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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SBSD: Dorner Standoff Sheriff Communications Transcript -

 San Bernardino County Sheriff Standoff with C. Dorner (February 12, 
Scanner audio captured during the standoff with Charles Dorner - fire begins approx. 25 mins in.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Standoff with C. Dorner (February 12, 2013)

Subject: Partial Dorner Standoff Transcript - Selected quotes from the recording
26:22 Seven burners deployed, and we have a fire. (Original CFN Breaking Report Link )
27:05 Guys, be ready on the #4 side. We have fire in the front and he might come out the back.
27:12 Ready.
27:20 On the four side, remember your backdrops.
28:30 The one side's fully engulfed; fire on the four.
28:16 10-4, engulfed
29:33 Contact fire to staging, have them bring an engine down here.
30:44 14, 10-5-0
30:56 Control, 61 Lincoln, sounds like one shot fired from inside the residence.
31:00 Copy: One shot fired from inside the residence. Confirm you still want fire to roll in?
31:04 Roll in at stage.
31:17 Copy. They're staged at [inaudible] and 38.
31:14 Fire will be staged at the first contact with the first armored unit down there.
31:26 61 Lincoln to all perimeter units: Stand by, maintain your discipline
31:51 12-61 Lincoln, 1-2 corner fully engulfed
31:55 Copy, 1-2 corner fully engulfed.
32:46 61 Lincoln, we have ammo exploding inside
32:52 Copy, ammo exploding inside.
36:09 [inaudible] Status check?
36:14 I'm code four. I'm on the four side. Over.
36:18 Copy. Do we have, uh, do we have fire back there yet?
36:24 [inaudible] I'm on the number four side, fully engulfed
36:34 [inaudible] Two and four side fully engulfed. Fire moving to three now.
36:37 Copy, number two and four fully engulfed.
38:36 [inaudible] Is there any propane cylinders or anything back there we need to be aware of?
38:47 No, not that I can see from my position
38:52 Copy. Thanks. Break. Guys on the #3 side: Any propane tanks visible?
39:02 [inaudible] We [inaudible] propane tanks on the backside
39:33 62-10-1 to control, confirming that fire's been notified to come down this way?
39:39 Fire was staging just a [inaudible]
39:57 Do you need them closer?
40:16 61-Lincoln, 61-Charlie.
40:20 Go ahead, [inaudible].
40:21 Do we want to have, uh, fire start putting water on it once the roof starts to settle down a bit, and, uh, like it's starting to collapse?
40:29 Affirm, uh, gimme me some time, here. We're not quite there. We still have the, uh, 2-3 corner, there, that's still vulnerable.
40:37 10-4, We're just bringing fire in about 200 yards out. Your call.
40:40 Copy.
40:46 [inaudible]
40:47 Go, Tim.
41:04 [inaudible] Is there still a lot of room on the 3-4 corner that's not engulfed yet?
41:11 Copy, thanks Tim. 3-4 corner, there's a lot of room left. I copy.
42:45 Control 61-Lincoln. We still have ammo going off in the fire.
42:49 61-Lincoln: copy.
46:10 [inaudible]
46:12 George-2.
46:22 [inaudible] Get everybody over here.
46:37 61-George-2
46:47 [inaudible] your status?
46:53 61-Lincoln [inaudible]
46:57 We just had open mike, it sounded like some time of commotion. Just checking your status.
47:04 [inaudible]
47:09 Okay.
47:33 [inaudible] Monroe
47:39 John, uh, how's that fire doing on the back west side?
47:43 It's taking its dear sweet time to get there. This thing's well-constructed. Uh, we don't even have any roof uh [inaudible] not ready for those reasons and I still have ammo popping here.
47:58 Fire
48:00 Monroe
48:02 Break. 61-Lincoln, 61-Charlie. You ready for fire?
48:08 61-Lincoln, 61-Charlie: That's negative. I still don't have adequate penetration on the 2-3 or the 3-4, and I still live ammo popping.
48:29 Lights off, please.
49:07 [inaudible] no way
49:09 Open mike.
49:27 61-Charlie, 61-Lincoln: [inaudible] from your vantage point, you can see how it's, uh, containing itself quite well. Can you see that I don't have adequate penetration on the 2-3 yet?
49:39 Yeah, I don't see that, uh, corner yet. I'm leaving it to your call, John.
49:42 Copy that.
50:14 [inaudible] Monroe
50:20 Go ahead, Jeff.
50:25 We got the, uh, Dodge truck [inaudible] slide down the hill. Did you want that cleared?
50:35 Let's, uh, hold until we start mop-up with fire.
50:42 I want to hold the permiter until, uh, 61-Lincoln makes the call.
50:50 Copy.
51:32 10-13
51:42 [inaudible] relay there's [inaudible] fire [inaudible] 3-4 corner
51:48 Fire on the 3-4 corner?
51:54 Yeah, that's [inaudible]
51:58 61-Lincoln, the fire is [inaudible] I'm still not ready for fire, um. Fire is moving [inaudible]... but we still have a lot of smoldering. So just stand by.
52:11 Copy.
53:05 [inaudible] How we doing back there?
