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Sunday, February 10, 2013

$1 million reward for information leading to capture of Chris #Dorner

 Authorities in Los Angeles have offered a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of a fired LAPD officer sought in connection with a series of killings and threats against his former colleagues and their families.

$1 million reward for information leading to capture of Chris #Dorner
 A second reward, worth $100,000, could also be on the way, a spokesman for Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said Sunday.

 Manhunt continues in mountains around Big Bear Lake, where Christopher Dorner's burned out truck was found on Feb. 7, with what was described as a "Broken Axle" and hundreds of officers patrolled the neighborhoods where people live who were threatened by Dorner in an online screed. 

Investigators on Saturday were also trying to determine whether the truck's axle was broken when they found it, or if it was fractured while being towed from the forestry road.

 Every day that Dorner is loose, said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, is another day when the likelihood of attack on a police officer increases.

 "We are asking the public, 'Please help us to protect you,' " LAPD chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference. "Please help us to find Dorner before he is able to kill again."

 Dorner is wanted in the slayings of three people and the ambush-style shooting of two others, all part of a revenge-style rampage that began last Sunday, when he allegedly shot the daughter of a police union lawyer and her fiancé in an Irvine parking garage.

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