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Saturday, July 25, 2015

‪CA-NEU Lowell Fire‬ - Major Vegetation Fire - Gold Run, Placer County [MAP]

Lowell Fire‪ CA-NEU Lowell Fire - Gold Run, Placer County

All evacuation advisories have been lifted


08/09/2015 0800: 2304 Acres 92%, No new damage to structures occurred this reporting period. 
Lowell Fire 8-9-15

08/05/2015 0800: 2,304 Acres 88%, All evacuation advisories have been lifted, some road closures still in place. 

08/03/2015 0800: 2,304 acres, 85% contained. Transition to local unit planned for today.

08/02/2015 0800: 2,304 acres, 80% contained. Fire suppression repair continues.

08/01/2015 0800:
 2,303 acres, 75% contained. Smoldering fire behavior with backing fire in small interior islands. Fire suppression repair continues.

07/31/2015 1930: 2,303 acres, 75% contained.

07/31/2015 0700: 2,303 acres, 75% contained. The fire continues to smolder and back into small interior islands.
Lowell Fire Hotspot Map
Lowell Fire Hotspot Map
Lowell Fire - ‪ CA-NEU Lowell Fire- Gold Run, Placer County

Lowell Fire - ‪ CA-NEU Lowell Fire- Gold Run, Placer CountyCredit: 

Lowell Fire Hot Spot Map
Update 7-30-15 1100:  2,303 acres, 60% contained. Creeping and smoldering fire behavior. Evacuation advisories remain in effect. Road closures remain in effect

Update 7-29-15 1100: 2,303 acres, 45% contained. Fire behavior was moderate with poor overnight humidity recovery. Evacuation warnings and advisories remain in effect.

Update 7-28-15 1830: 2,302 acres, 40% contained. Slope and wind-driven runs occurred today along with torching and short range spotting.

Update 7-28-15 0900: 2,233 acres, 30% contained. The fire was active through the night with multiple uphill runs, group torching and short crown runs. Poor humidity recovery, moderate winds contributed to increased fire behavior overnight.

Update 7-27-15 1900: 1,521 Acres, heavy brush and timber, 5% Contained
South Central Sierra Interagency IMT (Cooper) is in command.
Evacuations remain unchanged.
Madera County Road 274 was reopened today at 1200.

Update 7-27-15 0900: 1,700 acres, 20% contained. Fire continued to burn actively through the night There was torching and short range crown runs creating short range spotting.

Update 7-26-15 1900: 1,500 acres, 15% contained. Increased afternoon fire activity with terrain driven runs.

Update 7-26-15 0900: 1,500 acres, 0% contained. Expected increased fire behavior as inversions lifts. Structures remain threatened with evacuation orders in place. CAL FIRE IMT1 (Gouvea) assumes command today.

Update 7-25-15 1900: 4,000 acres,  burning along Steep Hollow Creek Terrain. Helibase at Blue Canyon Airport being opened. Now 600 firefighters including 55 engines, 9 airtankers, 9 copters & 13 crews on the lines.

Per Cal Fire PIO Daniel Berlant: Investigators are asking the public’s help in looking for a vehicle of interest that was in the area when the fire started. The vehicle is a lifted 4x4 white jeep wrangler without a top, a black roll bar and no front doors that was in the Gold Run/Dutch Flat area around 2:30pm. Anyone with information should contact the Placer or Nevada County Sheriff’s Department.

Update 7-25-15 1830: 3,000 acres, 0% contained. Crown fire with long range spotting. Structure threat continues with evacuations.

Update 7-25-15 1700: 3000 acres. Type 1 Team pending in ROSS. VLAT 911 now enroute to the Fire from WA State

Update 7-25-15 1700: 1500 acres, numerous areas of structure threats. Still spotting. Big resource orders including 8 Gulf ST's, 10 Charlie ST's, 4 DIVS requested. East side of Cascade Shores is being evacuated, along with areas east. Lowell Hill Rd closed at SR-20. Quaker-Hill closed at Pasquale Rd

Update 7-25-15 1615:  PCSO advises heavy spot fires in Cascade Shores area. Stating needs to evacuate area.

Lowell Fire

Update 7-25-15 1600:  450 acres, Rapid rate of spread, Evacuations, Potential large incident. 2 type 1 copters, 2 type 2 copters, 1 additional VLAT. Grass Valley AAB out of power, can't pump retardant. 
Update 7-25-15 1515: 100 acres, 0% contained burning in timber. Fire is located 2 miles northwest of Gold Run. Rapid rates of spread. Powerlines are threatened.

Location: Gold Run, CA - Lowell Hill Road and Chicago Park Powerhouse Road, Alta (Placer County)
Acres: 20-35
ROS: Rapid
ROC: 20-35 acres.

Fuel Model: Heavy Timber (Grass and Understory) 
Structure threats: not currently threatened
Special Hazards: High voltage power lines.

Resources: Air Attack just requested VLAT, in addition to 3 S-2s and the DC-7 from Chico.
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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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