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Saturday, May 4, 2013

CA-RRU-#GorgonioFire, 100% contained at 510 acres #CaFire [Final]

Gorgonio Fire - Riverside County - RRU-045459
Gorgonio Fire PlumePhotographer - John Ehrenfeld

Tanker 910 on the Gorgonio FirePhotographer - John Ehrenfeld

Tanker 910 Drops Mud On Gorgonio FirePhotographer - John Ehrenfeld
Update 1900 5-5: Fire 100% contained at 6:00 p.m. Final size after mapping is 510 acres. Full control expected by 6:00 p.m 5-6-13.
Update 1800 5-5: 100% contained at 510 acres.
Update 1700 5-5:  650 acres, 75% contained. Hwy 243 is open in both directions. Motorists are urged to use caution and yield to fire equipment. #CaFire
Update 0700 5-5: No change in acreage or containment. Fire burned approximately 650 acres of Annual Grasses and Medium Brush and is 30% contained Fire remains active burning with wind and topography alignment. Hwy 243 remains closed. The day assignment consists of 566 firefighters including three helicopters, 37 engines, 18 crews, 44 overhead and eight water-tenders. There are no evacuations - mandatory or voluntary. 
Update 1700: The fire is holding at approximately 650 acres, 20% contained.
Update 1600: 12R taking over AA from 310, HT 795 from the Springs fire assigned.
Update 1530: 650+ acres, Voluntary evacs for the Twin Pines Ranch community.
Road Closure:  Hwy 243 is closed at S. San Gorgonio and Wesley and at Poppet Flats Rd.
Weather:  Current winds of "WNW wind 16 MPH, gusting to 20 MPH" per RVC, are supposed to increase to max 35 to 45 mph ahead of approaching cold front (per NWS).
Update 1500: Air Attack now stating 650 plus acres, Air Tanker 910 VLAT on scene right
Update 1400: 300 acres, IC requested 3 ST type 3's, one ST any type code 3, Strike Team XRI-6074C Assigned.
Update 1300: 100 acres, Perris ECC just advised the 6th AT would be the VLAT out of Victorville. IC stated to hold off for now. MVU ST 9330C enroute
Update 1240: Per IC still chasing this fire. Potential of several hundred to a 1000 acres.AA just requested a 6th AT closest, any type, H-305 is also enroute.
Update 1215: Branch 1 fire is 4 acres and holding with some roads, Branch 2 fire is 15-20 and running, Perris is pulling 4 ST of crews of the Summit Fire and diverting to this fire.
Update 1230: Per IC this is 2 separate fires Branch 1 is the fire that Eng 89 is IA'ing, Branch 2 is just to the north. Both fires operating under same incident.
IC requesting 4 additional Chief officers, PIO, and a Safety Officer, Per AA requesting additional 3 ATs for a total of 5. Also requested T2 Copter with crew.

Location: Highway 243, 2000 ft mark, 1 mi. south of City of Banning, Riverside County Reported Date/time:
Current Acres: 20
IA:(1150) Large header visible
ROS: Rapid
ROC: 3 spots along road near Mt. Edna, 5 acres RROS, 2 Wildfires largest is 20 acres RROS, Large header Visible 
Structure Threat: Not currently
Special Hazards:
Resources: Cal Fire RRU BC51, USFS BDF
  • Fire Fighters: * 
  • Engine Companies: E311, E34, E35, E336, E52, E54, E57, OVD E3132
  • Fire Crew(s): * 
  • Bulldozers: *
  • Water Tenders: WT51, WT 6201
  • Helicopters: T2 Helo with crew 
  • Air Attack: * 
  • Air Tankers: 3 ATs for a total of 5.
  • Truck Companies: *
  • Overhead Personnel: 
  • Medics(s): *
  • Ambulance Air: 0 Ground: *
  • Specialized Equipment: *
  • OES: *
Cooperating Agencies: *
Weather Info: *
Special Conditions: *
Other Comments: *
Radio Frequencies: RRU2 Tone10 command, CDF TAC 12
Maps: *
Agency Website: *
Online Scanner:
Live Video: *
Web Cams: *

CFN - California Fire News 2013 

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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