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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WARNING-GRAPHIC CONTENT: Fire Captain Thrown Into Guardrail During Crash

UPDATE: DAYTON--Dayton Police released dash cam video showing a Dayton Fire Chief getting injured on U.S. 35.  

In the video, a car slams  into an  already disabled  pick-up truck on the side of the road,  which slams into  Captain Barry Cron,
and his body is tossed around like a rag doll.    

"When the car struck him, he left the ground and went about 15- 20 feet , airborne."  Dayton Fire Chief Herbert Redden said.

Captain Cron has serious injuries, but is thankfully is going to be okay.

Dayton Fire Fighters were on scene,  responding  to a  total of 11 crashes this morning on  35  

"The drivers hit the ice and lost control of their vehicles." Chief Redden said.

Chief  Redden said  this crash  proves just how important it is to slow down and pay attention
 when you see flashing lights along side any roadway. 

"With any emergency vehicles with lights blinking should automatically  tell you to slow down back off the accelerator  go to a crawl speed until  you have knowledge of what is going on."

Chief  Redden said  Cron has been with the Dayton  Fire Department  since 1992,  and was promoted to Captain in November of last  year.

"He goes out of his way for other individuals whether  he's on  duty or off duty.  He is what you would call the creme of the crop."

DAYTON -- Dayton Fire Capt. Barry Cron is in serious condition today after a spectacular series of crashes early this morning on a bridge along U.S. 35 near Gettysburg Avenue.

Dash cam video, provided by the Dayton Police Department, shows a pickup truck crash into another vehicle that had already crashed. Cron approached the truck, which ended up overturned on its passenger side, when another first responder yelled at him to get back because of another vehicle that had lost control and was about to hit the truck.

Cron tried to get away from the crash but the impact pushed the truck into Cron, which threw him onto the nearby guardrail

WATCHRaw video of crashes involving fire captain (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)
Tuesday, March 26 2013, 01:51 PM EDT
Source: WRGT-TV - Link

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