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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gwinnett County, Ga. Firefighters Taken Hostage #Audio #Video

"We have an armed person here..."

 That heavily armed man is now dead after cops stormed his suburban Atlanta home to rescue 4 Gwinnett County Firefighters who were taken hostage when they responded to an EMS run in Suwanee ....which is located about 35 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. A SWAT team used "flash-bang" type explosives to enter the home and take the gunman by surprise after negotiators believed that the lives of the firefighters were in "imminent danger"...and there was an exchange of gunfire.

5 FF's were initially held hostage but 1 was released shortly after he was taken hostage to move the fire apparatus, leaving 4 in the house when the police entered it with grenades...unfortunately one police officer was wounded in the exchange of gunfire (he was shot in the hand) but is reported to be doing well.

Gwinnett County Fire Capt. Thomas Rutledge advised that members of the PD's SWAT team were initially attempting to negotiate with the man, who had barricaded himself in the house on a leafy block in a subdivision in Suwanee. The man initially demanded that utilities at the house, which had been turned off, be restored. The house at 2440 Walnut Grove Way is a bank-owned repossession, public records show. At around 1930, it was reported that multiple explosions were heard in the neighborhood as negotiators had determined that the lives of the Firefighters were in "imminent danger" and that they had to go in. 

Captain Rutledge said that the firefighters, like any fire or EMS personnel, had no idea they were being set up when they received the medical call.
HERE is video from the scene:
HERE is video AFTER the suspect was killed:
HERE is an initial video interview: 
Sources: Firefighter Nation and The Secret List

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