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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fresno Fire Department photo of the shorts a firefighter was wearing under his "turnout" pants when he was shot by Fresno homeowner #CaFire #CaLaw #CaGuns

A shots-fired call went out just before 4am Thursday at a home near Tenaya and Cleo.

Fresno firefighter was shot and wounded in the leg. Investigators say the homeowner mistook him for a burglar. He was grazed and taken to CRMC as a precaution. He's expected to be fine.

Update 9-6: Fresno firefighter is fine after he was shot in the leg while trying to help paramedics responding to a call of a person in distress.
Fire Department spokesman Koby Johns says the shooting early Thursday morning appears to have been a misunderstanding, with the homeowner believing he was being targeted by criminals.
Firefighters were called to the home by paramedics seeking their help to get inside.
The firefighter was struck by a single gunshot as he walked pass an open window that paramedics had pointed out as a potential entry point.
Johns says the homeowner has told investigators he did not call for medical help. His home alarm, however, has been having problems.
A homeowner in Fresno who shot the firefighter in the leg after mistaking him for a home intruder will not face criminal charges.

Fresno Police spokesman Jamie Rios told the Fresno Bee on Thursday that the firefighter was just "doing his job" and also will not be penalized.

Fresno Fire Department posted this photo on its Twitter account of the shorts a firefighter was wearing under his "turnout" pants when he was shot in the leg by a Fresno homeowner. Credit: Fresno Fire Department PIO twitter / September 6, 2013)

Responding to a medical alert, authorities told the newspaper that the firefighter tried entering the home through a window after not getting a response at the door – a common practice if they feel a resident could be in duress inside.

The firefighter, though, set off the home intruder alarm, waking the residents inside.

"They were thinking there was an intruder coming in the window,” Rios told the Fresno Bee.

The homeowner then grabbed his gun and fired a shot that grazed the firefighter's leg above the knee, resulting in what Rios called a minor injury. The firefighter was treated at a hospital.


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