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Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Look: California Fire News Today 9-10-12


National Fire Situation
National Preparedness Level 3 

National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity: Light (124 new fires)
New large fires: 6 (*)
Large fires contained: 1
Uncontained large fires: ** 29
Area Command Teams committed: 1
NIMOs committed: 1
Type 1 IMTs committed: 8
Type 2 IMTs committed: 19
** Uncontained large fires include only fires being managed under a full suppression 
Two MAFFS from the 146th Airlift Wing, Channel Islands (California Air National Guard), and the 145th AirliftWing, Charlotte, NC are supporting wildland fire suppression operations out of Sacramento, CA.

Predictive Services Discussion: Scattered thunderstorms will develop across southern California, the Southwest and the Great Basin. Cooler conditions will spread across the Northwest and the northern Rockies. 

Windy and warm weather will develop over the Plains, while high pressure will keep dry and mild conditions across the East

Cal Fire News Today:
California Wildfire Locations, Perimeters and Hot-Spots

OSCC - South Ops
Southern California Area (PL 3) 
New fires: 8
New large fires: 0
Uncontained large fires: 1
Type 2 IMTs committed: 1
Light initial attack throughout the Geographic Area.
Type II IMT (Cooper) ordered for the Bagley FireCA-SHF-002744

CA-ANF- Williams Fire, 4,192 acres, 83%
 The incident map shows containment lines are complete but the containment remains at 83%. This is due to inaccessible areas of the fire that are being monitored and supported with aircraft.
 As these are determined cold, utilizing IR, containment will increase. A slow moving weather system with potential for lightning, flash floods and 45 MPH wind repeated itself after a similar system yesterday that produced multiple lightning strikes near the fire.
 A decision was made to pull all resources off the hill this morning until the current weather system has passed the fire area.
 The wetting rain and lightning was determined to be unsafe for crews to work in safely. The situation is being monitored throughout the day.
 Evacuations of the San Gabriel Canyon are still in effect. 
 Highway 39 remains closed.

ONCC - North Ops

Northern California Area (PL 3)
New fires: 4
New large fires: 0
Uncontained large fires: 9
Type 1 IMTs committed: 4
Type 2 IMTs committed: 4

CA-SHF Happy Fire. 75 acres. 95%
IC: Shasta-Trinity NF. IMT 2 (Whitcome)
Fire behavior: No movement is expected  Line improvement and snag removal are on-going as the fire nears containment.

CA-SHF Stafford Fire. 
4,460 acres. 45%
IC: Shasta-Trinity NF. IMT 2 (Whitcome). IMT is also managing the Happy fire.
Location: Five miles southeast of Hayfork, CA. 
Fuels: Timber and brush. 
Fire behavior: Active fire behavior with isolated torching. Numerous structures threatened. 
Evacuations in effect - Mandatory evacuations on the eastern edge of Hayfork in the Morgan Hill, Wildwood, Wild Thing, Forest Avenue, Barker Valley and the Summit and Nelson road areas are in effect. Engines and crews continue to provide structure protection along Hwy 3 and local roads.-----

CA-NOD Likely Fire. 10,000 acres. 45%

IC: Northern California District, BLM. So Cal IMT2 (Truett)  .
Location: Three miles south of Likely, CA.
Fuels: Timber, juniper, brush and grass. Structures threatened. 
Fire behavior:  Creeping and smoldering fire behavior with some Active fire behavior and spotting were observed.
Notes: Direct line construction and mop up are under way. 

CA-SHF Bagley Fire. 46,011 acres. 84%.

 Resources are making good progress towards containing the fire today
IC: Shasta-Trinity NF. IMT 1 (McGowan) and IMT 2 (Cooper). 
Location: Four miles west of Big Bend, CA.
Fuels: Timber, logging slash and brush. Structures threatened. Area closure in effect. 
Fire behavior: Backing fire with single tree torching. 
Notes: Crews continue to patrol and mop up along the McCloud River, back haul equipment and trash and continue suppression repair.

CA-MNF North Pass Fire. 41,983 acres. 97%. 

IC: Mendocino NF. Transfer of command from IMT 2 (Walker) back to local unit Type 3 Incident Management Team will occur tomorrow 9/11.
Location: Twenty-five miles northeast of Covelo, CA.
Fire behavior: Containment is expected today.
 Timber and logging slash. Creeping and smoldering. Area closures in effect. 

CA-MEU Scotts Fire. 4,618 acres. 15%. 

IC: Mendocino Unit, Cal Fire. Cal Fire IMT 1 (Hoffman).
Location: Eight miles east of Ukiah, CA. 
Fuels: Chaparral.
Fire behavior: The fire continues to burn intensely, threatening Numerous residential properties in the Blue Lake and Scotts Valley area. Area and road closures in effect. 

CA-KNF Fort Complex Fire. 
23,623 acres. 94%.
Fire behavior: Creeping and smoldering fire behavior was observed as the fire nears containment.

CA-LNU Sixteen Complex Fire. 17,944 acres. 90%.

Highways 16 and 20 are open with a smoke advisory. Expect full containment today.
IC:Sixteen Complex, Sonoma-Lake Napa Unit, Cal Fire. Cal Fire IMT 1 (Derum).
Location: Eighteen miles southwest of Williams, CA.
Fuels: Chaparral and grass. 
Fire behavior: Minimal fire behavior. No perimeter growth. Reduction in acreage due to more accurate mapping.

LCES - 10 Standard Fire Orders - 18 Watchout Situations   

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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