Saturday, November 23, 2013

CA-MNF High Glade Fire: 305 acres, 100% contained. IMT3 [TOPO MAP] Mendocino National Forest #CaFire

High Glade CA-MNF High Glade - Mendocino National Forest
CA-MNF High Glade MODIS Perimeter Map
Update 11/29 1800: 305 acres, 100% contained.
Update 11/28 1800: 305 acres, 90% contained
Update 11/27 1800: 305 acres, 80% contained
Update 11/27 1800: 305 acres, 70% contained.
Update 11/26 1800: 305 acres, 70% contained.
Update 11/25 0800: 305 acres, 70% contained.
Update 11/24 0800: 400 acres, 10% contained. Expected containment 11/29/13. Fire behavior minimal overnight. Heavy fuels burning out. No new fire spread.
Update 11/24 0800: 400 acres, 10 % contained. No fire increased spread over night. Moderate fire behavior observed as heavy fuels burn out. Expected containment 11/29. 
Update 11/24 0800:  350 Acres, 5% contained. Minimal fire spread overnight. Fire expected to continue to spread during the day toward ridgeline road system. Numerous snags, heavy fuels: dense brush and knobcone stands with many large logs from 1996 Forks fire, steep terrain with poor access.
Update 11/23 1800: 350 acres, 0% contained. Fire made short runs due to high winds. Aircraft was grounded for a period of time due to high winds. As winds died down Saturday afternoon, the rate of spread has slowed, Access to fire is limited due to downed trees.
Update 11/23 0930:  200 acres, 0% contained.  Fire is burning in with very limited access.

IC: Type 3 Organization is in place. 
Location: Fire is located in a very remote area north of High Glade Lookout on the Upper Lake Ranger District of the Mendocino National Forest.
Resources: Engine crews, hand crews and aircraft
Fuels: Timber, brush and slash
Problems/Concerns: Very Limited Access.
Smoke from the fire was highly visible Saturday afternoon in the mountains west of Interstate 5, Cause: Under investigation, according to forest officials.
Incident Contact: Tamara Schmidt Phone: 530-934-1137

For more information please contact the Mendocino National Forest at 530-934-3316


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