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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Look: California Wildfires Today

    Memorium: Fallen Wildland Firefighters
    July 13 2004 Captain Daniel Elkins Pine Incident Brush Fire, CA
    Jul 1981 Gilbert Lopez Angeles National Forest
    Weather: No Current Red Flag Watches or Warnings
    Alert sent at 07:02 PDT on 2012-08-14
    Alert sent at 03:33 PDT on 2012-08-14
    Update sent at 03:31 PDT on 2012-08-14
    California Wildfires Today:

    CA-OVD- Indian Fire;  13,500 acres, 85% contained. CA-OVD-000942 - The Indian Fire started on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at approximately 2:06 pm. 
     The fire is Southeast of Mono Lake and North of Highway 120. 
     Firefighters both on the ground and in the air are aggressively fighting the fire with 551 people committed to that effort. Although cooler weather and light precipitation on parts of the fire helped slow the progress of the fire, fuels remain very dry. 
     Over the next several days, firefighters will continue to build and improve containment lines as well as mop up any hot spots. 
     As the firefighting effort lessens crews will refocus on the restoration of impacts caused by the fire suppression. Local biologists and botanists from the BLM are working directly with firefighters on rehabilitating the landscape. The public is also an important partner in healing the land by treading lightly in the burn area. 
     Southern California Interagency Incident Management Team 3 assumed command of the fire effective 6:00 pm on August 10, 2012. 
     The management of the fire is under Unified Command between the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service. Incident commander, Mike Wakoski would like to thank the community of Lee Vining and the adjacent areas for their support and hospitality to Team 3 and all firefighters. We appreciate their patience and understanding during this incident.
    Basic Information Incident Type - Wildfire Cause - Lightning Date of Origin - Wednesday August 08th, 2012 approx. 02:06 PM Location - Southeast of Mono Lake Incident Commander - Wakoski 
    Current Situation Total Personnel - 294 Size -13,500 acres Percent Contained 85% Estimated Containment Date: Wednesday August 15th, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM Fuels Involved - 5 Brush (2 feet) Grass, sage brush, bitter brush Fire Behavior - Minimal fire spread Significant Events - US Forest Service Road 03N01 remains closed. 
    Outlook / Planned Actions: Continue fire suppression tactics in support of operational objectives, continue to establish and improve fire perimeter, mop up any remaining hot spots and begin implementation of suppression repair plan. 
    Growth PotentialLow 
    Terrain Difficulty - Medium 
    Remarks: The fire is burning in critical Sage Grouse Habitat within the Granite Mountain Wilderness and threatened nearby Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) power transmission lines. Recent changes in weather conditions have allowed crews to continue with direct attack. Intermittent thunderstorms are expected to continue for the next several days. Crews are continuing to work to reinforce control lines. Plans are being developed to provide for fire damage assessment and fire suppression repair. A significant demobilization of resources will begin in the next 24 to 48 hrs.

    Jawbone complex; CA-CDD-11542 10,078 acres, 30% contained. 
     The Jawbone Complex started on Friday, August 10, 2012 at approximately 1:00pm. The fire is located 20 miles North of Mojave near the Sierra Crest and about 10 miles West of Highway 14.
     Firefighters both on the ground and in the air are aggressively fighting the fire with 755 people committed to that effort. 
     Although some precipation was recieved on the fires helped to slow the progression of the fire, fuels remain very dry. Over the next couple of days firefighters was continue to build and improve containment lines as welll as mop up any hot spots.
     Southern California Incident Management Team 2 assumed command of the fire effective 6:00am on August 12, 2012. The management of the fire is under Unified Command between the Bureau of Land Management, and Kern County Fire.
      Jawbone Fire is 1978 acres at 80% containment. 
      Rim Fire is 8091 acres at 17% containment.
    Basic Information Incident Type - Wildfire Cause - Lightning Date of Origin - Friday August 10th, 2012 approx. 01:01 PM Location - west of Jawbone Recreation Area Incident Commander -John Truett 
    Current Situation Total Personnel - 964 Size - 10,078 acres Percent Contained - 30% Estimated Containment Date: Friday August 17th, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM
    Fuels Involved - Dormant Brush, Hardwood Slash, FUEL TYPE 6 (SCATTERED CULTURAL PINE). 
    Fire Behavior - Single and group tree torching. 
    Significant Events: Crews and dozers continued to work throughout the evening constructing fire line on both the Jawbone and Rim Fires. The Pacific Crest Trail has been closed from HWY 58 North to the Sequoia National Forest boundary. A soft closure of Jawbone Canyon Recreation Area will continue for several days. 
    Outlook / Planned Actions: Continue direct handline and dozer line construction. Continue contingency planning for structure protection for the residences in Back Canyon, Indian and Cottonwood Creeks. 
    Growth PotentialExtreme 
    Terrain Difficulty - High Remarks: Evaluation of possible structure protection needs for residences in Back Canyon, Cottonwood Creek, Indian Creek, and Orejano Canyon will continue in cooperation with Kern County Fire Department.
     Arrival of field observers to fires have provided for more accurate perimeter mapping and acreage calculations.

