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Monday, March 11, 2013

CARB: Yamaha fined $ 2.2 million for Dirty Rhino

Yamaha fined $ 2.2 million for violating air quality rules

Company sold off-road vehicles that were not certified to meet state standards

SACRAMENTO - The California Air Resources Board (CARB) today announced that Yamaha Motor Corp USA and Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. of Japan have agreed to a court approved settlement of $ 2,205,000 to resolve allegations of the illegal importation and sale of uncertified off-highway vehicles.
Picture of Yamaha Rhino ATV
"Verification of a new vehicle's ability to meet anti-smog requirements is a cornerstone of our clean air efforts," said ARB Enforcement Chief James Ryden. "Businesses that sell vehicles before demonstrating that they effectively reduce emissions pose a danger to public health. They are also engaging in practices that are unfair to their competitors."
The court-approved agreement settles a protracted legal dispute between the ARB and Yamaha regarding the sales of certain 2007 model off-highway vehicles known as "Rhinos". As stipulated in the settlement, both ARB and Yamaha will stop further legal actions related to the sales of these vehicles, and Yamaha has agreed that future vehicle sales will fully comply with California law.
Under the terms of the agreement, $255,000 of the settlement penalty is suspended for a period of three years provided Yamaha does not import, deliver, or sell any on- or off-road vehicles prior to their receiving certification of compliance with new vehicle standards by the Air Resources Board.
Funds collected under the settlement will be paid to the California Air Pollution Control Fund, created to support clean air research.

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