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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SFPUC Hetch-Hetchy Sunol Fire Suppression System Project

Sunol Fire Suppression System Project
Sunol SFPUC Fire Suppression System Project Map
Credit: SFPUC
The residences and businesses in the Town of Sunol who are served by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) receive their water from the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System. The current water system in the Town of Sunol is a combined potable water supply and fire suppression system that is owned and operated by the SFPUC. The system provides fire-fighting flows to three existing fire hydrants in the Town. Currently the number of hydrants and flows are inadequate for fire suppression purposes. The Town of Sunol Fire Suppression System Project will address these issues. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-May of this year.

Project Components

  • Installing 2 miles of new pipelines on County roads in Town of Sunol capable of delivering improved flows for fire suppression. This includes crossing Pleasanton Sunol Road to reach Tank Hill.
  • Installing approximately 26 new hydrants in the Town of Sunol on Kilkare Road, Foothill Road, Main Street and Bond Street.
  • Replacing and upgrading the existing Town of Sunol water tanks. The number of tanks will be reduced from 4 to 2, while maintaining the same volume of water storage.
  • Extending City of Pleasanton water main to supply fire hydrants on upper Kilkare Road.

Hydrant locations
As of June 2013, the project team has identified approximate locations for the new fire hydrants that will be installed throughout the Town of Sunol as part of this project.
Click to view the hydrant location maps. Please note the fire hydrants along Main Street are fixed in place because of their location and hardware that has already been installed as part of the Alameda County Improvement project.
Two weeks prior to a new hydrant’s installation, we will place a wooden stake in the ground at the precise future location of each new hydrant and will spray paint a circle around it. We will reach out to each property owner near the hydrants one more time to encourage them to become familiar with the hydrant location and contact us with any questions or concerns.
In response to comments, we will try to move the hydrants slightly, depending upon the spacing between the hydrants. However, we must comply with Fire Marshall Guidelines on minimum spacing between the hydrants.
SFPUC water customers might encounter short disruptions in water service when connections to the new water transmission lines are made. However, the disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

Town of Sunol Fire Suppression System Construction Fact Sheet April 2014

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