    Lanes Fires; CA-FKU-010166 138 acres, 100% contained. Date/Time Started: August 11, 2012 12:30 pm Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Fresno-Kings Unit County: Fresno County Location: Hwy 168 & Lodge Rd, southeast of Auberry Acres Burned: 138 acres. 
     Containment 138 acres - 100% contained 
     Injuries: 8 Total Fire Personnel: 321 Engines: 23 (18 CAL FIRE) 
     Fire crews: 14 (8 CAL FIRE)
     Water tenders: 1 
     Conditions: Firefighters continue mop-up efforts amid hot and dry conditions. Significant progress was made on the fire line yesterday and over night. ----- 

    Vallecito Lighting Complex; CA-MVU-8747 2,352, 5% contained.
    Wilson Fire: 1,400 acres 5% contained, located near Scissors crossing North-East of Julian'
    Stewart Fire: 600 acres 0% contained, located near Scissors crossing North-East of Julian'
    Cooper Fire: 2 acres 100% contained, located near Scissors crossing North-East of Julian.
    Date/Time Started: August 12, 2012 8:00 pm
    Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Diego Unit County: San Diego County Location: Eastern San Diego County Containment 4 fires totaling 2,352 acres - 5% contained Threatened: Currently there are no structures threatened by any of these fires.
     Injuries: 1
     Cause: Lightning
     Total Fire Personnel: 565 (372 CAL FIRE)
     Engines: 12 (6 CAL FIRE)
     Fire crews: 22 (14 CAL FIRE) A
    Aircraft: 4 air tankers, 5 helicopters
     Dozers: 2 bulldozers
     Water tenders: 13 water tenders
     Conditions: Vallecito Fire: 350 acres 30% contained, located South-East of Julian.

    Ramsey Fire; CA-STF-002954, 650 acres, 10% contained.  The Ramsey Fire is burning in mixed conifer, duff and understory in the North Fork of the Stanislaus River Canyon on the Calaveras Ranger District of the Stanislaus National Forest. The Fire has reached Hwy. 4 to the north and the highway will be closed intermittently from Cottage Springs Picknic Area to CalTrans Cabbage Patch Maintenance Yard, about a seven mile stretch. Fire will burn during the night in the areas of heavier ground fuels and will be impeded by rock outcroppings. A strike team has been dispatched to homes in the Ganns area and will maintain a watch throughout the night. 
     No other operations are scheduled to take place tonight. The South Central Sierra Interagency Type 2 Incident Management Team will asume command and control of the fire response at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. The terrain is very steep and is a concern for firefighter safety.
    Basic Information Incident Type Wildfire
     Cause Suspected Escaped Campfire.
     Date of Origin Saturday August 11th, 2012 approx. 02:45 PM
     Location Calaveras Ranger District 
    Current Situation Total Personnel 393 Size 650 acres
     Percent Contained 10% Estimated Containment Date Tuesday August 21st, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM 
    Fuels Involved - Mixed conifer, duff and understory 
    Fire Behavior - The fire is chunking through ground in rocky areas and is not generally moving througn the crown of trees. 
    Outlook / Growth Potential - Moderate to high Terrain Difficulty - Steep river canyon and high temperatures make this very difficult terrain.

    South Complex; CA-DVP-11569 453 acres, 70% contained.  Progress in achieving containment objectives has been aided by favorable fire weather and more firefighters on the line. 
    The Pass Fire is 70% contained at 441 acres. 
    The South Fire is in patrol status, 95% contained at 12 acres. 
    Observed Fire Behavior: Fire was predominately creeping, heavier fuels were burning out, there were concerns with rollout in steep portions of the fire.
    Planned Actions: Firefighters will continue working towards containment completion. -----

    CA-MVU- Chihuahua 2  2,007 acres - 100% contained   Date/Time Started: August 9, 2012 1:13 pm 
     Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Diego Unit
     Location: San Diego County, Chihuahua Valley Road, Northwest of Warner Springs.
    Acres Burned: 2,007 acres Containment 100% contained.
     Injuries: 2 
     Total Fire Personnel: 611 (372 CAL FIRE) 
     Engines: 7 (3 CAL FIRE) 
     Fire crews: 11 (7 CAL FIRE) 
     Airtankers: 6 
     Dozers: 2 
     Water tenders: 13
     Conditions: Extreme temperatures, low humidity and potential thunderstorms will continue to pose challenges.

