Friday, July 31, 2015

CA-HUU Humboldt Lighting Complex 70 Wildfires

Humboldt Lighting Complex CA-HUU Humboldt Lighting Complex

Numerous lighting starts Humboldt County, Complex consists of 70 fires, with 18 fires uncontrolled. Fire presents Immediate threat to the community of Blocksburg.

Updates as available:
08/10/2015 0830: 4,665 acres - 50% contained (over 70 fires) There are 7 active fires ranging in size from 147 to 1,560 acres, for a total of 4,665 acres burned. Fire growth is not anticipated on the Blocksburg , Bluford, Dobbyn, Steelhead, Wildcat or Winchester Fires.
 Fires are burning in steep, rugged terrain with poor access and heavy timber fuels. Fires threaten Mount Lassic Wilderness, as well as commercial timberland. Much of the timberland is owned by small timberland and rangeland owners, who rely on timber and range revenue for a steady source of income. Fires threaten habitat for threatened and endangered species.
 There are several additional fires burning near the Humbodlt Complex in United States Forest Service jurisdiction

08/05/2015 0830: 3702 Acres 30%  Firefighter safety is a concern due to steep rugged terrain and long distances between fires, which compounds firefighter fatigue. Driving conditions are further impacted by smoke and cattle traffic
08/03/2015 0830: 2,692 acres, 15% contained. Six fires remain uncontained. Concern remains that additional new fires will be detected today. Evacuation advisory remains in place for the community of Blocksburg.
08/02/2015 0830: 1,200 acres, 10% contained. Complex consists of 70 fires, of which 10 fires are now uncontrolled. Evacuation advisory for the community of Blocksburg.
08/01/2015 1930: 1,000 acres, 5% contained. Complex consists of 70 fires, with 18 fires uncontrolled. Immediate threat to the community of Blocksburg.07/31/2015 1930: 900 acres, 5% contained. 
07/31/2015 1930: 200 acres, 20% contained. Type 3 organization in place.

Location: Fires are located near Bridgeville, Alderpoint and Zenia. Humboldt county.

For information on the USFS fires contact: 530-628-0039.  

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