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Monday, July 8, 2013

CA-ENF-Kyburz #Wildfire Highway 50 at 30 Mile Tract 615 acres, 80%, El Dorado National Forest #CaFire

CA-ENF Kyburz Fire:
    Kyburz Fire Update as of July 8 at 10:00 p.m.
    The fire began between 12:45 and 1 o'clock this afternoon. While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the point of origin is by the highway. The fire began 2 miles west of Kyburz and stretches one to 1 1/2 miles along the highway.

    Under the direction of the forest service engine and El Dorado County Sheriff, 100 individuals comprising of 70 children and 30 adults were successfully evacuated out of the music camp.

    Incident command is classified as a type three however will be transitioning to a type two beginning tomorrow morning with anticipation completion by tomorrow afternoon. Instant command post and camp will be set up at the county fairgrounds.

    Air support which was initiated at the onset included eight fire retardant bombers and five helicopters. In a collective effort to fully contain the fire, there are 200 firefighters from Cal Fire, the US Forest Service, and El Dorado County. Highway 50 is currently open with one lane escort.

    The extent of the fire is still being determined; however, early estimates put the range between 160 and 400 acres. The fire is in the older burn site of Fred's fire which poses many advantages for containment.

    While the fire is relatively small the steep terrain makes for many challenges: air support has to contend with variable winds and a shift in the wind could cause a potential issue for residents in Strawberry and Kyburz. Additionally, knowing that highway 50 is critical for economic sustainability, every effort is being made to keep the highway open while maintaining public safety.

    Given the extreme conditions, our resources are severely burdened; therefore, it is crucial that we take extra precautions when dealing with fire.
Incident Overview
The Kyburz Fire began today at 12:41 approximately 1/2 mile east of 29 Mile Post off Highway 50. 2 air tankers, one helicopter, 8 engines, ten engines are on order, 7 hand crews are on order.

Highway 50 closed at Pollock Pines and Meyers.
Highway 50 road information:

Road Closure: Highway 50 Closed both directions  hard closure @ Mormon Emigrant Trail
Update 7-10:  615 acres, 80%
Update: 1810 50 acres, 0% contained.
Update: 18:00 40 acres in size.
Update: 15:30 Air attack now saying 30+ acres but hard to confirm due to smoke.Update: 14:45 IC reports 25 plus acres and expect growth due to winds. T-43 & T-41 pulled from Bison Fire enroute to Kyburz Fire.
Update: 14:30 Lead Bravo 8 lifted off Stead enroute to the Kyburz fire with 15minute ETA. T-82, T-86, T-88, T-89, T-91 & T-93 all assigned to this fire. 
Update: 14:00 H205, H510, H7BH enroute, strike team of AEU Charlie's dispatched Immediate need to form up at ICP. ICP is at highway 50 and kyburz rd.
Update: 13:40 Four hand crews dispatched, as well as additional water tenders. .

Location: US 50 At 29 Mile Tract JEO Alder Creek, ICP at Icehouse & US 50
GPS: 38.774228, -120.293644
Reported Date/time: *
IA: *
ROS: Rapid towards the NorthRunning upslope on north side of highway
ROC: Per IC 12 acres made it to weber mill rd. north side of hwy 50. Making progress on both flanks requesting addtl. WT. WT 51 from Garden Valley Fire Dept enroute
Structure Threats: Yes
Concerns: Steep Terrain, some portions with limited access, Heavy Timber, Major Highway transiting Tahoe-Sacramento region closed.
Resources:  TMU, AEU, ENF, TNF, NEU Lead Bravo 8, T-82, T-86, T-88, T-89, T-91 & T-93, Four hand crews: 2 from Growlersburg, Zephyr Crew, E61, WT-51, H-104, H205, H510H7BH, S/T 9270C, and others out of Tahoe Basin and Sac region
Cooperating Agencies: *
Weather Info: Winds gusting to 25 MPH, RH 16, Temp 89
Special Conditions: *
Other Comments: *
Radio Frequencies: *
Agency Website: *
Live Video: *

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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