    CA-PNF Chips Fire. 36,743 acres, 12% contained.
     Heavy smoke coverage limited fire activity to minimal spread throughout last operational period. 
     Crews made significant progress last night with burning operations; approximately two and a half miles of burning was completed on the north-east side of the fire towards the Butt Reservoir. Resources will continue to improve existing line in preparation for future firing operations. Resources continue to improve, hold and mop up in the Humbug Valley and in the Red Hill area. The Hwy 70 corridor in Div A is in patrol status.
    Basic Information Incident Type Wildfire Cause Under Investigation Date of Origin Sunday July 29th, 2012 approx. 01:57 AM Location 2 miles NW of Belden, CA Incident Commander Jerry Mcgowan 
    Current Situation Total Personnel 1,009 Size 36,743 acres Percent Contained 12% Estimated Containment Date Friday August 31st, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM Fuels Involved - 10 Timber (litter and understory) low brush with numerous dead and down large, 1000 hour logs and standing snags. Fire Behavior - Heavy smoke coverage limited fire activity, Minimal spread throughout the last operational period. 
    Significant Events Crews made sigificant progress last night with burnout operations. Approximately 2.5 miles of burning were completed on the northeast side of the fire towards the Butt Valley Reservoir. Resources will continue to improve existing line in preparation for future firing operations. Resources will also continue to improve, hold and mopup in the Humbug Valley and in the Red Hill area.
     Crews are in a patrol status along the Highway 70 corridor. 
     Mandatory evacuations: Issued by the Plumas County Sheriff's Office for Butt Lake, Ohio Valley, Humbug, Humboldt, and the Yellow Creek areas. An advisory remains for Canyondam, Big Meadows, Rocky Point Campground, Prattville, Almanor, and West Almano
     Closures: The Little Grizzly dispersed camping area and High Lake OHV Area are closed.
     Rush Creek and the community of Seneca remain under a mandatory evacuation.
     The Caribou Road from the junction of Highway 70 to Butt Lake Dam as well the Butt Lake Dam, Ohio Valley Road, Butt Lake Road, Humbug/Humboldt and all additional secondary roads West of Highway 89 between Canyondam and the Humbug/Humboldt Road are under a “Hard Closure”.
     Additional evacuations may be necessary depending on fire activity. Sheriff’s voluntary evacuations are now in place for Canyondam, Big Meadows and Rocky Point Campground.
     Residents between Tobin and Twain on Highway 70 are under a Sheriff’s advisement to begin developing evacuation plans. This area includes Belden, Maggie’s Trailer Park, and Little Haven. Residents along Highway 70 from Tobin to Twain are encouraged to begin developing evacuation plans. Motorists should use caution on Hwy 70 in the fire area. 
     Roads/Trails: Expect delays and traffic controls. Portions of the Pacific Crest, Yellow Creek, Ben Lomond, and Indian Creek hiking trails remain closed. Outlook / Planned Actions  Crews will continue to improve and construct new containment line, and will continue to improve, hold and mopup existing containment line. Highway 70 is in a patrol status. A structure protection group will continue to prepare and implement protection plans for communities around the Lake Almanor Basin. Growth Potential - Extreme Terrain Difficulty - Extreme

