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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Earthquakes Swarm Hits SoCal Brawley / Salton Sea area.

 Largest earthquake in this swarm so far was M 5.3, 5km NW of Brawley, California - Sunday, August 26, 2012 19:31:23 UTC
 Which reportedly was felt over a very large area of San Diego County, No reports of injuries or damage.

List of recent Earthquakes: 
2.53km N of Brawley, California33.008°N115.529°W0.8
3.18km E of Brawley, California32.978°N115.440°W6.6
3.017km NNW of Seeley, California32.938°N115.775°W12.2
2.83km N of Brawley, California33.009°N115.528°W9.6
2.53km NW of Brawley, California33.004°N115.553°W12.0
2.53km NW of Brawley, California33.007°N115.553°W12.0
3.45km NNW of Brawley, California33.026°N115.543°W11.9
3.54km NW of Brawley, California33.012°N115.564°W12.7
2.55km N of Brawley, California33.029°N115.535°W10.0
3.05km WNW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.582°W12.5
2.63km NW of Brawley, California33.000°N115.561°W11.1
2.57km SW of Brawley, California32.928°N115.577°W7.9
2.98km SE of Brawley, California32.934°N115.457°W3.5
2.54km NW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.559°W9.6
3.65km N of Brawley, California33.025°N115.541°W13.6
2.83km NNW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.541°W9.8
3.44km SE of Westmorland, California33.007°N115.586°W12.8
2.85km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.558°W24.8
2.54km WNW of Brawley, California32.989°N115.572°W12.4
3.24km WNW of Brawley, California32.993°N115.575°W0.2
3.56km ENE of El Centro, California32.806°N115.491°W4.5
3.34km N of Brawley, California33.018°N115.530°W9.1
4.35km SSE of Westmorland, California32.988°N115.604°W10.2
2.64km WNW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.572°W7.7
3.11km NW of Brawley, California32.989°N115.543°W10.2
3.44km ENE of Brawley, California32.995°N115.485°W7.9
4.93km NW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.559°W3.1
5.35km NW of Brawley, California33.016°N115.564°W9.4
2.66km N of Brawley, California33.035°N115.536°W10.2
3.45km NNW of Brawley, California33.023°N115.561°W13.7
3.45km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.564°W12.5
3.53km NNW of Brawley, California33.003°N115.546°W11.0
4.64km NNW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.545°W13.1
4.05km NNW of Brawley, California33.026°N115.547°W13.8
2.55km NNW of Brawley, California33.024°N115.541°W13.4
2.55km NNW of Brawley, California33.027°N115.542°W13.3
3.05km N of Brawley, California33.027°N115.538°W14.5
3.15km NNW of Brawley, California33.024°N115.546°W13.5
2.64km NW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.560°W12.2
3.5124km N of Road Town, British Virgin Islands19.537°N64.491°W16.0
2.74km NW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.560°W12.7
2.64km NNW of Brawley, California33.011°N115.551°W12.0
3.4132km N of Road Town, British Virgin Islands19.595°N64.374°W16.0
2.64km NW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.556°W12.2
2.54km NNW of Brawley, California33.017°N115.556°W12.2
3.35km NNW of Brawley, California33.023°N115.549°W13.4
2.94km NNW of Brawley, California33.017°N115.555°W12.7
2.62km NW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.548°W6.0
3.85km NW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.563°W13.2
3.087km ESE of Old Iliamna, Alaska59.587°N153.405°W100.0
2.54km NNW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.555°W12.4
2.834km NW of Anchor Point, Alaska59.977°N152.290°W60.5
2.53km NW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.559°W11.4
2.53km NNW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.548°W12.0
2.54km NNW of Brawley, California

RAW VIDEO: Sunday’s Earthquake Reaction from Leaders of California’s Emergency Management Agency and California Geological Survey
A swarm of earthquakes near the town of Brawley, California prompted the leaders of the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) and California Geological Survey (CGS) to convene at the state’s Emergency Operations Center in Sacramento Sunday afternoon.  Secretary Mark Ghilarducci and State Geologist Mark Parrish were interviewed about the earthquakes and provide insight into what happens behind the scenes when significant earthquakes like this happen.

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