Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Video: Using Free USGS US Topo Map Products From New To Historical Topo Map Downloads [The National Map Viewer]

The USTopo podcast is a video tutorial series on how to use US Topo Gepdf's. Exploring US Topo GeoPDf's provides background information on the map product.

In this Video, We will learn about USGS US Topo map products. I will give you some background information about US Topo, show you where it can be accessed, and also show you the GeoPDF functionality and Terrago tools available for use with the GeoPDF. 

Digital USGS Topographic Maps are modeled on the standard 7.5 minute USGS quads. The newer digital maps are published using Adobe Systems Inc. Portable Document Format (PDF) with a geospatial extension called GeoPDF utilizing TerraGo technologies. GeoPDFs can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Professional. 

The free version of Adobe is available for download on the Adobe website, . USTopo maps are layered, and have an Orthoimage base. They are produced on a three year cycle so that the imagery you see in the map is never older than three years across the country. Most importantly, these maps can be downloaded for free on the web, or for a small fee, USGS will mail you a printed map. 

There are a couple of different ways that you can download a map. You can access USTopo GeoPDF’s through the USGS Map Store or by going to The National Map Viewer. The USGS Map store and TNM viewer allow you to download all the topographic maps ever produced by the USGS, including historic maps. The TNM Viewer additionally has the capability for downloading many of the data layers shown on the GeoPDF’s as GIS data. The difference between the two viewers is that the GeoPDF’s from the Map store are available for immediate download while the GeoPDF’s from the viewer will send you an email with the download ftp location. Once you download a map, you may wish to install the TerraGo Toolbar for enhanced geospatial tools, however you do not need the TerraGo Toolbar to use a map. 

You can download these free tools from the TerraGo website. [Link]

Title: Exploring US Topo GeoPDF’s
The USTopo podcast is a video tutorial series on how to use US Topo Gepdf’s. Exploring US Topo GeoPDf's provides background information on the map product.

Location: Denver, CO, USA
Date Taken: 3/25/2013
Length: 6:20
Video Producer: Kathryn Isham , U.S. Geological Survey- NGTOC


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