    CA-NOD Rush Fire. 50,000 acres, 5% contained. 
     Extreme growth within the last operational period because of thunderstorm downdrafts; 40 chains/hr with flame length up to 16 feet.
     Fire will continue to make major runs throughout the day, with increased flame lengths and ROS with down drafts from thunderstorms. The fire is encroaching upon Highway 395 creating potentially hazardous traffic conditions. Transition to NorCal team 2 will occur today 8 14, 2012 at 0600.  The fire is located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Northern California District (BLM-CA-NOD,) Eagle Lake Field Office, approximately 15 miles southeast of Ravendale, California. The fire is burning near a major natural gas line and transfer station, and power transmission lines that supply the Reno area. Aggressive fire suppression around the line is ongoing.  The fire grew significantly yesterday from thunder cell downdrafts with spreading the fire nearly 10 miles in a few hours. The fire is currently within a mile of US Route (Highway) 395. There are voluntary evacuations of structures along eastern side of Highway 395. Travelers along the Highway 395 corridor, please use caution near the fire crews and equipment working in the fire area. Highway 395 may be closed due to fire activity.
      Please check for current road conditions with CalTrans at or 800-427-7623. Road closures within the fire area are being implemented today.  
    Concerns: Resource concerns in the area include critical habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife, and multiple cultural and historical sites, 4 Wilderness Study Area (WSA), and the Nobles Emigrant National Historic Trail. The fire is also impacting livestock grazing allotments and habitat for federal protected wild horses and burros. Fire managers are working closely with area resource protection staff to mitigate fire damage. 
    Weather: High pressure over Nevada and California will keep temperatures above normal with a forecast of hot and dry conditions through the week, and isolated thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon. These weather conditions will continue to create extreme fire behavior and rapid rates of spread such as firefighters witnessed in the fire area yesterday. 
    Basic Information Incident Type Wildfire Cause Lightning Date of Origin Sunday August 12th, 2012 approx. 06:42 PM Location 15 miles SE of Ravendale, California Incident Commander Molhoek 
    Current Situation 
    Total Personnel 70
     Size 50,000 acres Percent Contained 5% 
    Fuels Involved - Grass, sagebrush, junipers (5 Brush - 2 Feet) 
    Fire Behavior - Observed fire behavior: 40 chains/hour with flame lengths of 16 feet. The fire will continue to make major runs throughout the day with increased flame lengths and rates of spread due to down drafts from thunderstorms. 
    Significant Events - The fire is spreading west and is approaching US Route-Highway 395 creating hazardous traffic conditions. Increased fire behavior from down drafts from thunderstorms pushed the fire with significant runs to the south, west, and east due to increased winds. 
    Outlook / Planned Actions: Firefighters will establish anchor points and point protection where appropriate. Growth Potential - Extreme Terrain Difficulty - High Remarks: Management of the fire transfers to NorCal Team 2 today at 6:00am.

    CA-NOD Marr Fire. 230 acres, 90% contained.
     Fire behavior observed was smoldering with interior burning. Very limited visability on the fire with record dry fuel moistures.  
    8 miles East of Ravendale, ca 
    Significant Events: Completed dozer line 
    Remarks: Limited visability 
    Observed Fire Behavior: Interior burnout, smoldering 
    Planned Actions: Reinforce line, mopup.

    CA-LNU Lake Fire. 1,666 acres, 100% contained.
      The Lake Complex is now 100 % contained.
     The remaining crews are concentrating mainly on mopping up 300 feet from the perimeters edge of the fire. 
     The fires status has changed from a Type 3 Team to a Type 4 Team and base camp at Ambrose will be closed as of 1200 hours on 8-10-2012. 
    Highways 53 & 16. 
     Name: Lake Complex 
     County: Modac County 
     Location: 12 miles SW of Blue Mountain Lookout 
     Administrative Unit: Modoc National Forest 
     Status/Notes: 1,666 acres - 100% contained. Date Started: August 5, 2012 3:03 pm 
    Basic Information Incident Type Wildfire Cause Lightning Date of Origin Sunday August 05th, 2012 approx. 03:03 PM Location 12 miles SW of Blue MT LO Incident Commander Don Glenn / Amanda Callis 
    Current Situation Total Personnel 105 Size 1,666 acres Percent Contained 100% Estimated Containment Date Thursday August 09th, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM Fuels Involved - Timber, Grass & Brush Fire Behavior - Minimal 
    Significant Events Declared contained, demob of excess resources initiated, transitioned to Type 4 Team on 8-10-12 at 0700. Ambrose base camp to be closed. Outlook / Planned Actions - Continue mop up 
    Growth Potential - Low 
    Terrain Difficulty - Medium 
    Remarks: Demob of resources expected after shift on 8/10/12

