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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Check Out This Volunteer Fire Company 47 Doritos Commercial #PaFire

Volunteer fire company 47 gets dispatched on a smoke investigation, only to find out it was a bag a spicy Doritos. Proceeds awarded to this TV spot will go directly to the "Union Deposit Volunteer Fire Co."

The Union Deposit Volunteer Fire Company is hoping to see itself on TV during the Super Bowl, not because its members plan on attending, but because they’re hoping to be the stars of one of this year’s Doritos commercials.

The firefighters from South Hanover Township created a 30-second spot in hopes of raising awareness of their fire station and raising some much-needed funds. “Doritos puts on this competition each year and this was a way for us to try to generate some revenue,” Kevin Gern, fire chief at Union Deposit Volunteer Fire Company, said. 

The winner of the contest is rewarded $1 million and given a trip to the Super Bowl, but Tom Brumbagh, deputy fire chief at Union Deposit Volunteer Fire Company, says it’s about much more than that. “Publicity for the fire company, get our name out there,” he said. The all-volunteer fire department depends on residents of South Hanover Township to give their time to help keep their community safe.

Full story: Local fire company competiting for national Doritos advertising spot

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