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Friday, December 13, 2013

Humboldt County Trash Fire Created Toxic Smoke Plume Headed Down The Creek West Edge Briceland #CaFire #CaAQ

This is the toxic smoke plume headed down the creek at the west edge of Briceland 1700 hrs

  1. Smoke plume from trash fire headed toward Briceland just before dusk.
  2. Tiny Klout Flag27Briceland VFD ‏@BricelandFire3m
    We eventually ran out of gas for the creek siphon pump, so had to leave it till equipment can be brought in.
  3. Tiny Klout Flag27Briceland VFD ‏@BricelandFire5m
    Trash fire. To put it out will require machinery to dismantle the smoldering pile of trash and tires.
  4. Tiny Klout Flag27Briceland VFD ‏@BricelandFire6m
    . at scene of trash fire. We were limited to our small Type IV engine. Mimimal water available.
  5. Tiny Klout Flag27Briceland VFD ‏@BricelandFire9m
    Couple photos from this afternoon's trash fire at Twin Creeks to follow.

  6. Tiny Klout Flag27Briceland VFD ‏@BricelandFire10m
    (Mikal here) I haven't heard anything since we left at 5.

  7. Tiny Klout Flag44KMUD News ‏@kmudnews41m
    Chief Olsen hopes to use a backhoe to separate the toxic pile burning along Twin Creeks Rd., water not enough

  8. . at scene of Twin Creeks trash fire. The fire was most likely intentional, IMO. Because tweakers.

Location: - Creek west edge of Briceland, CA 95542

Briceland is an unincorporated community in Humboldt County, California. It is located 6 miles west of Redway, at an elevation of 594 feet. A post office operated at Briceland from 1889 to 1968.

IA Description: - Trash Fire first noticed this a.m.
IA Resources: - Chief,  Type IV engine. Mimimal water available. Backhoe request
ROC: - Very smokey described as toxic plume.
ROS: - Confined to one pile, water has failed to extinguish, Chief will use back-hoe to separate pile.
Structure Threats: - No
Situation Concerns/Alerts: - Will require machinery to dismantle the smoldering pile of trash and tires.
Situation Comments: - All reports as 8:00 pm from Briceland VFD
Additional Resource Notes: - Suspect Intentionally caused drug lab waste fire.
Agency Twitter: -
Radio Frequencies: -
Online Scanners: -
Weather: -
Web Cams: -


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