Friday, May 25, 2012

CA-MVU- Banner 5,321 acres and is 100%

Incident Name/Type: CA-MVU-Banner 

2000 5-29:  CA-MVU-5400 Shelter Valley, Cal Fire IMT #9 (Zombro) Fire has burned 5,321 acres and is 95 % contained. No expected fire spread this operational period.
0800 5-26: 4,100 acres at 30% contained, Equipment mishap sparked the conflagration early Thursday afternoon in the Cigarette Hills area, near Banner Grade and southwest of Scissors Crossing, according to Cal Fire.
1330hrs 5-25: 3,100 acres. 20% contained. Residents at an RV park are being forced to evacuate due to a flare-up of the wildfire in an area east of Julian. Mandatory evacuations in a trailer park and closing S2 right now. Wind driven with uypslope gust's to 36 mph.
1200hrs  5-25: CALFIRE - ICT #9 took command.
0800hrs  5-25 Fire is 2,500 acres at 20% contained
1740hrs 5-24  Cal Fire reporting 1200 acres. Now 40 engines and 8 crews
1630hrs 5-24 Fire is 1000-2000 acres with rapid ROS going up Granite Peak per Banner AA, IC just ordered 6 T3 ST's, 10 T1 Crews, 4 WT's, 6 additional Div Sups, 2 Branch Dirs. and County GIS
1530hrs 5-24: 150 acres S.O.reverse 911 for Mandatory Evacuations for Shelter Valley Evac Site is Borrego Springs HS.
CA-MVU- Banner 2,000 acres, 20%
Location: Fire is located off HWY. 78 west of Scissors crossing on Cigarette Hill, Fire is an area just north of last years 2000 acre Grade Fire.
Acres: 4+
ROS: Not Provided
ROC: Strike teams enroute for structure protection. Has some wind on it.Fire will run out into Anza-Borrego Desert and sparse fuels.
Structures threat: Yes
Special Hazards: 
One ST from CNF (6631-C) & one Cal Fire MVU (9330-C) for Structure protection
Currently CNF has responding(some of the engines are part of the ST)
BC31, DIV3, E30, E32, E331, E334, E35, E36, E38, E39, WT3
Plus two tankers and 2 helicopters
Radio Frequencies:
Weather Info: Temp 67
Humidity 55 %
Wind Speed W 10 G 15 MPH
Twitter map from MVU at about 1930
Online Scanner:
Web Cams:
Mt. Laguna Cam:

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