53:13 Uh, [inaudible] the, uh, 1-4 corner.
53:22 [inaudible] down to the 3-4?
53:32 I can drive around that way if you want me to.
53:41 [inaudible]
52:49 Last traffic was unreadable at [inaudible]
53:56 Copy [inaudible]
53:58 Fully engulfed.
54:01 [inaudible] copy. 3-4 is fully-engulfed.
54:10 [inaudible] Luke?
54:14 More ammo going off.
54:16 Copy, more ammo going off.
54:23 Luke?
54:24 Go.
54:25 Hey, John, if these, uh, cabins have [inaudible] areas? Something to consider.
54:33 Affirmative, I'm told that there's basement in the cabin. So as a precaution, since the fire's self-containing itself I'm going to let that heat burn through that basement.
54:43 [inaudible] good call.
55:22 Lincoln [inaudible]
55:32 Battalion 1-31
55:50 Battalion 1-31, if you didn't copy, we're not ready for you yet. We've got live ammo going off.
56:00 Yeah, I did copy that. I just wanted to give some information, that, uh. [inaudible] I have a fire seargent that was raised in that building and uh he's familiar with [inaudible] suspect [inaudible]
56:21 61-Lincoln, did you copy that?
56:22 Negative [inaudible]
56:23 Batallion chief is advising there was a firefighter raised in that residence and he's advising the basement is 12 by 15.
56:33 The ceiling of the basement or the floor is wood or concrete?
56:48 10-5 Is the basement floor or ceiling wood or concrete?
56:57 Batallion chief, can you advise? If the basement floor or ceiling is wood or concrete?
57:29 Control 61-Lincoln. Did they advise?
57:30 They're advising on another channel, and that's affirmed, the ceiling of the basement is wood.
57:43 Control 61-Charlie. Which end of the house is the basement at? North, south, east, west?
57:53 North.
59:01 61-Lincoln, were you able to ascertain which end of the house that basement is in?
59:06 One of our deputies is checking with him now. I'm just waiting for the answer.
59:16 61-Lincoln, they're advising the west side.
59:21 That's the side that's not, uh, been penetrated by fire yet. Thank you.
59:28 10-4
00:41 61-Charlie, 61-Lincoln. The fire is doing quite well. [inaudible] penetrated the 2-3 or 3-4, where that basement is supposedly located.
00:54 [inaudible]
01:03 John, standing by for your, uh, request for Fire, whenever you're ready.
01:07 Okay, thank you.
01:18 [inaudible]
01:33 [inaudible]
01:36 [inaudible] go for dinner
01:45 [inaudible] basement on the 3-4 corner. Still smoke coming out of that window.
01:51 You guys with eyes on the back: If you, uh, see something that's catching fire that's not supposed to be, then let me know. But otherwise, let it go.
02:05 Control, 61-Charlie
02:06 61-Charlie
02:09 Whoever's talking to that firefighter who's familiar with this house: Can you also ask him if there'd be any, uh, reason for ammunition to have been in the cabin other than from the suspect?
02:23 That's affirm. Will check.
02:42 [inaudible]
02:50 61-Lincoln, we have, uh, green smoke or gas that just blew out of the burning structure deployed.
03:03 Copy. More smoke, gas, uh, deployed by suspect?
03:09 Uh, either it blew out of front or it was thrown out.
03:12 Copy.
03:26 61-Charlie That firefighter RP hasn't been in the residence in years, and he doesn't know.
03:33 10-4, thank you.
04:33 61-Lincoln, We've got, uh, good penetration with the fire at 2-3 corner. It's still doing quite well, self-containing itself. I'm gonna let it go.
04:48 The fire is self-contained, good penetration 2-3 corner.
05:35 61-Lincoln.
05:38 Go ahead.
05:39 We're getting information on 60 police band that there is a propane tank at the rear of the residence near the garage.
05:50 Copy. That's gonna be quite a ways from the fire. Should be code four.
05:57 Thanks.
05:58 Go, Tim.
06:01 [inaudible]
06:03 You're 10-1. Try again.
06:05 [inaudible] propane tank [inaudible]
06:10 Copy that.
06:44 61-Lincoln. Just info, we're gonna get on 21 with that batallion chief.
06:50 Just know the, uh, floor on the number 1-2 corner, which is the east side has collapsed. I don't know if that's where the basement is at, or [inaudible]
07:54 61-Lincoln, 61-Sam wants to know how many feet the fire is away from the propane tank.
08:00 [inaudible] can you answer that?
08:07 10-9?
08:12 Nickel. Enter. Can you answer that question?
08:14 [inaudible]
08:19 Confirming: 70 yard?
08:20 [inaudible]
08:23 Control, 61-Lincoln, Do you copy 70 yards?
08:28 That's affirm, 70 yards. Thank you.
09:05 [inaudible] our people are [inaudible] and
09:06 Open mike.
09:07 That one kid died.
09:09 Open mike!
09:11 How quick they get that crap out. It was quick. They were getting the news before we were getting it, so we--
09:21 Open mike!
09:28 mike
09:29 Open mike at the press conference.
Keywords: Charles Dorner Standoff; Police Audio
Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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