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Saturday, October 5, 2013

CA-MCP- DeLuz Wild Fire 2,236 acres 93% contained #CaFire

Deluz Fire CA-MCP 003197 Camp Pendleton MCAS, San Diego County FRA #DeLuzFire #CaFire

Evacuations in the DeLuz and O'Neill housing Areas

Fire damage at Camp Pendleton is captured Oct. 6, 2013, when the blaze was about 15 percent contained.
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OCFA type 3s holding line
Credit: Stuart Palley ‏@stuartpalley
CA-MCP- DeLuz Wildland Fire Map 1

Fallbrook fire from 15N
Credit: ifionlyhadsomebrain @Blazdncnfsd

Deluz Fire CA-MCP 003197 Camp Pendleton,
Vandergrift Road/Ammunition Road, O’Neill Lake

Update 10-9 0900hrs: 2236 acres, 93% contained tentative out briefing 0900 today at the Camp Pendleton fire EOC. Fire is in patrol status through the night shift
ICS 209 will be finalized this evening
Update 10-7 0900hrs: 2,236 acres 67% containedCIIMT Type 2 Team (Walker) in command. Anticipate minimal fire movement and expect to contain the fire by Oct. 8.
Update 10-7 0900hrs: 2,589 acres, 41% contained, CIIMT Type 2 Team (Walker) in command. Anticipate minimal fire movement and expect to contain the fire by Oct. 8.
Update 10-6 2100hrs:  Approximately 2,500 acres and 20% containment. Officials anticipate minimal fire movement and expect to contain the fire by Oct. 8. Southern California Interagency Team 1 took command of the fire at 2:00 p.m. today. There are 339 firefighters from the U.S. Forest Service, Camp Pendleton, and local, county and state fire departments.
Update 10-6 1900hrs: 2500+ acres, More than 200 firefighters were at the scene. The fire's cause was under investigation.
Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton was not threatened by the fire, but a power outage prompted officials to evacuate about 30 patients to other hospitals in the area and stop accepting new patients. Service at the hospital was restored by late Saturday, but the transferred patients remained at the new locations.

IC will meet Sunday evening to assess whether to lift evacuation orders.

Update 10-6 1700hrs: 1,500 acres 15% cont. Southern California Interagency Team #1 took transfer of command of the Deluz Fire at 1400hrs today from Camp Pendleton Fire. Crews will continue to build line in the steep rugged areas of the fire and improve other previously completed lines.
Fire burned dirty along riparian areas and this continues to re-burn with low to moderate intensity.
Update 10-6 0700hrs: 1,200 acres 15% contained.
SOCAL (Walker IC) Team 1 has been mobilized and reporting to the base hospital at 0800. 
Control continues to be an issue due to current weather, winds and terrain. Structures continue to be threatened. Fuels are extremely dry and receptive to ignition.
Update 1900hrs: 1500 acres, 0% contained. Cleveland National Forest ECC taking over, IC concerns of wind reversal. @PendletonScout
Update 1830hrs: 1000 acres, 4 buildings minor damage. A Type II incident management team has been requested to report to the base hospital at 0800 10/06/2013. Incident exhibited extreme fire behavior and spotting.

1530hrs: 250 acres, 0% contained VALAT was deployed and utilized values at risk are military housing, military hospital, and other developments.
Update 1415hrs: 75 acres, 0 % contained  Rapid rate of spread, heavy fuels

91 , 09 %RH, 10 mph, WC2709 has extreme fire conditions near structures and needs air support now. He cannot raise DeLuz AA on the radio
Update 1400: Large Plume showing, Evacuating Oneill Housing, 50+ acres CNF type 3 STEN responding immediate need. BC22, E22,23,324,32,38 H538 and MCP 2728
Update 1340hrs: 25 acres
Start Time: 1314, hrs 10-05-2013 
Location: - Marine Camp Pendleton, DeLuz training area spreading toward DeLuz Housing
IA Description: Fire is near Naval hospital and O’Neill lake, threat to hospital and base housing.
IA Resources:Request for multiple 2 type 3 and two type 1 strike Teams, Copters 10, 12 and 528,AA504, tanker 72 -  
Hotshot Crews Assigned
Crane Valley
ROC: One or more fires spreading at moderate rate.
ROS: - Moderate
Structure Threats: - Yes  Structure group assigned.
Situation Concerns/Alerts: Can not always engage in some range areas.
Situation Comments: -
Additional Resource Notes: -
Agency Website: -
Radio Frequencies:  Command XSC North / TAC - V fire 23
Weather: - 


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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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