    CA-LNP Reading Fire. 23,958 acres, 15% contained.
     Fire behavior last night was minimal, with backing fire observed on the western flank. Last night, crews continued to patrol and prepare line for potential firing operations.   Burning operations were successful last night and 1.8 miles from West Prospect Peak to Red Rock and 3.2 miles uphill to Rail Canyon were burnt out. An additional 1.4 miles were prepared from the 20 road to the 12 road around Badger Mountain. Numerous snags need to be feld.
     Burning was done along the fireline in the Devastated Area but did not carry well through the fuels. Firing operations will continue to be conducted along the indirect fire containment lines when and where burning conditions favor successful outcomes.
     These burning operations may be conducted either day or night as conditions allow, and will result in smoke appearing some distance from the wildfire edge. The firing operations will take place over a several day period in order to moderate fire effects.  The head of the fire should continue to spread northwest over both West Prospect and Prospect Peak and north over Badger Mountain down Hat Creek drainage. The western flank of the fire will continue burning around the western and slope of Raker Peak. The eastern flank will continue burning upslope to the east towards Fairfield Peak and Fantastic Lava Beds. The western flanks and heel should hold within existing containment lines.  Planned actions for today are to continue preparation for firing operations on the northern part of the fire, continue to patrol and mop up on the southern part, and continue preparation for potential structure protection. 
    The fire transitioned from Interagency Management Team NorCal 1(Whitcome) to Interagency Incident Management Team 3 (Pincha-Tulley) at 6 pm on August 13, 2012. Basic Information Incident Type Wildfire Cause Lightning Date of Origin Monday July 23rd, 2012 approx. 05:09 PM Location 14 miles south of Old Station Incident Commander Pincha - Tulley -  CIIMT3, Type 1 IMT 
    Current Situation Total Personnel 1,273 Size 23,958 acres Percent Contained 15% Estimated Containment Date Tuesday August 21st, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM
    Fuels Involved - The fire is burning in mixed conifer and red fir overstory with pine mat manzanita and a variable understory fuel loading of dead and down materials. 
    Fire Behavior - Nighttime fire behavior showed actively burning heavy timber and brush fuels with low rates of spread and isolated single tree torching.
    Closures: The Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway continues to be closed for seven miles from Manzanita lake to Summit Lake.
     Summit Lake, Butte Lake, Lost Creek and Crags Campgrounds remain closed. Numerous trails remain closed in the Park including the PCT, from Corral Meadows to the north boundary, Paradise Meadows, Terrace Lakes, Painted Dunes, Cinder Cone, Twin Lakes, Cluster Lakes, Butte Lake, Widow Lake, and trails west of Snag Lake south to Juniper Lake and Horsehoe Lake.
     All USFS roads, trails, and the area south of Highway 44 and east of Highway 89 in the vicinity of Old Station remain closed. Outlook / Growth Potential - High Terrain Difficulty - Medium Remarks: CIIMT3, Pincha Tulley's Type 1 IMT, is now in command of the Reading Fire. 

     CA-KNF Fort Complex. 2,639 acres, 17% contained.
     Crews pulled back from the fireline at dark due to extreme terrain with greater than 100% slope. Additionally, there are significant hazards from snags and difficulty with night medical extraction. Patrols continued along the Hwy 96 corridor.  A lightning storm that moved through the Northern California and Southern Oregon area on August 5th, 2012 started mutiple fires on the Klamath National Forest and the Rogue River National Forest. Firefighters from both forests quickly contained many of the fires over several days, however three of the fires that were in steep and rugged terrain continued to grow. 
     The Hello Fire in the Red Buttes Wilderness and the Lick Fire burning about five miles east of the Red Buttes Wilderness are in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Together with the Goff Fire, which is on the Klamath National Forest, the three fires are now managed as the newly named Fort Complex. Access into these fires has been slowed by the harsh terrain but crews have begun to fight the fires swiftly. As of Friday, August 10th, at 6:00 a.m. the Southern California Interagency Incident Management 1 is assuming command and management of the fire. 
    Basic Information Incident Type Wildfire Cause Lightning Date of Origin Sunday August 05th, 2012 approx. 07:00 PM Location 10 miles northeast of Happy Camp, CA Incident Commander Norm Walker 
    Current Situation Total Personnel 616 Size 1,787 acres Percent Contained 10% Fuels Involved - The Fort Complex Fires are burning in brush, timber and timber litter. Fire Behavior - Moderate surface fire spread with significant rollout. Single and multiple tree torching. 
    Public meetings: Scheduled at 6:00pm for August 13, 2012 at Seiad, California in Fire Station and August 14 at Ruch, Oregon in Upper Applegate Grange Hall. 
    Closures: Rogue River-Siskiyou NF include Forest Road 1040, Shoofly Trail 954 is closed from Road 1040 to Trail 957, Butte Fork Trail 957 is closed from the junction with Horse Camp Trail 958 west to Azalea Lake, Horse Camp Trail 958 is closed from Forest Road 1040 south to the juction with the Pacific Crest Trail. On the Klamath National Forest the Fort Goff Trail and Portuguese Creek Trail have been closed. For public and fire fighter safety an area closure has been implemented on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest portion of the Fort Complex. The Pacific Crest Trail is located adjacent to the closure but is not affected by the closures. 
    Outlook / Planned Actions: Continue to establish indirect line in areas that are safe for fire crews to work. Prepare for possible future burnout operations. Growth Potential - The growth potential for these fires is high. Terrain Difficulty - The Fort Complex Fires are burning in extremely difficult terrain. 
    Remarks: Large Diameter snags and steep rugged terrain continue to hamper control efforts. 
    Goff Fire - progressing south towards Fort Goff threatening historical and vultural values. Structure protection is in place for eighty five threatened structures. Additionally, the fire is progressing east towards Portugese Trail and west towards Fort Goff Creek. Crews continue to prep contingency lines along these trails systems. 
    Hello Fire - a signficant northwest run occurred last night in the area of Division O and Forest Road 1040. Crews continue to hold and improve lines on Division J.

