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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CALFIRE NEWS: Al Qaeda ‘Ember Fire Bomb’ Fails Testing

    Ignitor Components  "Ember Bomb"
    Al Qaeda ‘Fire Bomb’ Fails Cal Fire’s "Live Fire" Testing. (Don't try this at home.)  

     What: Al Qaeda is reportedly exploring a new way to attack the U.S., encouraging terrorists to make homemade “fire bombs” to start massive wildfires in California and the western U.S.  Al Qaeda magazine article back in early May gave step-by-step instructions on how to build and use an “ember bomb,” which sends flaming embers out into the dry fields. 

    “The magazine had very specific outlines and drawings and details on how to create that ‘fire bomb,’ so we felt it was in our interest to go ahead and put that together and determine what kind of threat it was,”  RRU Battalion Chief Julie Hutchinson said.
    Picture Remains of ignited "Ember Bomb"
     Why: An unclassified bulletin from CAL FIRE and the California Threat Assessment Center described how the agencies wanted to test out the al Qaeda “fire bomb”.  

     Who: CalFire personnel constructed the crude, very simple firebomb components following the published instructions. But the bomb didn’t ignite on the first try. Then since dinner was almost ready, they adjusted tactics and ignited the Ember Firebomb(Styrofoam cup with fuel in it) with a match and it burned for nearly 12 minutes, but it sent out no embers, and failed the test. 
    “It wasn’t as effective as they alluded to in the magazine,” “That doesn’t mean they couldn’t create something else, (but) we don’t see it being a real serious problem that they’re going to be able to use those here.”  RRU Battalion Chief Julie Hutchinson said. 
    Fire officials said the ineffectiveness of the “fire bomb” in testing is encouraging. However, they urge residents to report any suspicious activity and take the normal precautions that should be taken every year during fire season to protect their homes. 

     News Video Report:  

    More information: ABC Original News Report: May 3rd 2012 - "War On Terror Is Over" Alert: Al Qaeda Magazine Calls For Firebomb Campaign In USA CBS Report "Al Qaeda ‘Fire Bomb’ Fails Cal Fire’s Test" - California Fire News 2012 

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