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Friday, July 11, 2014

CA-SQF Nicolls Fire, Scodie Mountains Kern County 1,178 acres, 5% contained.

Nicolls Fire, CA-SQF-2381 Kelso Valley, Kern County 
#NicollsFire is south of Hwy 178, just east of Onyx, west of Canebrake, burning south. Scodie Mountains  - Kiavah Wilderness, Lake Isabella

Update 7-13 0800 hrs: 1,178 acres, 5% contained.
Central Sierra Type II IMT (Cooper)Areas of the fire burned actively throughout the night. 
Steep rocky terrain with very limited access and high winds are a concern for crews accessing the fire. 
All crew access will be by rotary wing aircraft. Crews will spike and use coyote tactics.
The fire continues to move northeast towards the Jack fire of 1997.
Current Temp. 74.3 °, 44% RH, wind ENE at 1.1 mph,
Expected high 107° with scattered thunderstorms possible. Strong downdrafts may occur in area of thunderstorms.
 Update 7-12 1800 hrs: 1,078 acres, 5% contained.Central Sierra Type II IMT (Cooper) assumed command of the fire at 1800 hours today.
The fire is burning in fuel model 6; pinyon and juniper with sagebrush understory with some grass intermixed.
During the night the fire is primarily wind and terrain driven.
Only access for crews is via helicopters.
Threats McIvers Cabin within 48 hours, and to Cap Canyon, Walker Pass, in 72 hours.
Update 7-12 0800 hrs: 900 acres, 0% contained
Central Sierra Type II IMT (Cooper) mobilized
A transition meeting is scheduled today at 0900 hours at the Kernville District Office. Rapid Rate of Spread, long range spotting with limited access due to steep rocky terrain. Crews are being flown into the fire and will be spiked out due to the remote terrain. Threat to McIver Historical Cabin 
Update 1800 hrs: 1000 acres 0% Contained. 9 Type 1 Hotshot crews have been mobilized to the Nicolls Incident (Los Padres, Arroyo Grande, Vista Grande, Big Bear, Little T, Texas Canyon, Springville, Breckenridge and Fulton)
Update 1600 hrs: 800 acres.
Update 1400 hrs: 400 acres, 0% Contained. Rapid Rate of Spread, medium to heavy fuels, Fire is running, spotting and crowning 10-12 ft. flame lengths observed, No structure threats at this timeIA: Kelso Valley/Onyx area this afternoon with a report of smoke. It grew quickly and is approximately 700 acres at a moderate rate of spread. Forest Service Batallion Chief Ernie Villa assumed the role of Nicolls Incident Commander shortly after the fire broke. There is no ground access at this time, air resources are flying over the fire dropping water on the heat and scouting roads for possible access for ground troops. Local resources are responding at this time. No evacuations are in place at this time.No road closures are in place at this time.
Location: Scodie Mountains
Jurisdiction: FRA
Start Date/Time: 07/11/14 @ 1346
Weather: 80°, 25% RH, 23 mph, West


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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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