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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick Look: California Wildfires Today

 California GACC - 07/19/2012
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California Wildfires Today

 CA-NOD Spanish Fire: 500 acres, 50% contained.

Active fire behavior until midnight, then high humidity recovery helped moderate fire behavior. Line construction and improvement continuing today.

CA-NEU Robbers Fire: 2,650 acres, 80% contained. Line improvement and heavy mop-up continues.
ROBBERS CA-NEU-15060 Type: WF Start: 07/11/2012 1524 

Cause: U 
Overhead Team Name: Fred Flores Organization: Type 1 Team 

Size: 2,650 ACRES 

% Cnt/MMA: 70 % Est Contain:
Location: 3 miles NW of Foresthill on Yankee Jims Rd. 

 Latitude: 39° 3´ 3" Longitude: 120° 53´ 59"
$ Costs to Date: $10,300,000
Structures Threatened: 170 PRIM Structures Destroyed: 4 OUTB , 1 PRIM
Resources Committed: Total Personnel: 1,799 Report Date: Jul 18, 2012 0600
Significant Events: Mop up continues in Indian Creek drainage. Crews completed the Iowa Hill fuel break as a contingency line. Crews made significant progress on the southeast and northeast sides of the fire. Containment percentages have gone up and fire lines are holding.
Remarks: Evacuations remain in place currently, however, we will implement the re-population plan in two phases beginning at 0900 this morning. Demobilization will continue today including engine strike teams and a significant reduction in hand crew resources. In box 35, the estimated control date is TBD. This is based on discussions between the Team and NEU regarding extended mop up and suppression repair.
Observed Fire Behavior: Decrease in temperatures and increase in humidities moderated fire behavior. In isolated areas, reburns are occurring in the locations where the initial fire did not consume the entire fuel bed. Fingers and islands are still a potential threat to existing control lines
Planned Actions: Crews will continue to strengthen control lines along Indian Creek and below Haymes Mine. Mop up and patrol will continue on the south and southeast sections of the fire. Improvement of Refuge Creek road will continue to contain roll out off the east side of the fire. The fire line suppression repair plan will be in affect on the west, south, and east sides of the fire. Crews will work with allied agencies to implement the re-population plan.

CA-MNF Mill Fire: 29,052 acres, 100% contained. MNF Type 3 organization (Morrill) has assumed command from NorCal Team 2 (Molhoek). Mop-up and suppression repair will continue.
MILL CA-MNF-001109 Type: WF 

Start: 07/07/2012 1515 
Cause: U 
Overhead Team Name: J. Molhoek Organization: Type 2 Team Local: GACC: 2
Size: 29,502 ACRES 

% Cnt/MMA: 95 % Est Contain:
Location: 10 miles west of Stonyford, CA $ Costs to Date: $13,900,000
Latitude: 39° 19´ 7" Longitude: 122° 42´ 26"
Structures Threatened: NONE Structures Destroyed: 5 OUTB
Resources Committed: Total Personnel: 651

Report Date: Jul 18, 2012 0600
Significant Events: Fire held within all containment lines. Continue to patrol and mop up 300 feet on all Divisions.
Remarks: Effective on 7/17/2012, at 1800 NorCal Team 2 and Cal Fire will no longer be in a unified command. 

A transition meeting between NorCal Team 2 and the MNF Type 3 organization will occur on 7/18/2012 at 1200. The MNF Type 3 organization will shadow NorCal Team 2 on Wednesday, 7/18 Reduction in total acres is due to more accurate mapping. Acres Burned by Land Allocation: USFS: 26,273 acres BLM: 1,572 acres Private: 1,657 acres Acres Burned by DPA: Federal: 27,379 acres State: 2,123 acres
Observed Fire Behavior: Fire continues to smolder within the containment lines. Fire behavior decreased due to evening inversion, higher relative humidity and low temperatures.
Planned Actions: All Divisions of the fire are in the mop up phase. Crews will continue to mop up 300 feet within the containment lines and patrol. Repair actions will continue. Contingency Dozer lines will be repaired.


