Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Evidence in assault that left firefighter in Coma

 San Francisco vehicular assault case left a Cal Fire firefighter in Coma
Eduardo Chaparro Esquivel vehicular assault defendant just prior to assault
 SAN FRANCISCO — New developments in a San Francisco vehicular assault case that left a Cal Fire firefighter in a coma came to light Tuesday, as prosecutors played cell phone video that they said shows the defendant intended to harm the victim.

The incident began with an altercation at a Jack in the Box located on Geary Avenue last November 24th.

Surveillance video shows a confrontation inside between customers and Cal Fire firefighter Albert Bartal and John Corriea, who is the son of San Francisco Police Commander Correia.

In the video 24-year-old Eduardo Chaparro Esquivel can be seen stepping forward.

"He stood in-between two other gentlemen who were arguing with Mr. Bartal and Mr. Correia," said Esquivel's attorney, Marla Zamora. "He stepped in and held his hands out. He was a peacemaker."

Moments later, Bartal rushes Chaparro Esquivel and appears to strike him.

On Tuesday, prosecutors played a cell phone video shot by a Jack in the Box customer for the first time in an open court hearing.

"Mr. Chapparro just stood there," said Zamora. "He didn't hit him back and as you can hear from the tape he said, 'I didn't touch him, I didn't touch him.'"

But a few seconds later, Chaparro Esquivel can also be heard saying "I'm gonna f--- him up! I'm fitting to go run him over!"

Prosecutors said minutes later, Chaparro Esquivel used this rental car to strike Bartal at a nearby Shell station.

"It's very concerning and that's one of the reasons we're prosecuting this case," said San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon. "We feel that there was clear intent on the part of Mr. Esquivel in what he did."

Defense attorneys are challenging the authenticity of the video and downplaying their client's statement on it.

"It's just a statement," argued Zamora. "After you get punched in the face, what would you say?"

Albert Bartal has been in a coma since the November incident. Chapparro Esquivel faces attempted murder and other charges.

His preliminary hearing continues October 15th.

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