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Monday, August 19, 2013

CA-PNF Hough Complex 513 acres, 100%. No movement is expected beyond containment lines.CCIMT2, Nunez [FINAL] #CaFire

Hough Complex CA-PNF Mt. Hough Complex

Evacuations are in effect for the Taylorsville area.

Update 8-26 0900:  513 acres, 100% contained.  Expected containment 8/24/2013. Nunez, IMT2 Central Coast. No movement is expected beyond containment lines. Minimal threat remains to Taylorsville and surrounding communities. Team will remain in command of the incident until 8/27, then transition incident back to the Forest.
Update 8-25 0900: 513 acres, 100% contained. IMT 2 (Nunez)All 21 fires have been contained but patrol, mop-up and rehab continue over a wide area. Crews also continue to respond to initial attack reports in the district.
Update 8-23 1900:  513 acres, 69% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. Complex consists of 22 fires, of which 20 are contained. Limited fire activity today with small upslope runs and interior burning. Firefighters continue to construct and strengthen handlines. Mop up and patrol continues on contained fires.
Update 8-23 0900:  531 acres, 60% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. IMT 2 (Nunez). Fire activity was limited and good progress was made overnight on all fires. 19 fires have been contained or controlled. The Johnson fire is 150 acres; the Ridge/Height fire is 228 acres. Line construction continues on these fires; mop up and patrol continues on contained/controlled fires.
Update 8-21 1900: 545 acres, 40% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. IMT 2 (Nunez). Fire activity moderated overnight. The fire area received over 100 lightning strikes during yesterday's operational shift. Several new starts were discovered last night, and more new starts are expected today. A community meeting was held last night in Taylorsville to inform residents on current conditions. Information from last night's IR flight is being evaluated today.
Update 8-21 1900: 420 acres, 40% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. IMT 2 (Nunez). Fire behavior varied throughout the day with active backing to group torching and short fire runs during wind gusts from thundercells. Some rain was received over the fire today. An IR flight is scheduled for tonight to aid in accurate mapping of fires. Reduction in acreage due to double report of same fire in different locations.
Update 8-21 0900: 545 acres, 40% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. IMT 2 (Nunez). Complex consists of 19 fires, of which 14 are one acre or less. The Johnson, Ridge, and Heights fires still remain uncontained. Additional fires were discovered yesterday afternoon. Thunderstorm activity produced outflow winds hampering suppression efforts. All evacuation orders were lifted last night.
Update 8-20 1900:  586 acres, 40% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. Central Coast IMT, Nunez. Complex consists of 17 fires, of which 13 fires are fully contained. Evacuations remain in effect near the town of Taylorsville. Thunderstorms in area continue to produce isolated outflow winds, hampering suppression efforts on the uncontained fires.
Update 8-20 0900: 180 acres, 40% contained. Expected containment 8/24/2013. CCIMT, Nunez assumed command at 0600 hours this morning. Extreme fire behavior occurred last evening due to thunderstorm activity. Evacuations are in effect for the Taylorsville area.
Update 1900:  180 acres, 40% contained. There are a total of 7 fires within this complex. Johnson fire within the complex is 140 acres and is 50% contained.
Ridge and Heights fires have burned together and exhibiting extreme fire behavior due to thunderstorms in the area. Evacuation are in place for approximately 50 structures in the Taylorsville area. Central Coast Incident Command Team will assume command 8/20 at 0600.
Update:  5 fires totaling 100 acres, threatening the community of Taylorsville 

Location: Plumas National Forest Mt. Hough Ranger District  just North of Rodger's Flat.[T24 R6 Sect.2]
Reported Date/time: 1700 8-17-13
IA: *
ROS: *
ROC: *
Structure Threats: *
Concerns: *
Resources: Heavy initial response, helo 512, engines 20,24,25,34 and Dozer 1, Firestorm 2, patrol 22, Battalions 21 and 22 Division 2, and aircraft
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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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