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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CA-BDF August Lightning August 19 - 21 lightning caused San Bernardino National Forest Fires reported 70+ acres #CaFire

BDF August Lightning Fires - CA-BDF August Lightning August 19 - 21 San Bernardino National Forest

Incident Overview

Lightning storms passing through Southern California mountains have started small lightning related fires in the San Bernardino National Forest. Firefighters will be working to suppress all of these fires.

Below we have listed each fire from the beginning of the lightning storms that passed over the forest. Each is listed by the name given to the fire, the time the fire was reported, the approximate location and estimated fire size. Any large fires will have a new "incident" started in InciWeb.

The fires are being suppressed by fire engines, hand crews, and helicopter water drops. The US Forest Service is conducting aerial reconnaissance flights each day over the forest to assist with detection of new lightning related fires. The reconnaissance flights are part of our normal operating plan after lightning storms.

The following lightning fires are being suppressed under unified command of the San Bernardino National Forest and CAL FIRE San Bernardino Unit

August 19 - 21 fires reported.

1. 5:03 am – "Skyforest" - ¼ acre fire south of SR18 east of Skyforest on Sycamore Lane – snag burning with some ground fire - Fireline completed around fire
2. 5:03 am - "Live Oak" - Running Springs area- single snag on fire
3. 5:59 am - "Waterman" - Waterman Canyon area - single snag on fire
4. 6:32 am - "Line"- Single Snag with 30'X 30' ground fire
5. 6:43 am - "Deep Creek 1" - located in the T6 crossing area. - snag on fire
6. 6:43 am - "Deep Creek 2" - in the T6 crossing area - single snag with small ground fire
7. 6:43 am - "Deep Creek 3" - near the T6 parking area - single snag with 20' X 20' ground fire
8. 7:11 am - "Boy Scout Ranch" - single snag on fire with 20' X 20' spot
9-14. 7:35 am - "Silverwood" Sawpit Canyon - 6 separate fires - all snags with limited ground fire
15. 8:52 am - "Holcomb 1" - approx. 1 mile east of the T6 crossing. - single snag on fire
16. 8:52 am - "Holcomb 2" - Single snag on fire
17. 9:26 am - "Quarry" - Near 2N79Y - single snag with small ground fire.
18. 12:37pm - "Deep Creek 4" - across drainage from the Deep Creek 3
19. 2:28pm - "White 2" - East side of South Peak, north of Big Pine Flat - 9 acres, slow rate of spread, fire has been lined with retardant; smoke remains visible
20. 2:36pm - "Gobbler" - West of Lytle Creek / Stockton Flats area- Update 8/20/13 - 50 acre in size, smoke visible from area communities and Cajon Pass
21. 4:56pm - "Dawson" - on the South-east aspect of Dawson Peak - intermittant smoke
Basic Information
Incident Type
: Wildfire
Cause: Lightning
Date of Origin: Monday August 19th, 2013 approx. 05:33 AM
Location: Multiple / Various;
Incident Commander: Vanderhoof - Logan
Current Situation
Total Personnel: 100
Size: 25 acres
Percent Contained: 75%
Fuels Involved - Timber
Fire Behavior - Smoldering; active flames
Significant Events - Lightning storm over area is bringing new lightning
Outlook/Planned Actions - All starts are being suppressed
Growth Potential - moderate
Terrain Difficulty - varies
Current Weather
Wind Conditions 5 - 15 mph
Temperature 75 degrees


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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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