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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

KCFD: Major Wildfire Night Drill Cummings Ranch Commences Thursday Night

This Thursday evening there will be a special training exercise put on by the Kern County Fire Dept.

Tehachapi area residents hearing helicopters whizzing by and firefighters active out at Cummings Ranch on Thursday night, June 5, will find a major Southern California exercise in their midst.

 It is an honor to be hosting this years night vision training exercise which consists of various agencies from around the south land. 

There will be activity around Tehachapi Airport, Brite Lake and Cummings Ranch involving water drops and controlled burns.

KCFD Hosts Southern California Interagency Night Vision Goggle Drill

 On June 5, 2014 the Kern County Fire Department will be hosting the Southern California Interagency Night Vision Goggle Fire Suppression Drill in the Greater Tehachapi area.  Kern County Fire Department, Orange County Fire Authority, Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Ventura County Sheriff, San Bernardino County Sheriff/Fire, and the US Forest Service will have aircraft participating in the drill.

The drill will begin at 2:00 PM with aircraft arriving at Tehachapi Municipal Airport, the Drill Helibase.  The airport’s east ramp will be closed to other aircraft and access will be limited to drill participants, Fire Service observers, and support staff only. 

Aircraft will conduct area familiarization flights in the afternoon and commence fire suppression operations at approximately 8:45 PM, completing the drill at approximately 1:00 AM on June 6th.  Fire suppression apparatus, including crews, engines, and dozers will be stationed at the burn site on Cummings Ranch.

Helicopters will fly circuits from the Helibase to the Tank-Fill site near Brite Lake, to the fire on Cummings Ranch, drop their water and return to the Helibase.


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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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