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Thursday, January 9, 2014

CES Firefighting Tech News: FLIR Personal Thermal Imaging Device For iPhone And Android


FLIR ONE™ extends the limits of human vision through the power of thermal imaging. See what you’ve been missing.

Lets you see in total darkness, and through smoke.
Observe invisible heat sources.
Play Hide and Seek like never before.
Find the artist in you by creating beautiful thermal images to share.
Dozens of other practical and creative uses.

 Everything around you either emits or reflects heat energy. Thermal imaging makes the otherwise invisible world of heat energy visible to your eyes. Visible light doesn't affect the thermal world, so you can see equally well in highly lit and totally dark environments — the thermal image is the same. This allows you to visualize the effects of many real-world events and conditions that are otherwise impossible to detect. There are countless new, useful, and fun ways thermal imaging will integrate into your daily life. The list of uses is long and will grow dramatically when the consumer world begins to See the Heat.

FLIR ONE™ is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on your phone screen and perform temperature calculations. Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely measured, allowing you to use the FLIR ONE™ in a variety of practical and fun ways by revealing a thermal world not visible to the unaided eye.

Features: First personal thermal imaging device for the iPhone®, available worldwide at popular retail outlets in Spring 2014 for less than $350. FLIR ONE™ for select Android models will be available later in 2014.

  • See in the dark, observe invisible heat sources, compare relative temperatures, see through smoke, and even see through some materials.
  • Fits on the phone like a protective case, displays a live thermal image of the world around you right on the phone’s screen, and captures still images and videos.
  • Load captured images directly to the camera roll and easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social-media channels.
  • Onboard battery source powers the device for more than two hours of continuous use; can also be configured to boost iPhone®5 and 5s battery life by 50 percent.
  • Available in three colors (space grey, white, and gold), which seamlessly match the brushed aluminum and matte black or white exteriors of iPhone®5s models.
  • Software development kit to develop FLIR ONE™ apps will be available in Q1 2014.

Scene range temperature: 32 °F to 212 °F (O °C to 100 °C)
Operating temp: 32°F to 113 °F (O °C to 45 °C)
Weight: 3.2 ounces (90.718 grams)
Dimensions: L 5.5 inches (139.7 mm) x W 2.4 inches (60.96 mm) x H .85 inches (21.59 mm)
Battery capacity: 1400 mA/h (configurable between thermal imager and iPhone® battery bank life - maximum thermal imager battery life is approximately two hours continuous use)
Core: FLIR® Lepton thermal camera core
Visible camera: VGA (used for FLIR® MSX blending)
Charging method: micro USB and 900 mA wall charger (charges FLIR ONE™ and then the iPhone®) Connects to iPhone® with USB interface
iPhone® compatibility: iPhone®5, iPhone®5s running iOS 7 or above
Included Apps: FLIR ONE™ MX
Included accessories: USB charging cable, leatherette case
Certifications and standards: FCC, CE, RoHS
Options: Color pallets (B/W, W/B, Rainbow, Contrast, Arctic, Hot/Cold, Iron)
MSX Blending (Adds visible spectrum detail to thermal images and enhances resolution)
Still image capture
Video capture (.mov format)
F and C temp readout (spot meter)
Battery boost controls
Frictionless Sharing (Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, SMS, etc.)
Copy images to camera roll
Battery charge monitor



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