CA-RRU- Euclid  60 acres - 40% contained  
Euclid Fire:
Name: Euclid Fire
County: Riverside County
Location: Hwy 71 north of Hwy 91, Prado Basin Area
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire
Status/Notes: 60 acres - 40% contained
Date Started: July 18, 2012 2:55 pm
Last update: July 19, 2012 9:00 am
CA-KRN- Sand Fire: 1428 acres, 75% contained. Kern County, WB Hwy 58 X Sand Canyon, East of Tehachapi,  CA-KRN-22306 
Name: Sand - CA-KRN-22306
Type: WF
Start: 07/17/2012 1254
Overhead Team Name: McDowell/Watkins
Organization: Type 3 IC
Size: 1,428 ACRES
% Cnt/MMA: 70 %
Est Contain: 07/19/2012
Location: Hwy 58, miles east of Tehachapi, CA
Latitude: 35° 6´ 18" Longitude: 118° 18´ 44"
Costs to Date:
Structures Threatened: 40 PRIM , 2 COMM
Structures Destroyed: 1 PRIM
Resources Committed:
Total Personnel: 512
Report Date: Jul 18, 2012 1730
Significant Events: None
Remarks: Observed Fire Behavior: Creeping, with occasional roll out. Line contruction progress abated need for evacuation.
Planned Actions: Complete line construction in Waterfall Canyon and mop up

CA-KNP- Woods Creek Fire: 322 acres, 80% contained. In Cedar Grove, Sequoia-Kings N. P. CA-KNP-0072
 Name: Woods Creek CA-KNP-0072
Type: WF
Start: 07/15/2012 0928
Cause: L
Overhead Team Name: Conover
Organization: Type 3 IC
Local: 1
Size: 322 ACRES
% Cnt/MMA: 80 %
Est Contain: 07/21/2012
Location: Woods Creek Drainage 8 miles ENE of Roads End in Cedar Grove
Latitude: 36° 52´ 31" Longitude: 118° 28´ 24"
$ Costs to Date: $110,000
Structures Threatened: NONE
Structures Destroyed: NONE
Resources Committed:
Total Personnel: 43
Report Date: Jul 18, 2012 1522
Significant Events:
Observed Fire Behavior: Minimal smoke and fire behavior.
Planned Actions: Hold, monitor and control.

CA-SLU- Calf Fire 3 miles E/O Santa Margarita of Hwy 58 Fire has burned 620 acres and is 80% contained. Evacuations are now lifted and all roads are open. Demobilization of resources continues.
Last Updated: July 18, 2012 4:15 pm
Date/Time Started: July 16, 2012 11:35 am
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Luis Obispo Unit - CA-SLU-5716
County: San Luis Obispo County
Location: Highway 58 and Pozo Road, 5-8 miles east of the town of Santa Margarita
Acres Burned: 640 acres
Containment 640 acres - 100% contained
Evacuations: Evacuations are now lifted and all roads are open.
Injuries: 1
Cause: Under Investigation
Total Fire Personnel: 774 personnel
Engines: 73 engines
Fire crews: 34 crews
Helicopters: 3 helicopters
Dozers: 1 bulldozer
Water tenders: 3 watertenders
Conditions: Firefighters continue to strenghten containment lines around the fire. Mop-up and patrol continue. Demobilization of resources continues.
Parkhill Road, between Hwy 58 and Seven Oaks Rd has been reopened.
Phone Numbers (805) 543-9642 (Calf Fire Information Number)

CA-SHF-Flat: 100% FINAL Continue mop up and suppression repain in all divisions. 

Flat CA-SHF-2290 Type: WF Start: 07/11/2012 1703 

Cause: U Priority:
Overhead Team Name: Richter Organization: Type 3 Team Local: GACC:
Size: 1,688 ACRES % 
Cnt/MMA: 100 % 
Est Contain: 07/17/2012 
Location: 16 miles West of Junction City, CA  Latitude-40° 47´ 30" Longitude-123° 21´ 1"
Costs to Date: $3,700,000
Structures Threatened: NONE Structures Destroyed: NONE
Resources Committed: Total Personnel: 485 
Significant Events: Transfer of command from IMT2 (Whitcome) to home unit Type 3 (Richter) occurred today at 0600. USFS Hayden Flat Campground remains closed.
Remarks: State CRW2s are from Eastern States.
Observed Fire Behavior: Fire behavior limited to heavy jackpot fuels burning within the perimeter.
Planned Actions: Continue mop up and suppression repain in all divisions.

Other Comments: NICC National Preparedness Level is reduced to 3 (PL3).

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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