fuels, with the potential of 1,000 plus acres. Currently there is no structure threat. CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire is in unified command with the USFS San Bernardino. There is a road closure being placed on Highway 74 at Highway 371 from the Palm Desert side. Only residents will be allowed access. For further information on road closures please contact CHP at
Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

Evacuations as of 08/10/2015 1400: Per CAL FIRE RRU Homes east of Paradise Valley Café are under evacuation orders. Residences on the following streets: Hialeah Wy/Pimlico Dr/Arlington Rd/Paradise Dr/Church Hill 

Update 08/11/2015 0800: 487 acres - 20% contained, The evacuation center at Hamilton High School has been closed. All persons who were evacuated have sheltered in place. 

Second head taking off, Anza Fire yesterday north of Hwy 74 east of Garner Valley, San Bernardino National Forest / Riverside County CA.
Update 08/10/2015 1845: 300 acres, brush, 10% contained
Incident in Unified Command (CAL FIRE, USFS-BDF) 
Structures threatened.Evacuations of residents in progress. 
Highway 74 will be closed from Palm Desert City limits to State Route 371.

Update 08/10/2015 1745: IC reports AnzaFire 500 acres Southern flank holding at retardant line, North flank in heavy fuels, lots of open line N, M Zulu, couple acres of slopovers, left flank looking good, good dozer country till oak canopy.

Update 08/10/2015 1730: Some spot fires, VLAT 912 Reloaded and heading back to the incident. Tommorow IC requesting two Type 1's, two Type 2, and all currently assigned helicopters.

Update 08/10/2015 1400: 500 acres, down to 10% on containment, Three firefighters suffered minor injuries while fighting fire. All three were transported by ground ambulance to area hospitals.

Update 08/10/2015 1400: Per AA Right flank is becoming established. Fire crossed bull canyon will be 150+ acres shortly.

Update 08/10/2015 1330: Per AA 75 acres MROS, one to one and a half hours to structures. VLAT coming from Oregon. BDF has assigned 12E4/12K4 BDF PIO CH1 CNF E21 CNF E338 CREW 5 E32 E34 E35 E3646 E50 E56 E57 PT54 PT57 WT56
CNF- E338

Update 08/10/2015 1200: 30+ acres, BDF 2nd alarm

Highway 74 east of Highway 371
Acres: 25
IA ROS: Rapid
IA ROC: Pushing onto the Forest, potential for 1000+, Structures threat in a few hours.
Structure threat: Not currently
Cause: Vehicle(Motor Home) fire extended to vegetation
Special Hazards:
IA Resources: 7 total tankers, 5? helos, 1 type 1 helo.
Helibase being established at Lake Hemet

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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