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Friday, July 24, 2015

CA-CNF Cutca Fire Southeast of Temecula, Northside Of Palomar Mountain, San Diego County

Cutca Fire CA-CNF-002466 San Diego County, Southeast of Temecula Cleveland National Forest, Cutca Trail, Palomar Mountain

Update 7-29-15 0800: 167 Acres, 75% Contained. Incident has transitioned to a CNF Type 3 organization (Forster/ Hill) today at 0600. A close out with Wakoski is planned for 1000.

Update 7-28-15 0800: 167 Acres, 75% Contained. SOCAL IMT #3 Wakoski remains in command of the incident SOCAL IMT #3 is tentatively scheduled to transition with a local Type 3 organization Wednesday, July 29th at 0600.

Update 7-27-15 0800: 167 Acres, 50% Contained
SOCAL IMT #3 Wakoski remains in command of the incident

Update 7-26-15 1900: 167 Acres, 50% Contained
SOCAL IMT #3 Wakoski remains in command of the incident

Update 7-26-15 0800 167 Acres, 20% Contained
SOCAL IMT #3 Wakoski remains in command of the incident.

Update 7-25-15 1100 SOCAL IMT #3 Wakoski held and in briefing and transition meeting today, ICP established as 38000 Hwy 79 Vail Lake, Temecula

Update 7-25-15 0900 200 Acres, 2% Contained
SOCAL IMT #3 Wakoski has been mobilized. 

Update 7-24-15 2100  200 acres; 0 percent contained.

Update 7-24-15 1900 75-100 acres per CNF, Aircraft order for day shift, 1AA, 4AT's, 4 type 2 Helo, 2 type 1 HT's.

Update 7-24-15 1800 60 acres limited road access per local media.IC request Fed Type 2 team.

Update 7-24-15 17:40 45+ acres, RROS, IC requested 4 dozers intimidate need to the observatory
Cutca Fire
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Update 7-24-15 17:40 25-30 Acres Moderate to Rapid ROS in heavy fuels, AA request a total of 6 tankers at this time.

Update 7-24-15 17:35 MVU just toned out ST 9333C. STL 3315, E3381,3357,3377,3398,3385 for structure defense at Palomar Observatory.
Update 7-24-15 17:30 Per AA 3-5 acres MROS, IC just requested 2 strike teams for structure protection at the observatories.

Location: North side Of Palomar Mountain
IA Acres: 1
ROS: Slow
ROC: Cutca AA states 1 acre in heavy fuels with Slow ROS
Structures  threat: Yes
Special Hazards:
Resources: Multiple resources from Cal Fire RRU, MVU, CNF and BDF
Radio Frequencies: CNF Forest Net
Weather Info: IA RAWS 78 degrees, 25 %, 4 mph West/SouthWest winds with gusts of 10 sitting at 5486'.
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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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