    CA-LNU- Wye Fire 7,000 acres - 30% contained    (now includes the Walker Fire)
    Evacuations: All evacuations in the Spring Valley area were lifted Monday evening. Evacuation orders remain in place for the Wilbur Hot Springs area. Closures: Residents only of Spring & Long Valley were allowed to return to their homes last night. Hwy 20 is open to CHP escorted traffic between Hwys 53 & 16. Expect delays.
    Basic Information
    Date/Time Started: August 12, 2012 3:52 pm Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit County: Lake and Colusa Counties Location: Highway 20 east of Highway 53 and Clearlake Oaks Structures Destroyed: 2 structures destroyed and 1 damaged 
    Caltrans #1-800-427-7623 
     Injuries: 2 
     Cause: Under Investigation 
    Incident Command: Major Incident Command Team: CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 4  
    Cooperating Agencies: CAL FIRE, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Colusa County Sheriff’s Office, CHP, CAL TRANS, PG&E, Red Cross, Bureau of Land Management, CA Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation and dozens of local fire agencies.
     Total Fire Personnel: 1,095 (721 CAL FIRE) 
     Engines: 134 (43 CAL FIRE) 
     Fire crews: 30 (All CAL FIRE) 
     Airtankers: 7 air tankers 
     Helicopters: 6 (3 CAL FIRE) 
     Dozers: 17 (7 CAL FIRE) 
     Water tenders: 15 water tenders
    Significant Events: A significant firing operation was done today. This required the closure of Highway 20. A 50 acre spot fire was suppressed in Branch III along Highway 20.
    Remarks: ICP is located at the Lake County Fair Grounds in Lakeport. High tension transmission lines providing power to Lake & Mendocino Counties are currently running at 50%. Hot temperatures & peak demands are putting a strain on it's current capacity with the loss of 1 transmission line. The lose of a second transmission line would result in the implementation of rotating outages to all customer classes in Lake & Mendocino Counties. The State Heat Plan is being executed, which requires electricity. A major population class in both counties are the elderly, who are susceptible to the high temperatures. Record ERC's have been recorded. The fire is primarily a slope and fuel driven fire. Spotting continues to be a problem. 
    Observed Fire Behavior: Extreme fire behavior, rapid rate of spread, spotting 
    Planned Actions: Continue to improve existing line. Construct direct line. Continue with contingency dozer line. 
    Conditions: The Walker Fire and Wye Fire are two separate fires now being managed as one incident.  Phone Numbers (707) 967-4207 (Wye Fire Call Center) Phone Numbers (707) 967-4208 (Wye Fire Call Center)

    CA-MEU- Grade Fire  60 acres - 100% contained.  Mendocino County Location: East side of Highway 101, south of Willits Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit

    CA-BEU- Lonoak Fire  90 acres - 100% contained   Name: Lonoak Fire County: San Benito County Location: Airline Hwy & Lonoak Rd, north of Bitterwater (San Benito County). Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Benito-Monterey Unit 

    CA-JTP-Quail fire; 300 acres, 40% contained.Fire is in Joshua Tree National Park, there are no infrastructure threats, CAL FIRE is staffing this BLM/USFS fire due to shortages of resources.
    CA-YNP- Cascade, Yosemite WUI Fire 670 acres, 50% active.
     LCES - 10 Standard Fire Orders - 18 Watchout Situations

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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